Reviews for To Sir With Love
magical medicine chapter 1 . 10/14
omfg, i’m so glad i found this story again! i didn’t quite make it to the end the last time i started, and i lost the name until just a few days ago, so i’m really happy i finally discovered it in another author’s favourites.
once again, this looks very interesting. it’s been a long time since i last read it, so this is like reading it for the first time.
can’t wait to read more. ;)
Grosspointeblankfan chapter 56 . 9/18
I absolutely adore how you chose to play this out.
Grosspointeblankfan chapter 51 . 9/18
I adore the letters!
Grosspointeblankfan chapter 52 . 9/18
I adore the letters!
Grosspointeblankfan chapter 49 . 9/18
ooooh, this is a vision I'd love to keep for a long, long time. very beautifully written
Grosspointeblankfan chapter 45 . 9/18
ooooh, Dudley!
Grosspointeblankfan chapter 43 . 9/18
this is the most Jane Austen fic, and I love it, Snape and Hermione are perfect heroes for it
Grosspointeblankfan chapter 43 . 9/18
I love the slow pace of this fic
Grosspointeblankfan chapter 42 . 9/18
I love your proverb about options in oak casks! great use of canon)
Dontgotaclue88 chapter 74 . 9/15
Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your story. .
That'sMzPeachesTYVM chapter 74 . 9/3
This was the first HP fic I have ever read.
I loved it!
melodycraft chapter 74 . 7/24
Great Job! Loved it!
robituputup chapter 74 . 7/7
Absolutely cute. A bit too sugary when the main caracters are concerned, but I did enjoy it :)
Thank you for the great reading piece!
magical medicine chapter 19 . 6/13
father figure, indeed. hmmph!
YourVeryOwnRandomCatLady chapter 74 . 6/9
loved the ending. especially with Pippin. so adorable.
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