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grovepjp chapter 60 . 9/9
Sefera chapter 60 . 9/8
Finally I’ve caught up; I love it!

I’m favoriting this, and look forward to reading more in the future, should you choose to continue it :)
A5707 chapter 26 . 9/6
Great story so far! Btw there is a small mistake, I think, Michael XXXXl Argos should probably differently since im pretty sure 41 isnt written like that.
gremlin914 chapter 60 . 9/4
So good! When the heroic last minute saviors to drop in and save your assault are the (Redacted), you know you have F***Ed up. Very well done. Now I have to impatiently (jk) await what comes next. Ty for the chapter (short novel really).
Nadrek chapter 60 . 9/3
My apologies on the delay; I was at around chapter 55 on a full re-read of The Weaver Option when you posted 60!

Suffice to say, outside of noticing typos more, this is just as good on a re-read as I remember.

I think my favorite character is Taylor, with Aenaria Eldanesh as a very close second. In this chapter, I was extremely amused by the Queen of Blades just happening to stop in on a massive battle... to look up her wayward Apprentice. While dragging Empress Weaver along for the ride, who's not there to fight; just to check on said wayward Apprentice and deliver a brief message.

And everyone just goes along with it, on both accounts. It was honestly kind of a nice little reprieve from Taylor being in desperate battles herself! Nobody was ready for her, and they all just kind of ignored her as long as she ignored them.

The Blood Muse was also, frankly, quite impressive - she never swore herself to Khorne, instead the blood baths were used as chains... and then, here, she offers Khorne a bargain - her complete freedom in exchange for her freeing another of his followers in Yellow's trap which was about to wipe out the entire expedition. Khorne agrees without quibbling, and they both fulfill their end of the bargain, with Liandra nearly giving her life in the doing - and certainly fighting well and giving a lot of blood. The bargain being fairly kept on both sides, to the letter, was just like when Khorne bargained with Taylor, exchanging his claim for the Blood Muse in the first place.

I'm kind of wondering if Khorne is actually playing his fellow warp entities; he was, after all, the only one that didn't try to incorporate the Aspect he took from Slaaneesh, despite being one of the very first to send armies in to fight the weakened entity during Commorragh. Evil he may be, but he's at least straightforward and honest in his dealings. She asked for freedom, he granted it. He tried to kill her right after, but that's not part of the bargain; she only wanted freedom, not life.

You're doing a fantastic job of showing that belief and bargains and claims really, really do make a difference in this horrifying and malevolent universe.


I'm honestly really kind of looking forward to Taylor's eventual arrival in the Sol System... in her role as hammer. Especially since she should soon meet poor Admiral Miranda Lawson and all those who followed her out; that's going to be fantastic, too, because Nyx could certainly use her professionalism and experience in Naval Yards and warfare, and Miranda's most fervent wish is to be in the chain of command when it's time to crush the worthless elements of the Imperial Navy.

We know there are ten Ages of Weaver; the first was Silk and Hope, and was about 100 years long. I'm looking forward to seeing the second in due time.
Trey of the rebellion chapter 60 . 9/2
I picked the story up maybe 2 months ago or so, and have been continuously reading it until I finally caught up. This is a truly amazing story and I am in awe of how intricate and well written it is.
Frosty Wolf chapter 60 . 9/2
Guys, you've gotta start treating your Daemon Primarch's better. Don't you know they're limited edition collectibles?! The Emperor isn't making any more!

Jokes aside, I'm pretty impressed by Nagash. Monster he might be, but he went from soul that got eaten by a minor demon to an undead warlord able to hold his own against multiple armies. And while his bid failed he did get a very powerful lieutenant out of it. And now we know where the Simurgh has been hiding. I doubt it's loyal to the former King of Yellow but it's still a dangerous force working with him.

This was one of my favorite combat focused chapters so far! Especially since it was almost completely monsters destroying other monsters. And now Malicia has to find a new place to call home. Her patron will not be happy with that I'm sure, though the only force of Chaos who might be happy with how things ended here is Khorne since he got a champion better suited to countering Taylor.
Vinyard26 chapter 60 . 9/2
Thanks for the chapter!

so much is happening! I have no idea how events will unfold in this story now haha
Tigers-Tall-Tails chapter 60 . 9/1
The Von Carstine quote would have worked great for Nagash. "If you will not serve me in life, then you will slave for me in death!"

This chapter was really something, and we see another Peer to Weaver take her place. All the brutality of the Blood God, tempered by strategy. Dangerous combination. That said, we now have Dorn and the Khan presumably returning to Imperium, so that's a big boost. I'm also curious about the news of Isha; now that we know the deal was not honoured by Nurgal, it means that it's not binding. Isha can leave the Garden without reprisal for breaking the pact. Not that the Lord of Plagues will let such a thing happen easily, but it's something to consider.

And Taylor has the first of her Honour Guard! Liandra. Who seems to have sacrificed something to be saved by Weaver's power. Her freedom maybe? Her form? Or something deeper? Regardless, she is a potent example of what Eldar ability might look like in the future. A terrifying mix of sorcery and blade skill all honed towards battle. If she is Weaver's Champion for the future Court, it's a force that few others can match.
Laughing-Clown chapter 60 . 8/29
Holy shit, this is like a Holywood movie! Expensive, oversaturated with FX, 9 of every ten characters are bland cutouts who read the exact same, and the women always girlboss and replace the failing men while defeating the "Evil" men.

I mean yeah, you say less with more words than any fan-fiction author I've seen, coasting on the past like a 40-year old hooker, but it's still entertaining to read! Mostly because I imagine GW screaming that they didn't think of it first. *shrug* Hey, your making bank with Patreon, why stop?

Yes, I'm going to continue reading. I want to READ and laugh the moment you replace the Emperor with a made-up super-girl-boss(Probably your Not-A-SI from the Harry Potter story). Hell, you've already commited to replacing the Primarchs. 3 down, 17 to go. Well I guess 16, you're having Taylor pull double duty as an eldar diety. My guesses are Dragon gets Ferrus and Guilliman(sorry she ate your daddy Smurfs), Contessa gets Lionel Johnson, and Missy eats the Kahn and Dorns souls. Or I suppose they can surrender power to avoid that, whatever, it's still freagin hilarious. Sophia gets another with the Wolves, and whatshername fucking Dennis gets the Salamanders! You even gave them a new name, the Nephelim replaces the Primarchs!

I especially want to read when you descend into having Taylor impregnate multiple Eldari Females. Oh it's going to happen, your customer base cross-overs with Ao3's WorM community I'm pretty sure. It's going to happen, and I can't wait to laugh.
Akshka chapter 60 . 8/30
Perfect! Everytime this fic updates I smile
CMVreud chapter 60 . 8/29
By the magnificience that is this chapters awesomeness.

Would the He/She-that-was-killed still be alive, a thousand thousand Psykers would scream ind extasy. Upon the birth pf a Greater Daemon and a Nephilim Queen of Blood they would scream 'Moe' and leave because their Master didn't have that idea first.

But really. You really write ... I want to say 'pageturner', but all I do was scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and reading and reading and reading till the end.

I just now found the time to take a good breath of air, feeling this good kind of exhaustion and emptiness after something awesome.

Just... awesome.
Guest chapter 60 . 8/27
I'm just kind of wondering how on earth Leet and Borek got in the throne room. Didn't they come to Macragge with the Midgard and that was that? Well, whatever, it's interesting that you used the name of one of the Warhammer Fantasy beings, in hindsight it's kind of obvious, you already took one of the Fantasy races - the Skaven - and put it into 40K, so it makes sense that you'd add other things.

About Hekatii, is this some beginning of the...repayment...shall we call it, with the betrayal by the Four on the Vengeful Spirit with the aspect of Paramountcy? Or do you have other plans to do with that (Ahriman that is)? And are we seeing another strain of Eldar, one sworn to the Living Saints (because the Emperor is not a God, or can swearing themselves to him work the same way even if he isn't a deity?) or is it to purify her before going on to Atharti?

Although, I would like a clarification on the whole "Daemon Prince/ss" thing, as you said in "Wolftime" that the ascension is akin to death. Did Ax'senaea die to become the Daemon princess, or is she still "herself", or what? Needs more exposition. Definitely, and I'm excited to see what you write on that, assuming you do.

Also, some clarification/explanation/exposition the whole "Nephilim Queen" thing too, from what I can tell it has something to do with Aspects, it looks like Lotara absorbed Angron's aspect (nice on that BTW, we see the true death of Daemon Primarch, wonder how you'll deal with the others) and then was given more by Khorne. I think, I'm not sure and I'd love an elaboration on it.
Given everything though, does that mean that Abaddon is planning to become a "Nephilim King" or something like that? He seems the type. Or can they only be female?

Either way, after all the fighting, I'm glad to see that the next chapter will be a negotiations one, those are very interesting.

Last thing, is the next arc going to be like...the reign of blood/terror(forgot which one)? I'm just asking because when Taylor goes to Terra for her triumph, you mentioned somewhere else a long time ago that when she does, Xerxes will die, and that might be what sets off the reign. Don't know anything about your plans, or when the reign begins, but it looks like it is close.
Ethloc chapter 60 . 8/29
Bravo! That was amazing. I really enjoyed reading it all in one sitting.
Imperial warlord chapter 60 . 8/28
Awesome chapter.
Surprised that Malicia lost in end. Part of me, believed that she would be in control Calyx hell stars.
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