Reviews for LOVE
RedDragon30000 chapter 1 . 9/17/2016
I loved this little story, it was great to see Harvey enjoying himself for once. The beginning was great, as it shows how well Ingrid thinks ahead. Clearly, she's been planning things since she woke up, since everything fits so well, and she's knows exactly what to do. As always with Ingrid, she is impulsive enough to start an operation that is so dangerous with only a small amount of planning, wanting to get what she wants despite the trouble she could get into. She is so in tune with Harvey that she makes sure to have everything in place before she collars him, knowing that he would try to back out of things if anything was too improvised. In this relationship, Ingrid calls the shots and is so sure of herself and what she wants that Harvey's desires outweigh his initial caution and he agrees to her plan.

On Harvey's end, despite how much more cautious he is than Ingrid, her plan and confidence persuade him to let go of his gears and he allows himself to do something spontaneous and break the rules in the process. Even though he worries about missing his first lesson, Ingrid calms his fears and he leaves the bathroom with a rarely felt confidence, certain that he can successfully bluff Mr Brown with the slightly plausible excuse that Ingrid has concocted.

Unfortunately, Harvey's luck runs out when he enters the classroom. Instead of Mr Brown, who might have believed his excuse, he faces the Headmaster, who cannot be fooled so easily.

Despite carefully tidying his uniform, with only his hair slightly messy, the Headmaster already guesses that Harvey has been doing something forbidden, as well as missing his maths lesson. Incensed that Harvey has gone against his rules so much, the Headmaster makes use of Harvey's hypnotised classmates to produce a painful punishment, feeling satisfied as he exposes Harvey for the rest of the pupils because after this, Harvey won't dare miss another lesson.