Reviews for three things cannot be long hidden
DaughterofAthena21 chapter 10 . 6/28/2018
A very well writen story! loved it! glad i stumbled upon you ngehe much luv, can't wait to read more of your stories~ ;)
wavingthroughawindow chapter 10 . 12/28/2017
Aww, this is really sweet. I'm glad it ended the way it did. :) There isn't much Kaider fanfiction out there, but this is actually perfect. *hearts* Keep writing!
Kingdom Lover123123 chapter 1 . 8/31/2017
Cinder cant cry dude...
Zoe chapter 10 . 8/14/2017
OH MY GODS! You made me cry! That is one of the few stories that can get me to cry! PLEASE KEEP WRITING!
Kanouchi chapter 10 . 2/14/2017
That was a really beautiful ending. This was an interesting fic. Different from your usual stuff, but still really good. I'm so glad Kai and Cinder are willing to keep trying, because that's what marriage is, isn't it? I love the feeling of Cinder's pain and fear of this being the end, Kai's desperation, their clear love for each other winning over in the end. Like I said, a great fic! Thanks for sharing with us!
FanficChickette chapter 10 . 1/26/2017
Gah! All the feels!
user141822 chapter 10 . 1/25/2017
Amazing! I love how you capture love as more then just a perfect thing, its more like a perfect mess. Thank you for a great story.
sparkleerose chapter 10 . 1/25/2017
You are an amazing writer, and inspiration really, and this is one of the best fanfics I've ever read omg. I love it so much
selectedwalker chapter 10 . 1/24/2017
aahhh it's the end already?
what a way to fill a bucket

with tears.
Porsheee chapter 10 . 1/23/2017
I have no words oh my stars. That was a wild ride, I'm glad it ended up well enough. (totally worth reading over studying ummmm)
Kimchee2222 chapter 10 . 1/23/2017
Awwwwwweee my heart!
Guest chapter 10 . 1/23/2017
Wow. "All I know is that we chose each other, and we chose each other again tonight, and I hope we'll choose each other again next time.". That's gorgeous. Absolutely stunning.
Guest chapter 10 . 1/23/2017
I admit that I have literally zero experience with relationships, let alone marriage turbulence. All the same, I'm glad that they've decided to try to work things out, to make a plan and tackle life together. I was honestly 60% sure that you would give this story an unhappy ending in which they split forever. What better way to break the hundreds of hearts you have in the palm of your hand, right? ;) Thanks for giving Cinder and Kai another chance.
G chapter 10 . 1/23/2017
This is the most beautiful thing. Ever. EVER.
Thank you so much, as always, for writing and sharing your work.

This was really, really really heartwrenching. And so so wonderful. I'm glad that Ciner and Kai and getting their happier ending- making things work. Also don't know if I mentioned how brilliant Levana's role in this fic is but if I didn't say so, someone else must have.

Thank you for this. I love this. I love you. I hope you're doing well. Your writing it incredible. Thank you so so much. ️️
Guest chapter 10 . 1/23/2017
YAY! There back together! I have been waiting!
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