Reviews for The Zootopian Chronicles I: Earth
leonardobluesummers chapter 37 . 8/28/2022
You are an amazing writer. It's the third time in almost 12 years that I favourite a writer after only reading one of his stories. I look forward to the sequel.
leonardobluesummers chapter 35 . 8/28/2022
Wonderful chapter.
leonardobluesummers chapter 36 . 8/28/2022
What a great story. How does this not have 1k reviews? I loved this story, it is one of my favourites ever... and I've read hundreds so far. I really recommend it.
seakard chapter 37 . 10/5/2018
Looking forward to part 2 and 3. If even 1/5 as exciting/entertaining as p 1, I'm in for a treat!
seakard chapter 35 . 10/5/2018
Whew, what a run this has been! 2 chapters left, then can start the Next Section. Well thought out, great pacing between action, calmness (I guess that's the word to use?) and planning.
seakard chapter 34 . 10/5/2018
Looks like things wrapping up for this part. Human stranded on Zootopia. News at 11!
seakard chapter 30 . 10/4/2018
Action and a touch of humor in the suspense. Perfect!
seakard chapter 29 . 10/4/2018
Now THAT was an exciting chapter! But, I gotta ask, what happens to Mia and the dog? I'm guessing that they shot Judy with the medicine to devolve her mind, and hopefully they find the antidote quickly enough to save her. Oh well, chapters ahead will confirm me guessing.
seakard chapter 12 . 10/2/2018
Pretty good reading. Nice pace, not too hurried, not dawdling.
seakard chapter 10 . 10/2/2018
So far, an interesting ride! Well written and thought out, especially the "escape plan" (perfect timing on the Technicolored Yawn, or should I say the Pea Soup Yawn lol) on the "spur of the moment." Keep it up, going great so far.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/4/2018
this is brilliant insightive and genius and original, and its only the first chapter!
MovedToA03 chapter 1 . 1/17/2018
1 year anniversary of this ending
1One 5Five 6Six 4Four chapter 36 . 11/10/2017
A fun read, but my biggest problem with this story was that Judy and Nick didn't really do much in this story.
Menser chapter 37 . 7/17/2017
Hi Miguelcool2000, Thanks so much for the final review of Vol 1.
There is so much there it will be hard to answer it all but I will try.
While somewhat happy (don’t forget all the dead officers… RIP)... the ending almost meant to post many dilemmas. For example I really enjoyed Drew discussing the morality of pardoning the scientists for the greater good to help save thousands of infected mammals and to create a lost link to humanity as quickly as possible with their aid. He likened it to the pardoning of scientists in World War II... some of whom had done some of the most horrific human experimentation in the history of mankind. Sometimes you can’t always punish and conquer evil, but instead have to accept that justice is not always obtainable.
The political aspects of the ending are not meant to be preachy... but instead to make the reader think... think about the consequences of actions and what the future will hold.
As far as Nick and Finnick being able to infiltrate the organization. Anytime you have such a large operation, you are susceptible to such subterfuge. I suppose in the end, the Covenant just assumed that all predators were on their side and supported their cause. Also realize in such a huge undertaking most people don’t even know what others are doing. I think that would be true in most operations. But in order to really infiltrate you needed to of the best con artist around as they could constantly run with their story to make it completely believable and convince everyone they belonged. Most anyone else would stick out, be too nervous and make a mistake and then freeze not instantly having an excuse or way to distract those that could call them out.
The reason that they were still abducting test subjects was due to Judy escaping and the development still continuing to make a better more improved version of the serum possibly something target at specific species... or something that could just make the prey docile/susceptible to their control without completely cutting off all higher brain functions. I guess the short answer is they would want to do more research to make an even better serum and anti-dote.
The names of the hustles... many of them are just alterations of ones he would use for a variety of purposes. For example some were just good so he had a quick means of escape from a sticky situation. Others if needed to cause a distraction/disturbance so they didn’t notice his ulterior motives... what he was really doing. Many of the hustles/cons served numerous purposes more indirectly helping with say moneymaking schemes. But also now that Nick is a reformed con fox... he uses cons to catch bad guys rather than make money. So his cons/hustles have many alternative uses.
I think in my version... Nick is very close to Judy... He realizes how miserable he is without her... and will do most anything to get her back. As you will find out later, Nick is still traumatized by the abandonment of him and his mother by his father. He can’t bear to be abandoned by Judy and is desperate to be reunited with her. He also is not really sure of his feelings for her. He is just desperate to be close to her and not lose her again. This will cause a lot of issues in Vol II.
The dream about the cheerleaders is sort of a reaction to Nick being in such an intense high stressed situation and he lets his imagination run wild. His mind helps him cope by putting him into the perfect situation for him to be extremely distracted right before a very high risk dangerous situation. And I always imagined Nick would have a healthy libido as well as quite a sexual imagination and fantasy creation. He enjoyed the nudist club and seemed to be free to express himself in that way while Judy was far more repressed.
As far as the relationship at the end... remember that I wanted to do something completely unlike anything else out there. I didn’t want to rehash the same old crap. Also with the main plot of Vol 2 and Vol 3... that relationship will become an important element related to the plot. I always hoped readers could keep an open mind and appreciate someone trying to do something different than what everyone else and their mother have done. I also approached it very realistically and all the numerous issues that would be involved. It is something overlooked constantly in WildeHopps and never addressed. Like how all that would actually work between different species with different biological systems and with large size differentials. All those things were taken into account and had to be logically dealt with. Also when you think about it... the idea of Drew and Judy is no different than Nick and Judy. Both of them are completely different mammal species... with huge differences in size... logically they are the same with respect to things working between them in that way.
I think Drew is very paranoid of the scenarios you discuss... and he and his friends working on both sides of the portal will remain quite vigilant to prevent any scenario you described from happening. Drew desperately wants to share just the good of humanity with Zootopia while protecting them from the bad.
And yes the Mature rating does give you a lot more freedom when writing. Although the mature content is generally in just part of the chapters. It is not like it is there all the time. It just means that if it is needed to tell a better/more complete story... then it is available.
I look forward to your thoughts on Vol 2.
Miguelcool2000 chapter 36 . 7/17/2017
Hello again.
In regard to the last chapters, it's good to see the story had a mostly happy ending for our heroes, not so good for the mamals who lost their minds to the drug or the human scientists who were victims of the circumstances.
The story turned more political towards the end, not a big fan of long arguments or speeches, but you managed to keep them interesting and to the point, and avoided repetition of topics treated in other chapters. It was interesting to discover the outcome of it all.
About the plot to debunk the government of Zootopia, I felt a wide range of emotions and thoughts about the big failure it became. The plot had been in development for how long... 6 months? A couple years? I don't remember any specific date, anyway, the point is how easy was for Nick and Fin to infiltrate in such a secret operation and not being spotted immediately. I agree that due to zootopians unawareness they can commit the biggest slips, such as not providing pawprint scanners or facial recognition in such a big operation, or the fact that they kept abducting mammals even though the serum and the vaccine were already developed. Why in the world abduct two mammals on the Eve of D-Day? Add an absurdly resourceful fox to the formula and a coup d'etat is dismantled in less than 24 hours.
I love the head canon that Nick has a name for each of his hustles. The thing is I can't think of any other practical way to use some of this hustles in order to make money which was the main reason he used them. Some seem more like pranks rather than hustles.
I don't know if I overanalyzed this, but reading between lines, is it alright to assume Nick has deeper feelings for Judy than Judy does for Nick? She obviously sees him as a friend, but Nick seems a lot more attached to her.
Nick's dream about the seven cheerleaders jajajaja. I wonder what it meant, since as you said dreams are not literal.
So Drew and Judy are a thing by the end of the story... Sigh. Its not so explicit, but it's there. As a wildehopps shipper, I don't find the idea very appealing. However, as a fanfic reader and a fan of great "What if..." settings I'm totally fine with it. It'll be interesting to watch this relationship develop. What I like is that it doesn't mess with Judy's personality, she is really willing to try everything and that's a reason why this idea of Judy and drew together doesn't sound wild when I think about it.
Thinking of zootopians, humans and the future I can imagine a few outcomes depending on how well humans do in the search of alternative energies in outer space. It's obvious that humans need zootopians more and not the other way around. If humans succeed on their quest I think we can file this under "healthy zootopian human relationships". On the other hand, I can see masterchief suits made of the same material as the eggs and a brand new portal that could be kept open for a longer period of time. A device that would devastate the area hundreds of meters, and then send some barely unconscious soldiers in their suits that could immediately wake up through an adrenalin shot within the suit or something. It would be the Zootopians perdition since they don't have the resources to counterattack a large scale invasion and there would be no fox that would save them. Hey! Since it's sci fi it falls in the realm of what's possible.
Of course I'll keep reading the second part, it was pretty fun to read and the update on chapter 37 with the preview of the second volume makes it sound even more interesting. I think rating it as mature is appropriate to tell a story with more complex details.
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