Reviews for Artificial Danger
RedDragon30000 chapter 10 . 5/11/2017
Although this chapter is shorter than the previous one, I was impressed by how much detail you included in it. I must admit that I never would have contemplated that the Hyperbrain would be interested in returning to the university. However, it DOES make sense. In order to relax, she wishes to be somewhere familiar, and has a good evening relishing her triumph over possessing Harvey. In a way, she is very like the Headmaster, at her happiest when she knows she has so much power over another person.

I liked the way she got into the building her computer self is in, a nice display of the varied abilities she has at her disposal. I also found her saying on Tim Dexter interesting. Again, like the Headmaster, she appreciates intelligence and great ability, but feels no emotional connection to Tim Dexter at all.
RedDragon30000 chapter 9 . 5/4/2017
I find it interesting the way that the Hyperbrain is constantly thwarted in her attempts to enact her grand plan, simply because she is possessing a human. If she had possessed someone who lived alone, she wouldn't have to deal with a family and friends who were so close. She is constantly delayed by having to learn how Harvey acts around all these people to avoid detection, and often gets it wrong, inviting discovery. Luckily, she starts getting it right and learns a great deal about this 'resistance' that's being used to counter her control of information. The only time Hyperbrain has someone somewhat suspicious to deal with, she manages to deflect Ingrid with clever revealing of when she pleasured herself.

The story takes an interesting turn with the arrival of Plum and Jelly, as now the Hyperbrain gains valuable insight into her opposition, yet also has to act like Harvey, which doesn't completely work. Lloyd, sharp as he is in spotting something amiss, knows that 'Harvey' isn't acting the way he usually does. The Hyperbrain manages to deflect most of the suspicion by acting remorseful, and has to work a lot harder to fend off Ingrid. I found it intriguing that Lloyd would reveal so much about SPLAT to strangers, but he clearly knows that Plum and Jelly can be trusted, otherwise he wouldn't be doing it.

Luckily, the Hyperbrain is drawn away from her biggest obstacles by Ingrid, so she doesn't get a chance to hear what they might be planning. I found it hysterical that the Hyperbrain now has a date to contend with, so much could go wrong for her.
RedDragon30000 chapter 8 . 1/17/2017
I must admit that I was rather blindsided by this chapter, but once you read through it, it does make sense. Not content with the erasure of Harvey's personality from his clothes and tidy room, the Hyperbrain decides to indulge in something that will both satisfy her limitless curiosity and also humiliate Harvey in the worst way possible. This will batter down any resistance even further, leaving Hyperbrain free to continue her plans without worrying about any opposition from Harvey.

By masturbating, the Hyperbrain experiences pleasure first-hand, and also does this knowing that she is pleasuring Harvey's body, and Harvey himself can't do a thing as he is essentially violated.
RedDragon30000 chapter 7 . 1/11/2017
Although this is a short chapter, some big things happen in it. Now that the Hyperbrain has the time and opportunity, she is determined to make her own mark and change how Harvey looks. Not wanting to wait, or end up having Mrs Hunter stopping her before she can, the Hyperbrain gives Harvey a haircut with a pair of scissors.

This drastic change stamps her own personality and preferences over Harvey's, she is determined to erase as many original traces of him as possible. To this end, she begins to change his room. Clearly, she will do more to it at a later time, but at this point, she can only tidy it. Once his room is tidy, Hyperbrain erases another aspect of Harvey's individuality, this time attacking his clothes.

Hyperbrain then displays her lack of morality, buying new clothes by stealing Mr Hunter's credit card and not bothered at all by doing so. It is frightening how she is determined to steal Harvey's life and get rid of him do completely.
RedDragon30000 chapter 6 . 1/2/2017
This chapter really demonstrates how adaptable the Hyperbrain can be, and shows just how much this is necessary. She is perceptive enough not to actively do something that will give her away, namely use appliances that she has no idea how to operate. However, she is less able to pick up on little things, which means that Mrs Hunter picks up on the change in speech, and Ingrid knows Harvey so well that she instantly spots that he is walking differently. Things could go two ways because of this. Someone will either point out these discrepancies, which the Hyperbrain will fix, or someone will get suspicious that something is wrong with Harvey.

Eager to ingratiate herself with Mrs Hunter, and therefore divert future suspicion, the Hyperbrain pretends to be concerned about her and tries to come across as the 'concerned son'. This demonstrates how much importance she places on maintaining her deception, since she is willing to endure something so tedious. Once she meets up with SPLAT, the Hyperbrain faces the difficult task of learning as much about SPLATweb as possible, while trying to stop Ingrid being suspicious while spending the most time near her. Although clumsy, her attempts seem to work, and the Hyperbrain learns a worrying amount about how SPLAT operates and the system they have created to get around the loss of the internet.
RedDragon30000 chapter 5 . 9/19/2016
It really is incredible how quickly the Hyperbrain can adapt and think on her feet, easily fooling the Hunter's when she says something that doesn't fit the way Harvey views his own intelligence. HE knows that Dinah is a genius and much cleverer than him, but the Hyperbrain makes the mistake of referring to HER intelligence and thinks that she is of equal intelligence to Dinah. Naturally, Lloyd and Mrs Hunter think 'Harvey' is joking and this causes a danger that the Hyperbrain only avoids by using Harvey's memories and pretending to cry.

Later on, she once again shows how little she knows about humans by ordering food that is too spicy and placing her in danger of exposure, since her hands and eyes come close to glowing until Mrs Hunter gives her some water. Despite how fascinated the Hyperbrain is about humans, she deplores their inferior energy and demonstrates that despite her superiority, the Hyperbrain is still a slave to normal bodily functions, such as fatigue.
RedDragon30000 chapter 4 . 9/18/2016
I liked this chapter because it provided a deeper look into the way the Hyperbrain thinks. Observing Harvey's bedroom with a great attention to detail, she does not attempt to change any of the decorations or models there, despite how much she hates them. She is not the type of individual to rush into things, knowing that any great change in character, such as getting rid of Harvey's models, will make his friends and family suspicious.

However, that does not stop her wanting to assert her own identity, and she makes the decision to change Harvey's hairstyle and clothes to reflect herself, despite how the change will make her stand out. It was creepy how sure of herself the Hyperbrain was when Harvey tries to regain control and she easily brushes him aside. Poor Harvey must be feeling so helpless, as he pretty much has to watch as his life is taken over by an inhuman machine.
RedDragon30000 chapter 3 . 9/12/2016
This chapter really drew me in, as it was fascinating to see the Hyperbrain learning new things so directly. You demonstrated very well what makes her so dangerous, she may be possessing Harvey's body, but she can use telekinesis and protect herself. Despite deriding Harvey's body when she first possessed him, then continuing to criticise her unwilling host, the Hyperbrain still considers him useful.

Once in the outside world, the Hyperbrain easily dispatches the tramp that had chased Harvey earlier, but finds it more difficult to deal with Harvey's family. She is out of her depth when it comes to social interactions, which is shown even in the room with the chair, when she has to amend the texts she sends. Since the Hyperbrain doesn't bother making much of an effort to sound exactly like Harvey, she slips up when she greets Mrs Hunter, only managing to erase her suspicions by using the information she has access to through Harvey's memories. This demonstrates that she DOES have moments of weaknesses, despite how superior she believes herself to be.
RedDragon30000 chapter 2 . 9/11/2016
I liked way you kept switching points of view in this chapter, it made a greater impact. Poor Harvey doesn't realise what he has stumbled on, and it's only when the Hyperbrain reveals her true intentions that, as he notes, he is in greater danger than he would be with the tramp. At first he thinks he is safe, although believes he will be told off for going somewhere he is not allowed in. The Hyperbrain has him so successfully fooled that he truly does believe that she is simply another scientist working in the University, showing his naivety. However, years of torment at school has increased his natural caution, and he soon gets an idea that things are not what they seem. As soon as the Hyperbrain starts crooning at him, Harvey is instantly on the alert and wanting to escape, as she makes the mistake of sounding exactly like the Headmaster. Even though the Hyperbrain ultimately triumphs over Harvey, he fights with everything he has while he still can.

I liked the way you gave us a window in the Hyperbrain's mind, it made her much more menacing. From the moment that Harvey comes in, she starts coldly analysing his potential for information. Even though she doesn't think much of him, she decides that Harvey will make the perfect vessel for her to gather information about the outside world, even though the information in his brain isn't that valuable to her. Despite just being a computer, she can control a great deal in the room where she is housed, her control over the chair allowing her to capture Harvey, despite his attempt to get away. Her desire to understand more about the outside world makes her very dangerous, as the advantages of her opponents will start to vanish once she knows more about the world.
RedDragon30000 chapter 1 . 9/10/2016
I liked the way you tied firmly into the third series with the beginning of the chapter. As in the series, Harvey travels to the library on an errand for him mother, only to find it shut. I loved the way you expanded the scene between Harvey and the old lady outside the library, really fleshing out her character. You show how much Harvey makes use of the telephone and the Internet since he is so bored without them that he is actually HAPPY to be given an errand by Mrs Hunter.

The second half of the chapter was very well done. Even though things start off normal, the whole atmosphere takes a sinister turn. Not only does Harvey get a bad vibe about the mysterious figure that he can't see in the bushes, he becomes terrified when the figure leaves the bushes to chase after him and he realises that a tramp is chasing him. Harvey shows some good quick thinking when he heads to the university to escape, knowing that there will be more people there as well as his sister. Then, he unknowingly stumbles into a greater danger when he enters the room that holds the hyperbrain, in an attempt to escape the tramp.