Reviews for Trinity of Tokiwadai
Velial13 chapter 2 . 6/6
If Saten can imitate every power, why she isn't Number 1? She can imitate Accelerator's and Naru's power, not to mention, Telekinesis is the ultimate power, what can kill even Accelerator by just snapping his neck from distance without any trouble. Other level 5's have some serious limitations to their powers, but Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent Saten is basically a God, what's the point of reading about her if she can do everything?
JaDe In NighT chapter 13 . 6/5
Ah Ladylee you need a hobby , try gaming. And I hope she finds something to live for. Her canon fate sucked being a test subject for immortality.
JaDe In NighT chapter 22 . 6/5
Frenda for the win , she needs better fate then canon.
Nameless2210 chapter 26 . 5/25

1) ""Come tomorrow, the entire CIty will be at risk."" : ""...entire City will be at risk.""

2) ""Thankfully, Diffusion Ghost can only give out primitive commands to objects it control. This means the attackers would consist of nothing more than a easily picked off rabble."" : ""...objects it controls...""

3) "It's better than nothing, I guess? Naru thought with a shrug. At least, Wataru decided to back her up equipped with the latest prototype powered fist. They also had Wannai-san and Awatsuki-chan to help the effort." : [Missing Italics]

4) "A sniper named Ylva? Why is that so familiar?" : [Missing Italics]

5) "Maybe because it's the bitch who shot you up when we fought MAR?" : [Missing Bolded Italics]

6) "Once prepared, she placed down down a translucent box directly in front of the firing line that she'd ordered Maniple to set up." : "Once prepared, she placed down a translucent box..."

7) "The barriers are keeping the gravity fields nestled within well enough. It seems my barrier fixation lately has yielded some results, after all." : [Missing Italics]

8) "I guess this technique still requires some more refinement." : [Missing Italics]

9) "Were the Kihara really backing them this much?" : [Missing Italics]

10) "We're going to be overrun at this right. Diffusion Ghost, what a monster of an ability. Well, two people can play at this game, Janie." : [Missing Italics]

11) "Still using her telekinesis she pulled off a few strand of hairs off her head and cut it into smaller pieces." : "..but them into smaller pieces."

12) "Giving them the simple commands to engage and protect Maniple she was satisfied to see that they were doing their job splendidly." : " engage the enemy and..."

13) "Uiharu really needs something with more firepower at her disposal. Ruiko noted with frown. She shouldn't need to wait for other people to take out her opponents in a fight." : [Missing Italics]

14) "I wonder how Naru-chan is doing? She thought curiously. She wasn't worried. She had full faith in her fellow Level 5's abilities, but still wanted to know how things were going for her." : [Missing Italics]

15) "What the hell, why aren't combat classes offered at Tokiwadai? At least they aren't screaming like headless chickens. Naru thought as she panted a bit while she scanned the area to see who needed the most help." : [Missing Italics]

16) "Come on, how to turn this around?" : [Missing Italics]

17) "Bandersnatch, a electomaster that specialized in using magnetism to create a suit of metal armor, tore right through a enemy melee unit." : "...a electromaster..."

18) "Speaking of the crime against good design, the damn thing had opened up with the many guns it sported, which revealed themselves to be a mix of machine guns, plasma bolts and conventional cannons." : "...plasma casters and..."

19) "Huh? Looks like someone got themselves a mass driver. The demon fox sealed into her noted with some surprise. Wasn't that still in the prototype stages?" : [Missing Bolded Italics]

20) "Within a blink, Naru teleported out of its view just as it fired its round." : "...teleported out of danger just..."

21) "The round impacted the earth with a massive explosion, leaving in its wake a large crater where she once stood and an equally large cloud of smoke from." : " equally large cloud of smoke."

22) "A whistle came from within her mind. If that had hit a building, it would have erased it. Looks like they've been making improvements last I checked." : [Missing Bolded Italics]

23) "They still have a long way to go if they want to match up to some real power. Naru retorted." : [Missing Italics]

25) "If it's anything, you humans are good at creating destruction." : [Missing Bolded Italics]

26) "That and you need to take it out before it scares away your whole army. Kurama said with an unimpressed snort at what he perceived as the cowardice of the running schoolgirls." : [Missing Bolded Italics]

27) ""Let's see how well you're made."" : [Missing Bolding]

28) ""Sorry, but I've got better things to do." Naru told the pilot. "This is taking too long. So take this!"" : [Missing Bolding]

29) ""[Double Sudden Impact]!"" : [Missing Bolding]

30) ""Okay, now you are just being desperate."" : [Missing Bolding]

31) ""Hello victims. How ya doin'?"" : [Missing Bolding]

32) ""Aw...gross."" : [Missing Bolding]

33) "So we're almost there. Walking right into the enemy's base. Mikoto thought to herself nervously. Whatever danger is there, I better make sure nothing happens to Febrie. It was hard enough to convince Saten-chan that with her experience fighting armies she was needed to help lead the defense. I really don't want to see what she'd do if something did happen to her little girl." : [Missing Italics]

34) "Especially after the only reason she's not here was because everyone was unanimous in vetoing her when she suggested it." : [Missing Italics]

35) "Probably because nobody wanted to give her the chance to lose her cool like she did when she encountered Aritomi." : [Missing Italics]

36) "Don't worry, Uiharu-san. Edasaki-san's voice said reassuringly into Kazari's mind. Ruiko-chan planned for this. Erii and I, along with the rest of the telepaths have this covered." : [Missing Italics]

37) "Hehe! STUDY already showed they could hack into the City's electronics. So, of course they would try something while attacking. Good thing Ruiko-chan prepared for it! Banri-san giggled through the telepathic link." : [Missing Italics]

38) "C-Counterattack is a go! Haruue-san meekly cheered." : [Missing Italics]

39) "But how do you all have the range? Kazari thought back. Most telepaths have very limited range don't they?" : [Missing Italics]

40) "Did you forget Erii and I can boost our Level if we resonate our AIM fields? Edasaki-san said smugly. Ruiko-chan helped us with that and now we're the nerve centre for our own little telepathic switchboard." : [Missing Italics]

41) "Cheer up, Uiharu-san. Ruiko-chan has always been like that. She likes her big reveals." : [Missing Italics]

42) "I know, it just so… Just, mmh… She can be so t-trying! Kazari thought back with long simmering frustration at Saten-san's antics." : [Missing Italics]

43) "Tell me about it. Edasaki-san said empathically." : [Missing Italics]

44) "The row upon rows of rows of Powered Suits continued to filter out of the large exits of the stadium." : "The rows..."

45) "Big what? Mikoto thought in a cloud of confusion as she destroyed a trio of Powered Suits." : [Missing Italics]

46) "They keep getting in the way! I can't get a bead on it. Mikoto fumed as she lost the token and was forced to focus on protecting Febrie from the press of Suits." : [Missing Italics]

47) "It was the way the way the incoming beam turned the world blue with its awesome glow that had Mikoto turn back towards the Big Z, only for her eyes to widen in horror at the oncoming death ray." : ""It was the way the incoming beam..."

48) "The [Railgun] grunted at the power behind it and was forced to use all her strength just to deflect it just barely off to her side. It evaporating part of the stadium along with a few dozen Powered Suits and bathing Febrie and her in intense heat." : " to her side where it evaporated part of the stadium along with a few dozen Powered Suits and bathing Febrie and her in intense heat."

49) "And I'm not the only one. The electromaster thought as she noted how the mecha was slowly building up charge for another shot of its main weapon." : [Missing Italics]

50) "Maybe I can hide Febrie here? Mikoto thought with a twinge of panic as she finally ducked into the relative safety of the halls behind the stands. As soon as the idea came to mind however she shook it off. No. If I did that a stray blast could hit her. Dammit, okay what else can I do?" : [Missing Italics]

51) "None of the ones pursing her had ranged weapons. Heck, none of them she'd fought so far had any." : [Missing Italics]

52) "Stupid brain. You jinxed us!" : [Missing Italics]

53) "Hard enough in fact to rupture the fragile full tanks of their weapons and cause them to explode, setting both them and a half dozen of the normal Suits ablaze." : "...fuel tanks..."

54) "Seriously, where's the factory they're making these things in? Mikoto sourly thought as she started to run down the hallway. We might just have to get out of here and regroup. It's hard enough to get in with Febrie on my back. I can't risk her like this anymore. Saten-chan would kill me if she gets hurt." : [Missing Italics]

55) "Already Mikoto could see that the numbers of the Suits which to her had seem endless had noticeably thinned and even the intimidating Big Z was damaged, with a handful of its laser turrets out of commission and its twin miniguns reduced to scrap." : "...had seemed endless..."

56) "Febrie, don't respond to the weird girl. It's not good for your health. Mikoto thought sadly before saying." : [Missing Italics]

57) "Are all AIM manipulators insane? I mean there's Saten-chan and now this girl. I really hope Febrie doesn't grow up to be like them. Mikoto thought to herself worriedly as she watched the girl doze off, even while her teammates were fighting a pitched battle less than a hundred metres away." : [Missing Italics]

58) "She could hear the panic and worry that must have filled the STUDY control room as she rapidly closed the distance." : "...filled the room as..."

59) "It's almost like someone planned this. Ruiko thought suspicious of the apparent coincidence and looking in the direction of the Windowless Building warily." : [Missing Italics]

60) "And isn't it convenient that the communications network just came back online? Really can't you be a little more subtle, Crowley?" : [Missing Italics]

61) "This isn't anywhere near dangerous enough to be STUDY's trump card. They have to know the City's defenses can handle this, even if imperfectly. So what- Ruiko's thoughts were interrupted as she noticed in the satellite feeds how one particular missile was almost being shielded by the rest of the barrage. What's with that missile? Diffusion Ghost's AIM is spiking it! If that thing hits! Shit!" : [Missing Italics]

62) "I can't help them. I need to counter that AIM weapon" : [Missing Italics]

63) "Alright, just focus. You can do this. You're the [AIM Sovereign]. Like hell this is going to stop me!" : [Missing Italics]

64) "These protected thousands of innocents within from the dozen of stray shots that slipped through the interception fire unleashed by the City's combined defenders." : "...dozens of stray shots..."

65) "Janie must be immensely strong or whatever amplifiers STUDY has her hooked up to must be, because this feels like the time I had to push a building without super strength. Ruiko idly mused as she struggled against the Chemicaloid's power. Ugh. I just had to remember how that felt didn't I? Curse Gensei for his sick experiments" : [Missing Italics]

66) "Damn! They must must be turning up the amplifiers." : [Missing Italics]

67) "Should have activated Chrysalis Mode from the start. Ruiko bemoaned her lack of foresight as it took everything it had to stop from showing any untoward signs to her sister. It wouldn't do for her to panic now when she was so crucial to coordinating the City's defense." : [Missing Italics]

68) "Just a little more! Ruiko told herself as the last few hairs were cut off from Janie's power." : [Missing Italics]

69) The whole diary entry : [Missing Italics]

70) "Though she'd need to work pass her the deep hate for the Dark Side she's developed first." : " pass her deep hate..."

71) "Konori-Sempai had told Namikaze-san that while it is indeed hard, it was worth it to help lead your friends succeed." : " was worth it to help lead your friends to success."

72) "Omake: A Day with Febrie." : [Missing Bolding]

73) "Febrie is being so re- rez- spoonsible? Right, rezspoosible! Febrie was a rezspoosible girl." : [Missing Italics]

74) "Playing with water with fun." : "...water was fun."

Comment: For some reason, a good chunk of the formatting in the text is missing. So almost all the nitpicks are just me identifying where that's the case.
OBSERVER01 chapter 26 . 5/25
That was one hell of a time for them all but thry pulled through.:)
harlequin320 chapter 26 . 5/25
interesting chapter as always, keep up the good work
ahsoei chapter 26 . 5/25
So Febrie and Janie remain in Academy City? That's neat.
OBSERVER01 chapter 25 . 5/18
very nice chapter. the best part for me waa kuramas interaction with naru. its hilarious :)
harlequin320 chapter 25 . 5/18
interesting story as always, keep up the good work
Shadow Ham chapter 25 . 5/18
when are they going to meet index and the magic side, and what happened to kaguya, from what little I know about alastor's powers i don't doubt that see is dead ( she was never good at dealing with people equal too or greater then her in a fight), so did he take her chakra and store it somewhere or is that gone as well. finally earlier I remember one of Naru's scientists mentioning something about making her level 6 was that just a throwaway or are you going to bring that up again in the future?
goddragonking chapter 25 . 5/18
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more update soon can't wait to read more:)
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 25 . 5/18
Nope, and it would be a shame if they did become "Normal". Normal's boring, overrated and most improtant, not interesting to read.
Nameless2210 chapter 25 . 5/18

1) ""If you did that there wouldn't be enough for the rest of us." : ""If you did that there wouldn't be enough for the rest of us.""

2) ""...I'd thought after your latest brush with that side of the City, you'd be leery of dealing with them."" : ""...I'd have thought that after your...""

3) ""Yes and the the next time we have to deal with someone on the Dark Side, I'm totally not going."" : ""Yes and the next time...""

4) "However, the dead eyed had seemingly disappeared." : "However, the dead eyed girl had seemingly disappeared."

5) ""The Kiharas might have developed the Powered Suit that attacked Febrie but they never actually built it, instead the City contracted it out" : ""...out.""

6) "Kuroko couldn't help but asked." : "Kuroko couldn't help but ask."

7) ""What do you call me!?"" : """What did you call me!?""

8) ""You can't feel [Army Slayer]'s AIM but it's raging like a hornet's nest right not. ..."" : ""...right now. ...""

9) ""It's no problem. Of course we'd have help her."" : ""...helped her.""

10) "She scoffed as she turned the eyed the scanner built into the door handle." : "She scoffed as she eyed the scanner built into the door handle."

11) ""I hope this isn't the standard security around or I'm going to complain to Aleister."" : "...around here or...""

12) "Multiple bullets bounced off the rapidly coalescing mass demonic chakra in front of her body, leaving Naru perfectly unharmed." : "...rapidly coalescing mass of demonic chakra..."

13) "Though with his multiple tails fanned out behind his rump and his red eyes were settled into a seething glare, there was nothing average about him at all." : "...and his red eyes settled into a seething glare..."

14) "Their moment of revelry was interrupted however by the arrival by what looked to be STUDY's big guns." : " the arrival of what looked to be..."

15) "Most striking however was its head which had an oversized dome like design and a trio of sensors in a triangular configuration where its eyes should be." : "Most striking however was their head which had an oversized dome like design and a trio of sensors in a triangular configuration where their eyes should be."

16) "So this chapter (and a to a lesser extent the preceding one) really exposes how different Saten and Naru are still are versus the rest of their friends, didn't it." : "So this chapter (and a to a lesser extent the preceding one) really exposes how different Saten and Naru still are versus the rest of their friends, didn't it."
harlequin320 chapter 24 . 5/12
interesting chapter as always, especially interesting how you have made it Black Zetsu behind the shinobi faction, anyways, great chapter as always, I look forward to more to come
OBSERVER01 chapter 24 . 5/11
Ah! so black zetsu is narus personal big bad that she has to face eventually. i like it.
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