Reviews for The Games We Play - By Ryuugi
s148092 chapter 221 . 11/20
Oh god there's two of him
Crusada de Lata chapter 32 . 10/24
I honestly really love the way he used all his buff stacking and literally everything at his disposal to win this fight. Felt hard fought, deserved even. The charisma and wisdom coming in clutch
DimLordofSilver chapter 210 . 10/6
One thing to say is that after you concede with the plot that this entire thing was made in the early *early* days of RWBY, the writing is really good.

It's a Gamer Fic and that can usually cause a bunch of problems with "Suspension of Disbelief" depending on how strict the rules are of the universe you set it in, and the MC's exact capabilities compared to their surroundings. Not so much with The Games We Play, at least in my opinion. The storyline and power scaling, while it advances quickly in a realistic sense, has set a very good pace based on an actual chapter by chapter basis.
DimLordofSilver chapter 177 . 10/5
This fanfic is of the quality that I'd be really interested to see some inspired animatic pop up on Youtube. The worldbuilding and sheer scope this weird fanfic possesses got me theorizing several times. So anticipating that someone may have put more effort than they expected like I have already makes it entirely plausible to hope for some really really cool person to at least have made some cool fanart of this fanfic.
DimLordofSilver chapter 176 . 10/5
Wtf... why is the level diff. towards the sidekick?
DimLordofSilver chapter 150 . 10/4
This story arc is good. There's a lot of dialogue.

Ryuugi, for whatever effect it has on writing, seems to explore every. single. facet. of a topic they cover and it drags on when it's unimportant. Especially when Ryuugi doesn't even let the information you spent a minute reading about pay off leaving it as just a floating tidbit lost to the winds.
DimLordofSilver chapter 131 . 10/3
So weird that "All powerful avatar of some ages lost 'Godrepresented by "I'm a video game character teehee" was a plotpoint here. The only reference I have is the popular and complete Solo Leveling since the actual "Gamer" webtoon is still ongoing. Solo leveling was published during or after this fanfic if I'm not mistaken so I believe it's legitimate and a really weird coincidence that these two really strange plots' details both occurred independently.
DimLordofSilver chapter 111 . 10/3
I wonder how much the storyboarding for this chapter influenced Ryuugi into making this fanfic specifically be a Jaune oriented one. His 7 sisters and the name "Jaune Arc" is the only connection we really have. Recalling the abilities and fashion styles "Jaune" has had so far, Ryuugi never held any real consideration for our "White Knight".

Jaune Arc here is entirely the "White Tiger of the West" and maybe even the "White Rider" further down as the story unfolds.
DimLordofSilver chapter 87 . 10/2
Couldn't tell cause I've never completely watched any of the older multi-season anime. But this feels like one of those "Gods among Mortals" moments where an enormous fight just happened and just a sliver of who the true Big Bad is comes to play. The protagonist can certainly do "something" and already has but the author just decides to let us glimpse "The Endgame" right now. The max power in a way and how world defining that power is and what it would take to stop it.
DimLordofSilver chapter 84 . 10/2
The Dust use in this chapter is basically hacking a high level summoner/monk character and setting "Skill Cooldown" to Zero.
DimLordofSilver chapter 53 . 10/1
Damn, someone complained that telling Balke and Adam was dumb. They've been zipped like they were carrying contraband. The Arc/Roma family however have been gossiping about it like it's the newest fashion trend.
DimLordofSilver chapter 50 . 10/1
It's... weird. The Jian Bing alter ego is the most compelling part and I consider "Jaune Arc" to be relatively inconsequential. Given the alternate "Jaune Roma" it would've been more coherent to just have a "Jian Bing Roma" OC but that's the little issue with Gamer Fics. They're usually self inserts that haven't been thought out. As soon as someone sees OC/Gamer they expected quality drops, not to mention the actual attachment to the character they're following. Both as the author and reader.

I hope the rest of this story will revolve around "Jian Bing" and the White Fang and their connections to "Jaune Arc/Roma" because that is where this whole story kicked off. It's the best written in my opinion so far and just requires pushing Jaune Arc as we know him out of the way.

This pigeonhole is interesting since Ryuugi is definitely a great writer but I can't see the whole JNPR at Beacon anymore without enormous differences on JNPR's team dynamics. The individual members of Ren, Nora, Pyrrha and Gamer!Jaune can definitely meld as Mistral Hunters but Beacon? Vytal? Ren fits perfectly into Mistral and Nora is part of the package. Not to mention they'll quickly advance in a very different dynamic compared to the Vale and Beacon heavy show into what I believe and hope will be "JNPR, but White Fang Adjacent."
DimLordofSilver chapter 35 . 9/30
Heh. Gey Tinman.
DimLordofSilver chapter 34 . 9/30
The sheer work put into this "The Gamer meets RWBY" fanfic is utterly insane. This was back when Vol. 2Vol. 3 was out?! This level of writing and effort when anything anyone knew about the show was Volumes One and Two, maybe some early Vol. 3 leaks at best. It is astounding that I'm looking at this as of now that all the really cool canonical details by Vol. 9 are entirely unknown to Ryuugi and they're just winging it and developing an ungodly amount of worldbuilding we didn't have yet. I don't even think we had the Maiden's revealed at the time of this Fanfic's Writing!
DimLordofSilver chapter 15 . 9/30
This chapter is packed with notions toward differing builds and especially entirely different character saves given the two different Personas Jaune must adopt. Given the high praise and mind-blowing 240 chapters I expect this fanfic to already be part of my favorites by the time I get anywhere close to halfway.
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