Reviews for Mass Effect: The Iron Heart of Man
Pteaset chapter 10 . 9/1
So good
Pteaset chapter 5 . 9/1
10 of 10
Pteaset chapter 4 . 9/1
So good
Pteaset chapter 2 . 9/1
It’s been a while since I’ve read the story from the beginning I had almost forgotten just how good it is
Pteaset chapter 1 . 8/31
Couldn’t find a new story so this is one of my favorites I figure about the time I’m done reading it again maybe it’ll be time for a new chapter
Guest chapter 3 . 8/30
eh, why is the OC the only person with a middle name? And why is she spork worthy unique? Follows orders but erratic? Hetochromia for the extra speshul?

N operatives have to be able to nail extremely difficult shots in Zero-G. Shitty eyes would either get a genetics upgrade package, or a medical discharge.

An erratic rating would probably get someone a Dishonorable Discharge when they tell an officer to shove it, and it isn't a movie set.

Then again, Kai Leng was N7. Maybe he was rock solid because he got to cut people up?

The rest of it works, aside from the quarians shrugging off AI. Then again, at the end of BSG they gave up all their tech and died.

So I guess I can buy that. But yeah, the OC is too speshul.
D72 chapter 2 . 8/30
ewww, Rommel.

I liked most of this. Bit confused why Rannoch or Die! Rael went for the Exodus option, but it makes things interesting.

Deeply hoping this doesn't go wehraboo. Granted, it's just one ship name so far, but it makes me nervous.
D72 chapter 1 . 8/29
I disagree that millitia types could actually get to the politicians they want to kill,
considering the lack of political assassinations in the western hemisphere.

Asimo is Honda

AI fears aren't just Skynet, but jobs going away and never coming back.

Not sure why they would go with Miranda's ship instead of the Pillar, but you gotta be you.

I like a secondary FTL, establish pockets where the cuttlefish can't hunt

Medigel/Omnigel is almost as OP as Harry Potter magic, I'm still pissed that fics don't reap (please ignore pun) that fertile ground.
I mean it essentially makes garbage obsolete, if not exportable for FAT LOOOT. Or ruin economics entirely.

And then you make antimatter cheap. Yeah, I don't think this humanity will have to come begging hat in hand.

I'd like a bit more fleshing out on why Halo has become so venerated / mirrored that the fourth human world is named Reach and is established in a similar manner to it's digital predecesor. Especially considering it's fate.

Hah, Alcatraz is totally New Caprica, even if there isn't a bsg cross. alluvial deposits!
Regis JN chapter 25 . 8/17
I just started reading this story, and I am glad I gave it a try. I really enjoyed this story so far.
Ivanoich1993 chapter 1 . 8/9
one of the best good!Illusive man ever written in the mass effect fanfic.
Dunestyler chapter 25 . 8/6
you forgot to mention China as one of the meddling superpowers. they're doing it just the same and eberyone's ignoring them, because... reasons?
The Reaper of Valhalla chapter 25 . 8/1
Damn that hurt I needed MORE. Great work by the way. I really wonder how TIM will turn out when the reapers actually show up
Watcher123 chapter 25 . 7/31
Before commenting on this chapter I treated myself to a full reread and boy was that a treat. The way you have managed to weave so many plot threads together while both stringing them out to make the eventual payoff a real treat while at the same time keeping them interesting as they develop shows real skill. Nor is the story simply good guys/gals and bad. On the one hand you have possibly formally good Turians and others who have been indoctrinated you have hide bound Asari matriarchs so used to getting their own way they are blind to the real threats as they plot against the very people they will need to survive. On the other hand you have some in the Turian leadership who are trying to do what is right for their people and know something is very wrong but don’t know what and humanity some of who are just as blind as any Asari (yes Udina I’m glaring at you) who clink to the notion that they ignore the galaxy and it will in turn ignore them and some who know something of what is coming but don’t know who they can trust and who will pretend to ally with them only to get humanity’s tech.

The highlight of this chapter for me was realising Garrus and by extension the Primarch are finally being read in to what the upper echelon of the human government knows about the reaper threat. It would make sense for them to try and forge an even closer working relationship. Except if they do Udina will use it against Montgomery and the paranoid Asari and Salarians will see it as a threat and try to undermine both grounds.

As for what I’m really looking forward to isA) seeing the effects on Tevos and her friends when the Quarians escape from Illium B) seeing Tevos’s plan to get her hands on a working human FTL drive explode perhaps not in her face but close enough. It would be such a shame if she made promises to her matriarch friends about the drive that she can’t keep and C) exact what sort of FTL drive Goyle hands over as reparations. Maybe the Illum delegate should have specified she wanted a non mass effect drive. As it is Goyle can keep her promise with any old third rate drive from a decommissioned Quarian ship.

Thanks for all the work you put into the story it’s really appreciated.
Guest chapter 25 . 7/25
Wow, this is simply awesome! Wer still havnt seen much of shepard, baut for me that dies Not matter, your fanfic is absolutly on Par with great fics like the New face of War or Misplaced both au Mass Effect. It will bei interesting to See how you add Saren. I Do hope He will Not bei indoctrinated. Well but first lets free the Quarians
rantzilla92 chapter 25 . 7/24
Love the story and I can’t wait to read the newest chapter. One thing I’m a bit surprised about is the fact that no one on the councils side seemed surprised or suspicious at just how quickly Ambassador Goyle agreed to giving over a human made FTL drive. I mean it’s fairly obvious to the reader, or me at least, that the council is going to receive a human made Ezo based drive. And I can hardly wait to see their reactions of shock, disgust, and anger, lots and lots of anger.
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