Reviews for The Games We Play - By Ryuugi
CrazyLich79 chapter 113 . 7/13
Shadow Susanno?
UltimateSeal chapter 240 . 7/5
The ending was the most dissapointing ending ever. I loved the first couple chapters. I’ve reread the parts involving the White Fang I dont know how many times. The ending though, for all the hype and sheer amount lf chapters leading up to it, was horribly complicated, and was Philosophy than dialogue and combat combined.
The author threw out several characters that he heavily developed once they stopped being super relevant.
Blake, Torchwick, Tukson, Cinders lackeys and Crynosarge are the best examples, and were competely dropped aside from some blasé mentioning or some filler.
Hypervene chapter 42 . 7/3
'No. Not like you'.

"They aren't so much of an asshole."
"My little girl's right here!"
it's just another primate chapter 87 . 7/3
Wow. This entire arc was a fucking waste. Brilliant.
it's just another primate chapter 76 . 7/2
Christ this is so pointlessly OP q~q
Whimsicall chapter 45 . 6/20
That last line, love it!
Hiro chapter 73 . 6/11
I guess it's inevitable for characters who have BS powers to have an even more BS enemies.
Spiderwl chapter 162 . 5/30
Squarekiddo chapter 7 . 5/28
This guy really needs to work on how he portrays things, this whole chapter is basically him thinking, its truly boring, hell press CTRLF and search for " Youll notice there was only 32 dialogues in this entire chapter - the biggest one so far - and all of it was at the end, this chapter alone kind of wanted me to askip this story.
WhatIsAGamer chapter 1 . 5/27
I'm at chapter 80 and let me tell you what I don't like about this story... First this story gives alot of headaches if you read more than 5 chapters in a session, why? well first the story jumps around constantly with info dumpsnow I like me some info dumps, but after a paragraph or two their will be a infodump which will be essay lengthvery hard to follow the story even if you read it carefully. Also, this feels like I'm reading from a textbook. it's honestly hard to not fall asleep reading this. Also in some chapters you can skip half a chapter and not miss anything at all. of course their are good points of this story, but it's stale and hard to connect to the character. Like if you do everything in your power to save lives while ignoring the suffering of your loved ones, and forcing yourself to justify your actions in any way. than you will find this character easy to connect with.
renextronex chapter 41 . 5/23
"she looked at my face for a long moment, possibly wondering about the series of life choices that had resulted in her becoming the sort of grandmother to a sort of plant baby"

somehow that sentence is just awesome and utterly hilarious
renextronex chapter 39 . 5/22
there is something so... tender and moving about this chapter, it made me shed a tear
Alvelvnor chapter 22 . 4/22
Great story. Only problem for me anyway was the long 4 paragraph monolog to justify every decision or moral dilemma so far probably due to high wisdom stat., and I hope it peters out later.
TheWannnaBeWriter chapter 1 . 4/9
Can never have too many ganer stories.
Guest chapter 145 . 4/1
*seen *we’re
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