Reviews for Against the Tide
Zima Zimavich chapter 9 . 3/3/2021
(I wanted to log in to review but lol)

Thank you for writing this! I suddenly got back on a kick for this fandom, and I definitely did not appreciate Norrington enough the first time around. He's a great character, and I loved seeing his POV throughout this fic! He was a little snarky but still noble and i love this man.
Im glad that you've written other fics, I'm gonna go check those out too :3
GinellaEvans chapter 9 . 10/21/2020
Beckett is only alive to make us suffer, I swear xD
And ahh... Jack, James... You'll have to admit one day that you'll miss each other, you're now almost friends ;) hahahaha

This was incredibly amazing, I enjoyed it a lot
It's one of the best stories between these two that I have had the pleasure of finding :)
A good round of applause and thank you for writing such a good piece of work!
MMM73181 chapter 9 . 10/2/2020
i wonder when james and jack will meet up next? GRIN enjoyed this right from the beginning and look forward to what comes next, think i'll go check out your one-shot too
GinellaEvans chapter 8 . 9/28/2020
I discovered this story out of sheer luck and let me tell you, I completely fell in love with the story! I am almost surprised that it does not have so many reviews, because the writing is incredible... Well, everything is amazing and the characters are so on point

I could almost imagined every piece of the story as if I was watching it through a screen: If this could be a movie, I would totally watch it in a heartbeat!

I'll hope to see the ending of the story because you did an amazing job with this! I'll pray for it! :)
MMM73181 chapter 8 . 6/23/2020
bet he will survive he will wake up finding jack got him to help? but... will jack meantime be facing the gallows and James will feel indebted to save him? maybe there's hope of something akin to friendship for them yet?
Sachita chapter 4 . 12/11/2017
I really like your story, please do continue soon!
M. S. Arora chapter 4 . 9/17/2017
Have you any idea how hard it is to not smirk stupidly on public transport when reading your Jack-Gibbs and Jack-Norrington banters? :P I read this chapter earlier today and sincerely couldn't keep a straight face.

'...I shall give you a medal' and Jack's intricate wrist movement when proposing Norrington's plan of action were particularly good. ;D Keeps all of them very much in character.

I loved the concept of the Sword being potentially hidden in the Endeavour. Very cool.

The battle was well-written too. Lots of neat nautical detail. :)

As always, looking forward to the next chapter!
Shayne Pratt chapter 1 . 9/13/2017
I'm so excited to see this story revived again! The pacing is great, and the plot unfolding in such a way Im eagerly watching my emails for updates.
M. S. Arora chapter 3 . 8/28/2017
I loved the back-and-forth between Norrington and Jack at the beginning of this chapter. There were some seriously tidy observations slipped in which kept both of them so in character. For example, that little sentence about the way Jack opened his compass and Norrington's response to that - so apt and so... THEM. :D

Your description of Raven's Cove was chilling, and its residents did not disappoint. They had an almost LOTR feel to them... except redder and nobler. Made me pretty anxious during that sword fight. A fitting place to hide a secret weapon.

We always knew Cutler Beckett was a lying SOAB. Telling Elizabeth he doesn't care for cursed treasure when in reality he's gone and stolen it all! Eager to find out what he's done with it...

MMM73181 chapter 3 . 8/26/2017
oh so now we need to get the sword stab jolly to kill him and end all his curses (and what happens does james LIVE again or get to "move on") bywhich time he and jack would have finally excepted each other only to be saying may the wind be in your sails (farewell lol) and then have to in all this return the treasure beckett had taken back to ravens cove so all those poor souls can be at peace?
Potato chapter 3 . 8/26/2017
I am loving this story so far, very cool!
M. S. Arora chapter 2 . 7/17/2017
What a fun chapter to read! Lots of chuckles and wholly unladylike snorts. I especially loved the interaction between Jack and Norrington - the dialogues were perfect, particularly James'... always so cultured and gentlemanly! :) I also enjoyed the uncle-nephew banter.

Apart from a couple of typos here and there, this was really well written. Just as a side note, I felt that this length of this chapter was much more comfortable compared to the last... perhaps because of the dividing lines? Or maybe the dialogues (and fewer chunky paragraphs)? Not sure. It's most likely just personal preference, to be honest.

In any case, I do hope you'll continue this story - I, not unlike Norrington, am very keen to discover how Jack is intending to lift this curse... and what EXACTLY he did to piss Roger off in the first place!

Thank you for sharing.
M. S. Arora
M. S. Arora chapter 1 . 7/14/2017
Wow. I will put my hands up and admit that I came here out of courtesy since you had taken the time to read one of my stories... but goodness me, am I hooked! This is amazing! Possibly one of the best 'Norrington-resurrection' stories I have ever read!

The first half of this chapter has a dreamlike feel to it, making it easier to relate to Norrington and the way he is slipping in and out of consciousness. The flashbacks are also particularly powerful. All the hardships he has been through... my heart goes out to him.

The second half of the chapter is action-packed and exciting. The ominous description of the oncoming storm and ship left me hanging on to every word. I loved reading the combat sequences - they've clearly been well thought-out. Well done!

The technical quality of the piece is excellent. It's so nice to read something that isn't riddled with bad punctuation and grammatical errors (which, unfortunately, aren't infrequent on this website!).

On a more constructive note, perhaps aim for slightly shorter chapters? But maybe I'm just saying that because the next chapter is already uploaded! ;)

I cannot leave without complimenting how well you've penned Norrington. His mannerisms, speech, interactions... all of them were absolutely perfect. Not a mean feat at all.

M. S. Arora
Overseerneversleeps chapter 2 . 6/9/2017
I hope you haven't abandoned this. Contrary to a previous review I saw, I think the pacing is fine. I find it's internal complexity to be refreshing. I is not plodding. It is intelligent. It gives plot points the time they deserve instead of just rushing clumsily through them. I do hope to see me for you old friend
rebecca-in-blue chapter 1 . 9/5/2016
Hi there, here from Review Tag at Caesar's Palace, sorry for the delay in getting to this review.

Although I'm a PotC fan, I found this story rather plodding to read due to the slow pace and wordy writing. I think your narration goes into too much detail and spells out everything; for example, it seems like we read every single one of Norrington's movements in the water after he wakes up, and in the scene of him at the Abneys' house, there's a little too much time spent on every characters' motions and dialogue (which felt very unrealistically wordy to me, especially since the Abneys' speech is written in a vernacular). We get an awful lot of detail abut the Abneys, given that they aren't even in the story for that long.

I would suggest sparsing this some of this story down; that would also lower your wordcount a bit (5k is a pretty long push for a one-shot). Descriptions like "with startling clarity" "with shocking suddenness," plus all the plentiful adverbs, can really make a story heavy to read.

With subject matter like this, some angst is unavoidable, but I think the angst gets a bit over-the-top in some places, especially early on; "that cut through to his very soul" is a bit much.