Reviews for Lucky or Not!
Soror Curantis chapter 1 . 8/28/2016
I was so emotionally invested in this!

I love the first impressions the characters had! I'm so happy that Rei and Izo had a good relationship when they were younger! When Izo left for the umbrella—! I freaked out.

You're so good at this.

It had a good ending! This is one of those stories I wouldn't mind reading again.
Aviantei chapter 1 . 8/23/2016
Whoa, another large Eevee piece to finish up the summer with! The effort you've put into this summer really shows how you can shine, Eevee. I haven't even read the thing yet, and I just want to say congratulations!

Okay, well, OUCH. Not even five paragraphs in and my heart hurts. Have I mentioned that this summer has turned you into quite the emotional drainer, Eevee? Because it has. If you can only grow from here... Watch out world!

Oh, Izo chose his own name? That makes sense why it's so quirky! Not in a bad way, it just doesn't match the usual rhythm you'd expect of Japanese names. Still, it's the only name that can really fit him, huh?

Also, I think Rei's perspective on this piece is exactly what we needed. After your two Izo pieces earlier in the summer, it's nice to see the flip side of the foster sibling pair. Rei's actions that would only be annoying and grumbled about by Izo are instead shown to be part of her personal concern and worldview. Great way to distinguish characterization from each other!

Oh, they say grace? That's interesting. Do the Shuitos actually practice Western religion then?

Okay, maybe some of Rei's reasons are selfish, too, but who isn't? I like that you let your characters have these negative aspects to them, Eevee. I think I struggle a bit at showing off those pieces of them when they're in the spotlight...

Aw, Izo went to find the umbrella for her! What a sweetheart!

"He could be dead!" Not quite a logical conclusion, but I get that you're worried, Rei. Your panic is understandable.

Ahhhhhhhh little Izo is too fucking cute holy shit. I love him, Eevee. You must know this.

"[Were] the kids who lived there mean?"

But, yes. You've delivered very well on all accounts with this piece (and brilliant attempts at all the [Classics]/}Fail-Safes{ here). In fact, you've done excellently all summer, Eevee. We're glad that you decided to join us. Hopefully you're feeling up to a bit of E-Sauce and we'll see you there!

Wonderfully done,

P.S. Also, sorry about any achievements you thought you earned but I didn't note. Some of the covers are hard to see because I tend to primarily read on mobile. I'm working on updating the achievement chart today, but if there's something you think you're missing still, feel free to PM me and we can discuss/update your score appropriately!
Chronic Guardian chapter 1 . 8/21/2016
Ermehgosh! I... I get a dedication? Uh... I don't know how to react to that. Like, is this the part where I cry with joy? Or just write a super long review because you deserve it? Probably the second. If I don't review this proper, I might just explode. Yes, better do that first then.

Oh, wow. Even with Rei's very insistent character voice (I love how she doubly affirms every thought with different wording) that first scene is... heavy. Like, you're able to play serious with a character who people don't usually take seriously. Immediate props out the door.

Also, good job putting in how much Rei has this set perspective of what should have happened and how these events play against it. It plays well both to her character and to the alternate prompt. Well done!

AAAAH! Rei's reaction of hiding upstairs when Izo comes home is adorable! Gah! How do you write children so well? Rei especially. She's just so... well, straigtforward.
Rueban: "Like, she isn't afraid to show her ignorance?"
CG: "Yeah, kinda like that! ...Wait, what?"

"But she soon noticed the boy [had] glasses, and she knew what that meant."

"What do you need these for!?"
I thought you said you knew what glasses meant, Rei...

"She accidentally hit him with his glasses."
Oh... and then things go downhill again. I like how we can see that Rei didn't mean it, even if it is still her fault.

"she decided to help her to-be-brother"
Personally, I like "brother-to-be" better, but that's just me.
Also, I love this idea of having to get a name for Izo because no one bothered to do it before. It's a very deep piece of his whole "late bloomer" personality that sets him apart from the rest of the world. I mean, he's not a late bloomer like he's unintelligent, just that socially he's a little behind everyone else and that seems to put a chip on his shoulder, you know?

Hmm... Daichi... where have I heard this before...
This isn't a reference to Amulet Misty's Taichi, is it?

"Wait a minute- that's a girl's name!"
*Shrugs* So is Ayu.
*CG is suddenly thrown across the room by Ayumu's aura*
Gah! I was only kidding!

So... hang on, if they leave teaching Izo up to Rei, when is Rei going to school? Or are they taking advantage of the fact that she pulls frequent absences? Hmm...

I love how well meaning but rough Rei is. Like, she wants something good for Izo, but she's really bad at helping it happen. Very good multi-angle writing.

"Everyone loved talking to her!"
I'm not sure if this is just Rei's perspective or if everyone genuinely does enjoy her vivaciousness, because frankly I can see it going either way. For her sake, I hope it's the latter.

"she saw that the boy had picked up the name book that she [borrowed] from the bookshelf."
Unless that is one deep bookshelf, I don't think "burrowed" is quite the right term here...

"I have no clue what it says."
This is a great moment not only because it has Izo not talking in forced complexity, but also because of how it gently relieves the tension and lets the search continue without feeling entirely nothing has happened. It's both entertaining and constructive to the means of the story, and that's a combination many authors are often wanting after.

"She lived with the boy for at least two weeks and he still didn't show signs that he liked her!"
This is another great line summing up Rei's child like mindset. She tries to boil the relationship down to basic ingredients like time, but there's just so much on Izo's side that she can't even begin to address. Again, it's interesting how you make me feel sorry for her, even if she's wrong.

"What took ya so long? I've been waiting forever!"
Oh, Rei... so brashly endearing.

I could say it over and over again, but you have a great knack for bringing these everyday scenes to life and filling them with the characters' outlooks and emotions. Unless I say otherwise, just assume that all this is working REALLY well. Like, this is every bit the worthy companion to Speaks Volume. Good job, Eevee. Major respect all over the place.

"I'm the best gamer in my class!"
Of course you are, sweetie.
...Actually, Rei might be telling the truth here. Huh... Well if that's the case, a certain Tokai Michi would love to play a round some time. Maybe Hybridverse Rei is his nemesis...

"oohing in delight when she found that there was a cutscene."
Wait... Rei has the attentionspan for cutscenes? Since when?
Gah! *dodges daggers glared by Rei* I-I mean... makes sense.

Wait... Japanese say grace? I mean, I know about "Itadakemasu", but I wasn't aware they culturally said more than that. Then again, CG's not the best versed in these customs, so you could be absolutely spot on and he wouldn't know the difference.
It's just... interesting to note is all.

I like how Rei only has a basic understanding of prayer. It's more of a custom for her than an action. Because she's done it her whole life, she doesn't really know how to explain it other than "it's something you just do". Nice use of Izo as an outsider to question things learned by rote.

"She felt happy her parents trusted her enough to get home by herself safely"
Indeed... this is a good show of judgment on their part. I pity the criminal that attempts to take on Rei ten year old Rei.

Also, this rain scene is another stand out "Days We Chance Upon" occurrence. I'm not sure where "My Friends are My Power" will slip in though, Rei's so self-relient!
...Although it could be said she's trying to be Izo's "power", so to speak. I guess that could work...

Hmm... Rei loses her Magenta Umbrella? Maybe a kid with a blue one will help her find it... ;)

Man, Genji is so cool. I love how he gives an opportunity for the guilty party to volunteer information, even though he already knows the whole picture.

And somehow Rei thinks she muster up plausible deniability. Why am I not surprised...

"You've never brought an umbrella upstairs before"
Uh-oh... *"Cornered" from Pheonix Wright begins to play* Rei, I think you better tell the man the truth before he shoots you down with another Objection!

"You know Mom would have /siced/ me!"
I'm going to assume this is something foreign, because the closest standard English equivalent I can find doesn't really fit this scene...

"She had been called dumb at school many times when she was younger"
Urk! #thatawkwardmomentwhentheauthorpointsouthowbadlyyoutreathercharacterscuzyouknowyoudo
Uh... Wow. Now I feel bad about any and all comments insulting Rei's intelligence. I mean, yeah, she's not the brightest bulb in the box, but... ouch.
Eevee, how do you do this to me?

"After a few seconds, she narrowed her eyes, remembering the reason she got in trouble in the first place."
H-hey! Don't get any ideas Rei! I know what you're thinkin' and it's NOT gonna end well!

"Sometimes I wish he wasn't here!"
Wait a few years, he'll solve that problem for you.
(Seriously though, nice nod to Speaks Volume. I'll count that as [Dramatic Irony])

"Yeah! That sounds like a great idea!"
No, Rei, it really doesn't.

Okay, way to crank up the tension! I like how you pull a fast one and build Rei up as the source of conflict before having her beaten to the punch. It's good writing, keeps things engaging.

Also, isn't Genji an investigator?

"She stared at her father, shocked that he was repeating himself."
Don't worry, Rei, it's only so we can get that classic [Repetition] in. I'm sure he's got it under control. Right, Genji? ...Genji?

"Yesterday... he was asking me what a block was."
And now Rei's gonna feel guilty.

*A few lines later*...called it!

Excellent writing during Rei's morality crisis. Similar to the flavor of Izo's dilemma in "Speaks Volume" without coming off as a rehash, I feel like this plays some nice lines of duality between the siblings while still allowing each to keep their distinct identity.

The details with the green umbrella (linked to the number of umbrellas) also qualify you for [Checkov's Gun], in case you're interested in another one of those.

"closing the door and locking it before she faced the rain again"
...I'm assuming everyone has keys. Won't it be a pity if you find Izo and come home only to discover you've locked yourself out in the rain?

Also, great hero moment when Rei hits the streets and is like "Yes, I'mma do this. I will find you, Fos-Bro!"

"Well, to her, this would be an awesome scene from an anime!"
This is why I love Rei, she's got a great mind for this kind of thinking. It's almost fourth-wall breaking, but not to the point of actually breaking through. More like... pressing your face against the fourth wall and winking. You know?
Anyway, the point is it's very endearing.

*Tilts head* Why is Sunshine burger closed?

And, after finding Izo, Rei confronts him in typical head-on Rei fashion.
*CG facepalms*

"...without the kissing of course! that would be gross!"
How do you manage to fit lines like this in without breaking the tone of the scene? It's just... wow. You're a miracle worker, Eevee.

The revealing moment with the umbrella is well done. Man, I don't think I've ever seen Izo so openly vulnerable since... ever. Xeriously, that's... different. But it's a well done different, so I don't mind so much.

Oh Rei... How come you can be so well intentioned but so bad at being good? Seriously, stop hissing at Izo. It probably isn't helping much.

"Why couldn't you just /tell/ me /that/!?"
Because, Rei, you scare the living daylights out of him nearly every chance you get. Frankly, I don't think he trusts you all that much...

Seriously though, it's a touching scene as Rei finally comes to terms with how Izo's mind works.

On a side note, CG feels he can identify wth Rei in this scene. It's the same feeling as realizing someone actually read your work, even if they didn't review! It's like... sometimes it's hard not to think that they just didn't like it if they didn't say anything. Man...
So, yeah, serious props for making Rei sympathetic, despite