Reviews for Who Will Fill a Coward's Grave?
evakparra chapter 21 . 10/19
Finally can comment on this chapter, when I saw the update I tried to just read it but then realized I had to go back and reread the whole story, since I could just remember the general idea and not the fine details! And I must say that I liked it even more the second time around. You bring up a lot of the issues that, as an adult now, i see with canon. And you just bring some logic and common sense. Any ways thanks for sharing!
willam and jack and jake chapter 21 . 10/18
nice well done
Lord Edward Potter-Black chapter 1 . 10/18
Mr. Robst I have been reading your stuff since I was 10 years old and Harry Crow was just released. I love your writing as it always made me feel empowered and happy. I read stories to feel happy and you just always fulfill that. There are many around at places like darklordpotter forums who call your story bad but you always maintained that you write stories for your own pleasure and I find that commendable. Those ppl can shut up and go away! I love all your stories. You are a great guy! I hope you never stop writing. Some of your scenes have actually made me cheer out loud they are that good. I told all my friends at school about your stories and they love you too. We all discuss your stories and stuff at the literature club! I wish you the best of health and hope you remain very happy forever! I'll say a silent prayers to your sustained health! Love you and keep on writing!

crankypants16 chapter 21 . 10/18
Wonderful story. Thank you
kimjo2 chapter 21 . 10/17
What a fantastic story! I loved your treatment of Dumbledork. The more I think about and read about him the less I like him or his treatment of Harry. Your use of the military was brilliantly crafted and I loved Ian. Thank you so much
Guest chapter 11 . 10/15
Congratulations on the 2.5MM word mark. You are a FFN top 10 quality author and probably the same for quantity (words).
The Ghostly Minion chapter 21 . 10/16
Fantastic chapter!

Many loose ends havebeen already tied up.I thinks the finale will see H&H married, hopefully Ian and Tonks too. Maybe children. Hopefully, they can finish school with tutors.

Fenchurch1 chapter 21 . 10/16
And there was I thinking it was finished! I love what Ian said and, wow! Actually getting Dumbledore to admit he was wrong, without even dying and turning up in Harry's head! Thank you so much!
G Fawkes chapter 21 . 10/13
Greetings from 'pre-winter-ish' Ohio, USA. Tuesday was 85 degrees (F). Now, Saturday morning, 40(?!).

Great chapter, even if I can't quite remember some of the details from before. I'm going to go back and read the chapter before this, and maybe more, to refresh it all.
I had read it all, front to back, a few chptrs ago, anticipating one of those updates, but now that's been a while , too.
I should probably re-read "Proud Parents" also. Not like it's a hard task to suffer.

V. L. Crawford chapter 21 . 10/14
Thank you for the great update. I love the family that you have made for Harry.
Sara The Lady Dalian chapter 20 . 10/13
You're Back! I've been reading some of my longer stories and when I updated, I find this in my inbox! Yippee! Sara
god of all chapter 21 . 10/13
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
SteveKratz chapter 21 . 10/13
Very enjoyable story you've written here. I'm glad I found it.
kayviolet chapter 21 . 10/13
YES! I’ve read all your stories!
By the way, right after they talk about the outcome with the Dursleys, the sentence talking about Amanda’s award has a typo.
Longhaired Tim chapter 1 . 10/12
I have to say, I truly enjoy your writing and simply want to thank you for sharing these stories of yours with all of us. I enjoy your take on Harry, Hermione and the rest no matter the setting and have enjoyed the characterizations that you are using for the main characters in this story. It's refreshing to see secondary characters like Emma get fleshed out in unexpected ways. I look forward to the Epilogue and to you continuing Proud Parents. I'm also looking forward to your next effort beyond that. Thank you for sharing.
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