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major wallace chapter 3 . 4/23/2019
Elsbeth Ravensblood chapter 1 . 7/28/2018
Very good story, though I wish it could have been longer. I would have liked to seen the relationship of the four of them after Harry's identity was revealed and beyond.
Guest chapter 3 . 1/19/2017
I have to point out that there are some serious questions about consent in this story. It would be hard to argue that Tracy and Professor Vector actually consented, given Harry's use of aphrodisiacs and compulsion charms. The rapey undertones detract from the erotic potential of the scenes.
Meneldur chapter 3 . 11/1/2016
Sorry for taking so long to review, but work has been no less hectic for the holidays - indeed, it has been even more hectic. In any case...

This was a wonderful chapter. I liked how it opened straight and to the point - it was obvious what purpose the spell would serve. What I liked even more was how Harry did it - first telling them they needed to know it well, and waiting before adding the sting of the trap to the bait. I liked seeing how Daphne already knew that would happen, whereas Tracey still does not know her master as well.

Interesting to see how much power the collar has, that it can control her body, though one wonders if it could control her body if she did not will it. I really enjoyed Harry's talkign to her - it was humiliating, but as you wrote, it wasn't derisive. It was not meant to devalue Daphne, but rather to praise and arouse her.

It's not at all clear to me what happened to Tracey in the classroom, which seems odd. Also, I don't think what Harry did to Hermione was at all realistic, even with the charm - it would involve an enormous level of power, permeating the entire classroom, not to notice the smell, sound, sight or even missing existence of it all. Still, I suppose that's why he's the master...

I liked seeing Daphne's own dominant streak, as she completely dismantled Hermione, with no prompting from her master, even. It was wonderful, especially how in control yet desperate she was - how shameless and quick she was to simply start licking Hermione, yet how aware she was of the problem in Hermione's noise-making and how to solve it.

Ah, so the three tries was only for Daphne. I actually like that - it implies he expects more from Daphne, and treats them differently based on their ability and personality, again, showing actual consideration and thought.

I was impressed at how far Harry got with Tracey, making her kiss Vector even as he fucked both of them. It wasn't anything new, really, but the whole teacher/student relationship amplified it.

And all's well that ends better, with Daphne looking on the results of her enslavement, and finding it not only good, but excellent.

I will admit I was a bit disappointed - the second chapter was far more arousing, I felt, but perhaps that was because it had content more appealing to me personally. In any case, an excellent story, and though I know it is over, I would love seeing more of this story, either in sequels or in snippets from this universe. Thank you so much for this wonderful story once more, Meneldur.
Mad Random Writer chapter 3 . 10/10/2016
Very hot, well done.
Meneldur chapter 2 . 9/21/2016
This is a very interesting story. I quite enjoy, and find it absolutely fascinating - thank you for that.

I find it interesting that the man is so proactive about getting Daphne under his control. It seems to me that this has escalated rather quickly from some rough sex and domination to what may be called drugging, roofying, and then complete control. What is interesting is Daphne submitting to it - as she notes, she could have taken an antidote. But she doesn't - she continues with this twisted game. While there wouldn't be a story without that, and I really enjoy it, I find it quite odd - she seems to have no objections, even when she states she dislikes it. Does she desire it so much? Has lust so completely overcome her? Or does it satisfy some deep-rooted need in her, some desire to let go of all her concerns and control, to be completely dominated?

In any case, I loved it when he dominated her and put the collar on her. You wrote is so beautifully, expressing so eloquently and sensuously the depths of Daphen's desire, how much she needed and wanted it, even as her rational mind strained against it and warned her of the dangers inherent in it. But she does it anyway, and it gives her what she want - silence, rest, escape. And maybe that is why she accepted the collar - because she knew that for all the additional torment it would provide, that would mean further and more powerful escape at the end of every sequence.

It's interesting that despite the mind-bending abilities of the collar, he doesn't use it to actually control her. He uses it to command her, to inflame her body and her desires - but in the end, as always, the final surrender is hers. Which is as it should be, and I daresay is as Daphne desires - she wants to have the choice, to be able to choose to let go - that is what makes it all so powerful.

I really liked the classroom scene. The risk of doing it in public, the thrill of being discovered by Tracey, the excitement as Tracey added her own brand of domination into the mix - it was absolutely wonderful, and so very hot. And of course, turnabout is fair play, and Daphne got to practice her own domination, even as Tracey experienced some of what Daphne has been enjoying, falling into the trap as well. I wonder at this - why does he feel the need to gather further women to him? Is it a need for variety, for someone who will always completely surrender on command, rather than fight against it, or is it some simple desire for more?

The final scene was even hotter. Tracey's complete surrender, fucked against the wall with her hands bound and the collar on her, falling completely and irrevocably into his trap. Daphne serving him, tasting them both as she drinks from the fruits of her labor - and then turning around to be fucked by him as well, even as she continues to drink from Tracey. And at the end, that delightful tease about the collars tightening - what does that mean? Will the collars exhibit further features than the mind touch? What is going to be the endgame here? Will he keep them both as his willing sluts and slaves? Will they still hide it from the rest of the school, or will they be revealed in all their glory? Who else will join them? Will it progress even further? And of course, will they ever find out who exactly is their master?

Thank you for this wonderful story, and I can't wait for more. I pray there will be more of this, if not of this story (as you said there will only be one more chapter, such a shame) than more of this theme and characters.
rockages421 chapter 1 . 9/10/2016
why stop at 3or 4 ch make one story wher harry dominate other girls make them his slaves with story that will be rocking ...

By the way good story je na...
Wonderland chapter 1 . 9/8/2016
That was... hot as fuck.

I don't like the ending I need to know how it went. If he whoever he is showed Daphne a stiff fucking or not.

Please next chapter.

Vi38 chapter 1 . 8/18/2016
No Vigilance chapter 1 . 8/18/2016
Harry's a naughty boy! Hehehe...