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Daemon of Crawling Tentacles chapter 20 . 5h
I wonder if you would implement or add in some abilities from Psyren like Melchee's Door(like the previous forgotten fic RiR) or some other op psychic abilities from said series. Also alternate Mikoto is cool.
harlequin320 chapter 20 . 11/17
interesting chapter, but I had thought Mikoto was going to ask the Black Crows about Naru?
OBSERVER01 chapter 20 . 11/17
lol! misaka you poor girl touma does indeed have amnesia. and be thankful that naru wasnt there to witness your interactions with would never hear the end of her teasing. ouch so imagine breaker can kill saten? i can see it.i do like how she blew misakas mind by confirming magic is real and by revealing a bit more about the Dark Side. the fights were good. and yeah i can see her reacting like that to the whole captured prisoners having a kill switch.
goddragonking chapter 20 . 11/17
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more update soon can't wait to read more:)
Nameless2210 chapter 20 . 11/17

1) "Soon, she sighed in frustration and slammed her hand on the nearby table,..." : "...slammed her hand down on..."

2) "Partly because she was still guilty about what she'd made the Teleporter do for her during the Sisters Incident - something she'd had gotten quite the earful for doing - but selfishly also because she didn't want to share her time with Kamijou with someone else." : "...something she'd gotten quite..."

3) "Mikoto rattled off a string of question, her curiosity getting the better of her." : "...a string of questions, her..."

4) ""Naru-san has it slightly better than most, but even she only received only enough training to meet the task she was assigned."" : ""...she only received enough training to...""

5) "Saten gave a weak laugh, but one that was thankfully not as stilted as the tone she had been before now." : "...been using before now."

6) ""Anything else, Sempai. If not…"" : ""Anything else, Sempai? ...""

7) "All four of the snarling lions, eight fire breathing Qilin and the five of the furious Pixiu - She had done her research on them after Saten revealed what they were - had them surrounded." : "...and five of the furious Pixiu..."

8) "Some of them already had already run out of backups it seemed, as there seemed to only be a couple Pixiu left, both of which freshly materialized after having just been taken out by Kamijou." : "Some of them had already run out..."

9) ""...Once captured and with no escape, their superiors make sure they cannot talk or use their bodies in experiments."" : ""...or their bodies be used in experiments.""
Guest chapter 19 . 11/15
Please put up the next chapter. I cannot wait to see what happens next.
Nameless2210 chapter 19 . 11/11

1) "She would if she were in the Level 5s' shoes." : "She would be worried if she..."

2) " Her heart pounded in her chest and her palms grew slick with sweat as the short haired brunette didn't know what to think." : "...brunette's mind blanked out."

3) ""You're saying kidnapping your friends, changing their clothes against their will - which can be considered sexual assault mind you - and a whole load of other laws you two broke pulling off what you did is supposed to normal!?"" : ""...what you did is supposed to be normal!?""

4) ""...How can you expect to just sit here and do nothing when she's so dismissive of the fact that she's not done anything wrong?..."" : ""...she's done done something wrong?...""

5) ""Can you promise to at least tell us when something on the Dark Side that might involve us in going on?"" : "" is going on?""

6) "Saten had been suspicious of this as she stated there was no need for their dispersal." : "Though she was a little worried when Saten expressed suspicions about the dispersal arguing that there was no real need for something like that."

7) "Mikoto was so concerned and distracted by thinking about what all this could mean that she completely missed as someone ran right into her." : "...that she completely failed to notice that she was on a collision course with a fellow pedestrian until someone ran right into her."

8) "Shyness overcoming her, she looked up at him." : "Shyness overcoming her, she looked up at him through her bangs unable to make direct eye contact."

9) "Mikoto groaned as she didn't land on the ground this time, but something else." : "Mikoto groaned as she regained her senses after her fall, only to notice that she didn't land on the ground this time but something else."

10) "These weren't her standard arcade tokens though, instead they were a little gift from Saten given to in recompense for upsetting her during the Sisters Incident." : "...from Saten given to her in..."

11) "Let's show this Dark Siders why it's a bad idea to mess with a Level 5!" : "...these Dark Siders..."

12) "The pieces of its body blasted off floating into the air and quickly reattaching themselves to the creature, with missing bits filled in by fresh bits of stone that seemed to materialize from nowhere." : "...body that had been blasted off..."

13) "The sound of the thing flying through the air had the monk spinning around to see what was happening, but it didn't trigger whatever preternatural sixth sense he had that let him evade her lightning and so he had barely registered the incoming attack before the large metal object collided into him." : "The sound of the thing flying through the air had the monk spinning around to see what was happening, but it didn't trigger whatever preternatural sixth sense he had that let him evade her lightning. As such, he had barely registered the incoming attack before the large metal object hit him with bone breaking force."

14) " One that knows Namikaze personally I think." : "One that is friendly with Namikaze."
Daemon of Crawling Tentacles chapter 19 . 11/11
I can send you my whole psychology books or maybe a 50 page thesis in size 9 font... anyway so no show for Naru, also u have been wondering since Naru is an Elementalist(Final Fantasy term yup) she can basically recreate the Raingun with the use of her frame modes, like say make a tannhauser cannon(G-Seed, I like mechanical and the 72 Goetia Lesser Keys is my fave though Barbatos is the only one who goes on rampage mode) or have her use that cannon for firing a Bijudama. Well good fic anyways.
PikaMew1288 chapter 19 . 11/10
So are Saten and Naru going to inform Mikoto about the Magic Side of Academy City now that she is involved in it?
harlequin320 chapter 19 . 11/10
great chapter, very interesting, keep up the good work
V01dSw0rd chapter 19 . 11/10
OBSERVER01 chapter 19 . 11/10
the interactions between misaka and misaki has always amused me :) welp at least she got a compromise with naru and saten. misaka is such a tsundere for touma :) good fight.
Accelerator Chan chapter 18 . 11/1
Wow...amazing fic! I didn't expect much from this fic honesty though I am glad to say am shocked with how great it is so fare since I pretty much binged it. I also enjoyed how you deviated from cannon unlike SOOO many other fics and it makes your fic very unique! ON that note happy to see that you have not made you characters too OP and have a pretty good balance. BTW you did a pretty good job on the sister arc though it needed to be focest on Bri Bri a bit more. Either way great job so fare and can't wait for the next update!
DschingisKhan chapter 18 . 10/15
Finally caught up after a good long while.

Who are these whiny bitches complaining about character development? If they want the literary equivalent of an aerogel, there's plenty of "OC SI but strictly follows canon anyway" garbage out there.

On that note, I would personally approve entirely if you made original content and jumped the rails more, not less. Especially since the Daihaseisai stuff all makes me want to brain myself with a jackhammer. A more serious treatment of Kuroko would be similarly appreciated...

My favorite parts of the last eight chapters were things that didn't happen in canon. Naru and Shutaura's banter was great (apply Shipping Goggles directly to face) and Naru's internal struggle to understand her new social order is a nice bit of humanity for her. And Saten actually LIKES Accelerator!? Awkwarrrrrd.
shiroryuu012 chapter 18 . 10/9
your touma is occ
the touma we all knew will smile see saten make sure her friend is okay and you make him have look of surprised and a have feeling you use touma just beat accel

well this your story
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