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Wrath of The Sun Deity chapter 8 . 9/13
I mean if you had to replace Cinder... I'd go with Salem. The darkness to the light, moon to the sun? Their personalities are just so different... and at the same time so similar.

I'm using my phone to type this review, so I can't really make a long review for the reasons... but mostly cause it would be interesting and unique. And if you do pair them up... it doesn't mean that Salem has to turn good, or Naruto evil.
Shigiya chapter 8 . 8/31
so wait, was Salem reincarnated from Kaguya, Sakura, or Sasuke. Because you wrote that she came from the moon, but then you wrote that they fought alongside each other, and then you wrote that she was a guy, so I'm getting confused here.
shadowofdestrution chapter 8 . 8/29
i meant keep up the good wark
shadowofdestrution chapter 1 . 8/29
great story keep up the food work

my opinion would be keep the relationship the way it is
Dragon and Sword Master chapter 8 . 8/28
Honestly I am quite okay with Cinder staying on as part of the relationships when it comes to this story, especially since a lot of things can happen and Naruto is known for changing his enemies into friends.

Not saying he should ever lower his guard around the girl though...

Anyways, have to admit that I quite enjoyed this chapter and cannot wait to see more out of it. If Naruto does decide to interact more with Team RWBY though, I wonder if he'll start asking Raven why she isn't looking after Yang herself or something similar to those lines. Should be quite interesting...

Henshin Complete
KingRyu chapter 8 . 8/25
What about winter I haven’t seen a crossover with her in a paring with naruto
Specterchilypepper chapter 8 . 8/24
Now I can clearly say that i found this story extremely enjoyable. About the pairing : since your Naruto is canonish I would like for cinder to be paired with him after "Naruto's talk no jutsu" convert her to the "light side", but if you choose to change her than I would give my vote to Blake :they are both faunus and he is helping Blake to mature and accept herself and in a way he is a champion of faunus and peace something I can see she would find appealing ;or even better Yang : outside of finding interesting for him conquering both mother and daughter, yang is like a female version of Naruto and I can see Naruto helping /supporting her in becoming more mature and "adult" and in this way becoming closer moreover if you plan to go on with rwby Canon at least with the attack on Beacon than I can see Naruto helping her in the aftermath and making them fact now while writing it I have come to give my full support to yang being paired to Naruto maybe even not substituting cinder but in addition to her reason being that like I wrote above I would like and I can see Cinder being paired with
Naruto but I would also like yang to be paired with him: you have 3 pairing for Naruto ...a fourth one wouldn't be too much of a stretch or excessive moreover the girl paired are all solid and meaningful pairings for your plot (considering Neo and Raven already unofficially "Naruto's girls"). Thank you for your work and until next update.
Specterchilypepper chapter 2 . 8/24
Interesting story ...I enjoyed Naruto finally understanding what idiot was with his interaction with Sasuke ...the only thing that I am alittle disappointed that you won't have him at least partially rethink his interactions with konoha and the shinobi world: I always found disappointing how in Canon Naruto risk his life and care for everyone and it is only repaid with lies (his heritage, the kyubi), manipulation(the will of fire bullshit when everyone in konoha didn't give a s*it about him ) ,lack of training(the not teaching him the kage bushings making him fail the genin exams 2 times for the clone jutsu when rock Lee couldn't use chacra but he graduated, kakashi only teaching the tree climbing and then ditching him to ebisu during the chunin exam, after 3 years with jiraya , he didn't know about sealing arts, his heritage, the sharing memory of the large bushin, wind manipulation nor how to use a weapon or any jutsu or how to control kyuubi chacra) the only good training with the sage training with the roads, almost everything was self taught and he was never truly appreciated even when saved the village from the one tail and the life of Tsunade (it should have been enough to promote him as chunin or at least to do so when he came back)and barely was recognised after the pein for the rant but it is in hope to have you rethink a bit Naruto stance on konoha I hope in the next chapters there won't be too much "konoha loving/obsession" and the likes XD. Nevertheless thank you for your work
Raizor chapter 8 . 8/23
If you want to switch out Cinder I would normally say: “Switch her with Blake“
But you‘re using the pairing NarutoxBlake already in your Reading story. So I think it‘s out. But if you don‘t think so here are my reasons. First, she‘s a faunus just like him. They can connect due the abuse they both had to suffer. Secondly, they have somewhat similiar goals, they both want peace and equality. And lastly, the pairing is underused. I mean come on, they’re practically Yin and Yang to each other. And opposites attract each other. I find them one of the few perfekt pairings out there that could be genuinely used in canon. Not like NaruHina. That pairing is forced in my eyes. Watch Naruto: The Last and say it to my face that it doesn‘t seems forced. Another example is NatsuxLucy from Fairy Tail. There is nothing that could connect them romantically to each other.
So, rant is over. See ya in the next chapter!
biob1 chapter 8 . 8/21
Pretty good job
JayTheSenju chapter 8 . 8/19
I enjoy this story very much, lookin forward to the next update!
Gabranth XII chapter 8 . 8/17
Can't wait for your next update I'm loving this so far
On-Eno chapter 8 . 8/16
I think you should switch out Cinder, as she doesn't seem to be the type to ever change...or share. If you switch her out, Blake would work, as he is already talking to her the most out of anyone not on his team(Neo) and is actually making her think for herself. I could easily see it becoming more, particularly if he helps her with her White Fang angst.
Uzushiogakure chapter 8 . 8/14
Well Salem is the only one that comes to mind, could she corrupt Naruto to her cause or could Naruto corrupt her to his. And the fact that She is the Reincarnation of Kaguya just adds more to it after all she was once a very compassionate and kindhearted woman before she lost faith in humans and didn't want anyone else possessed chakra (and let's face it she wasn't wrong look what they did with chakra), and wanted to turn a bunch if humans into Zetsu's which makes no damn sense.

She can use creation of all things obviously so why not create them that way (never mind they are weak accept for those over powered spores of theirs which can absorb chakra and yet they never used them in the fourth great shinobi world war to wipe out the entire ninja army, it would have been fairly easy. Any she could also have grown a massive forest and used Banbutsu Sōzō to turn that forest into a Zetsu army or an even more powerful army of plant beings, but keep the spores though those things are perfect for fighting chakra users. Anyway so it was a massive plot hole but that's just usual Kishimoto, he should have established left it at Kaguya decided to bring peace to humanity by trapping them in the infinite Tsukuyomi.

Anyway I'm getting off tracked but as you can she i like Kaguya and believe (like I know others do) that Kishimoto handled her really really terribly. Then again he does an bad job with all of the Ōtsutsuki's that he has introduced. But anyway the point is could he corrupt Salem to his side?
Guest chapter 8 . 8/11
Salem is Sasuke’s reincarnation, or is it descendant!?
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