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informedterran chapter 23 . 4/15
Everyone sure is out for everyone, huh? So much main players doing their own thing, it makes we wonder what the sides are, if any, and if it really matters once more of the plans of the Reapers creep into the spotlight. Hoping for some excitement once that all comes to a head. I'm guessing Garrus' part will bring it all to the surface and link everyone else together.

If there's one thing that caught my mind is your Flavian Vakarian and Alec Ryder. MEA barely says it, but I can't wonder if you got some big meet up plan for them in the future. Maybe these two old badass duo can teach a thing or two to the others? Or against each other? The potential is exciting! (No obligation for Scott and Sara. But I'd ship Sara and Garrus in a heart beat, though that's me.)

I'll be waiting for the next one. Looking to see how this 'second attack' on Shanxi goes, as well as who's going to pay for it. With the batarians in the picture, Heroes and Butchers might be involved, huh?
amerdism chapter 23 . 4/7
Awesome story, when's the next chapter going up, I hope to see more soon.
amerdism chapter 22 . 4/7
I find it hard to believe that the Illusive Man would miss human rebels attempting to give the council FTL tech. I get he’s not unfathomable or anything, but he must have taken steps to insure that such things don’t happen, it’s not like him to ignore the rogue human elements and the threat they present.
ErnestTheGuy chapter 23 . 4/7
ThelonewolfNT chapter 23 . 4/7
Pteaset chapter 23 . 4/6
Another wonderful chapter everything you write is gold
Watcher123 chapter 23 . 4/6
When I stumbled onto this story it was a delight to binge on twenty plus chapters of pure gold. I really like how you have balanced the opposing forces. Humanity with their different weapons less reliance on eezo and their non mass effect FTL and AI versus the sheer size of the council races territory and how well built up their colonies and economic strength is. No one can steamroll the other which gives plenty of dramatic tension.

Likewise I think you captured the upper echelon Asari leadership perfectly. When I first played the game I thought the Asari are the nice guys/gals with the Turians being dicks but if you think about it what you see is what you get with the Turians. They say what they mean and mean what they say. The Asari on the other hand smile to your face then scheme behind your back to hamstrings you so you have to fall in line with their suggestions. By way of example after the first contact skirmish it looked like an Asari led council were being nice to humanity by giving them colonization rights in the TrVerse (I think it was). That seems generous until you realize humanity is now being tied down militarily policing the Wild West and containing the Batarians effectively acting as council peacekeepers but with out the compensation of a council seat

Here Tevos comes across as much the same. And like most villains she probably thinks it’s for the best if everyone is under the control of the wise and enlightened Asari.

I am curious what the Salarians view of the slow March of Asari galactic dominance is? They must be beside themselves with frustration not knowing much about humanity’s important worlds and infrastructure and their cutting edge tech. I suppose if they see the big dumb council attack dogs (as they might see the Turians) getting friendly with humanity they have no choice but to be nice with the Asari but having the Asari too powerful must be a concern for them.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how the human navy reacts to the pirates and how the siege ends. Something tells me Harper will trace the successionests help back to the Asari which should take the winds out of their sails if they are seen as puppets of Alians. Will Udina’s faction have been involved? If so there is some potential for blackmail there. Can’t wait to find out.

Thanks for sharing
CReaper210 chapter 23 . 4/4
Great chapter!

Looking forward to more :)
Shashenka chapter 23 . 4/4
Thanks for putting in the time and effort to write this new chapter! I really enjoyed it!
Dragon lord Syed 101 chapter 23 . 4/4
great your back at this story again, otherwise god dang it Tevos your making the galaxy a mess
frankieu chapter 23 . 4/4
nice chapter thx for writing it will be interesting to see how much the alliance will cut loose on the batarians with the reapers in mind perhaps place them as a meat shield ?
KnightOfHolyLight chapter 23 . 4/4
Great job again. Once again shit hits the fan here, if this ain't cloak and dagger I don't know what is. Gotta admit Tevos is cunning in her schemes or cunning enough to pull this kinda stunt, but like Fedorian said her pride will be her downfall. She can't see things have chanced so much with arriaval of humans and thus sticks to her old methods. But then again not so surprising for Asari long life really hampers them on several aspect. And one thing I am really happy to see will be the time Tevos plan blows up to her face. Gonna be spectacular there for sure hehehheheh. Big question is when it will happens. Honestly could be soon or late as Reaper Wars, like Thessia falling.

And so it was Sparatus group there indeed and with Saren too. Gotta admit was not expecting to see them working together thou that does answer few questions. And honestly it makes sense for Saren to make Councilor to be on his side even with risks involved. Bit surprised that he has succeed, but mild indoctrination works well enough if I am to guess.

Atelas will survive I am sure. Makes me wonder thou how did Tevos arrange this so swiftly hints were given, but odd that there was this much and effective. AIC operatives are not some random idiots for someone to take them out like this speaks of much more than resent hatred spawned by war. Wonder just how she did this like I said before, Miranda did give few hints, but I am suspicions.

I just gotta hope that Fedorian will survive. I mean once even Asari will start to see just how bad things are going they will figure out that they must remove Fedorian and make sure his successor or eventual is more in line of their thinking. So I really hope that he will be able to keep up at his work. Here shows that he is good one in his job and good for the sake of the galaxy also. Quite interesting take on turian point of view about events and things.

Overall great job again and I hope that you update soon.
Pteaset chapter 5 . 4/4
Whenever I saw another chapter was posted I figured I’d read the story again it’s just so good
RoyalTwinFangs chapter 23 . 4/4
Not bad.
lisbjerg123 chapter 23 . 4/4
this is getting good quick.

will patiently wait for the next chapter.
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