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Ari909 chapter 30 . 9/17
When Elena decided to speak to Katherine, I thought she was going to try to connect with her sister. I guess I should have expected for her to be cruel and immature. She’s making me so angry. Katherine has wanted nothing but family her whole life. She finally finds her biological sister, a twin no less, and her sister is cruel to her. This makes me so sad. I hope that when all of this is over, Elena can get over this disdain she has for Katherine. I can’t wait to see what happens in Clifton. Thanks for th update.
Charmedbycharmed chapter 30 . 9/17
Woah! The wait ends!
Each chapter is written in such a way that at the end, the heart wants more...

Stefan is being very mature and doesn’t allow emotions to cloud him.. he doesn’t lash out at Elena when she is in the wrong and clearly expresses what he feels

Now, Elena, even if she is wrong, I won’t entirely blame her reaction.. I feel this is what she might be thinking : she wants to trust and maybe even happy for a twin.. but deep inside she is afraid and has tiny tiny bit of apprehension... that’s wat she is portraying outside ... she is not as experienced as Katherine is in this dept.

Hopefully they both reconnect and even start feeling protective of each other going forward...
We had seen a lot of bonding between the brothers and now it’s time for the sisters to muster some..
Wintertree chapter 30 . 9/16
I had just finished your beautiful one-shot "Just for tonight" last night (better said, this very early morning, as I could not sleep, and chose to read), when I discovered this update; it was such a nice little coincidence:)

I've read it this afternoon, and I must say this is one of my favorite chapters! It is also one of the chapters that was the fastest for me to read, I don't know why, I really had to slow down my reading to make sure I don't miss anything:) Probably because of the fact that it has a lot of dialogue, and the dialogue is very strong (I mean very well-written), in my opinion. And for sure because I have been curious to see the first interaction between Elena and Katherine.

First, I think that Stefan's idea to go and rescue Elena together with Damon was a good one, it would have indeed been shocking for Elena to see Katherine. Then I loved the dialogue between Elena and Stefan; Elena is taking all her anger and fear on Katherine, and that makes her irrational, but grief brings such emotions out of people. And Stefan has a lot of empathy and understanding for her, but I like that he insists on Elena talking to her sister, and getting to know her side of the story. And I love that he points out to her that she is behaving in an immature way.

I loved how you wrote the scene between Elena and Katherine, the moments when they just stared at each other, each of them trying to understand that the person in front is her twin sister. No warm and fuzzy feelings, just confusion and emotions that they are not able to fully understand. But I also love the fact that Damon points out that even if they are not feeling anything about each other right now, they will always have the connection that siblings, especially twins, have:)

And poor Damon, yes, he is Katherine's knight in shining armour, but he is only a man, and he is doing everything he can:) It is so nice to see Damon and Stefan on the same page, acting as mediators between the two sisters:)

That's it for now, I am sure I have missed a lot of important points in my review, this chapter had a lot for me to take in (in a good way). I will probably read it again, it was that good for me to read:)

Thank you so much for this chapter! I loved it!
amarajo chapter 19 . 8/24
The story is really good! Keeping me on my toes and although I’m a few chapters behind, I just wanna say that while I understand the reasoning behind Damon hiding Kat, (not to be picky and b*tchy), Stefan also kept Elena from Damon during those 3 months too. Even if Damon had let her go and Stefan and Elana proceeded with their holiday plans, they would’ve probably ended up dead because they mistook her for Katherine. I get it, she’s lost her parents, they were forced into a situation that is LITERALLY life and death and their emotions display what any other human would feel, but it’s just frustrating and heartbreaking that Stefan nor Elena come to realize that little detail. (And as mentioned I’m still a few chapters behind so idk if the issue is addressed but those were just my thoughts throughout this entire chapter. :b)
Wintertree chapter 29 . 8/21
Oh, and I forgot to mention that you have been portraying the "calm before the storm" so well in the last few chapters (especially this)! I almost feel the anguish and stress these characters are going through, I am figuratively biting my nails waiting to see what happens next, haha.

I really hope that you are not planning to kill any of the 4 main characters! They have been through so much! Although I know you will do whatever you feel it is best for the story and characters:) But I really, really hope you won't go there! At the same time, I want you to know that I accept whatever fate you have decided for them, haha!
Wintertree chapter 29 . 8/21
It was a lovely update, Shannen, thank you!:) I've actually expected a moment like this between Damon and Katherine - I think it is necessary, especially now, before the great obstacle/challenge they will have to face soon, for them to let their guard down and let the other know about their feelings for the other. They indeed are very passionate, and I think the intensity of their feelings for each other has scared them a bit, haha, especially because they haven't felt like this for any other person before. And I believe you have managed to convey that intensity very well:)

I like their characters very much, they are indeed passionate, but they manage to also be rational and realistic, and they also feel responsible for the people they care about. They are indeed soul mates:)

I also liked the little scene at the beginning with Elena. I think you are right - when people are in such situations, they tend to give up first, but if they find something/somebody worth fighting for, they will do it, even if they are aware they may not come out of that situation alive. It was nice to see that Elena hasn't given up yet. And poor Stefan is pretty shaken after what happened, but I am glad he is wise enough to step aside and let others deal with this situation.

And happy anniversary to this wonderful story! And big congratulations to you - 2 years, and 29 exciting chapters, full of emotional moments, great characters, and unexpected twists! It is a story that means a lot to me! It was the first one I started to read and favorited on this site; I remember it was a cold and dark February (not only outside, but also in my life), and it was one of the few things that brought me a little joy and hope. And of course, I was hooked from the first chapter:) For all those things, I will always love and cherish it! And thank you for writing and sharing it!:)

I don't have a Tumblr (although sometimes I read some blogs), but now I will make sure I will drop by yours from time to time. I am sure I will find a lot of interesting things to read!:)
Charmedbycharmed chapter 28 . 7/26
Woww I dunno whether u intended for the
Coincidence or not.. but it was awesome..
Both the brothers meeting the other sister after they had lost their GF...
Well I think Rebekah is telling the truth and hopefully help them until the end ...
Loved Kat - Stefan talk.. even though Elena and Katherine are twins, Kat seems more mature coz of what she has went through..
I think Kat really wants a sister and a close one too..
Hopefully Elena understands and they become as close as most twins ..
The story is becoming more and more intriguing and am wondering what on Earth would the parents have done to warrant such experiences...

Again pls pls update sooon ( this weekend maybe ?
Wintertree chapter 28 . 7/25
This is such a lovely surprise, Shannen! It's been how many, 12-13 days since your last update, and here we have a new chapter of this wonderful story! I am happy that the reviews you got for your last chapter fueled your inspiration to write:)

Now, this chapter, so good, as usual, I did not expect anything less from you:) I was low-key expecting the meeting between Katherine and Stefan; after I saw Damon's reaction at seeing Elena for the first time, I wanted to see Stefan's reaction at seeing Katherine. The context was sort of similar, since both brothers met the other twin sister after they had lost the sister they love. I loved to see Stefan's reaction, although it was not as long as Damon's, since he was already shook by what had happened to Elena.

Is it me, or Stefan has almost the same attitude towards Katherine, as Elena had towards Katherine and Damon? I mean, he blamed Katherine for what happened to Elena, just like Elena blamed Katherine and Damon for everything. Both of them are such kids, lovely kids, who all of a sudden are facing very hard situations, and have a hard time handling their emotions. But I love that Damon and Katherine are the mature ones in this. Damon manages to calm Stefan down, and Katherine (I love her attitude) does not show anger towards Stefan; she has been through so much, she has seen so many things, that she is able to show such maturity and understanding (although she is only 18).

And the conversation between Stefan and Katherine - so beautiful. Glad that Stefan realizes what kind of person Katherine is, and that she loves Damon. They both love him, so that has already created a strong bond between them.

A beautiful chapter, where some characters had a much needed conversation. Damon realized that the key to solving the mystery are the girls' biological parents. This is what I have been thinking for a while reading the story. I cannot wait to see what happens next, I am actually a little nervous about what will happen to them!

This was a long review - thank you for the patience to read it (maybe I'll make it shorter the next time, lol). And thank you for the update!:)
Guest chapter 28 . 7/24
Nice update! I loved Stefan and Katherine”s conversation at the end. Keep up the great work!
Chloe chapter 28 . 7/24
Yes I love it, update soon
Ari909 chapter 28 . 7/23
I was so excited when I checked my email and saw that this story had been updated. There are still so many unanswered questions, but I’m glad that our group is on the right track. I’m still a little worried about Rebekah’s loyalty, but I’m gonna trust that she is true to her word. Just like Stefan, I hope that Elena is at that house. I’m also glad that Stefan and Katherine don’t hate each other. I can’t wait to read the next chapter and see what happens in Cold Springs. This story is my favorite of the ones I am reading right now.
Wintertree chapter 1 . 7/19
I have just noticed that my review for Chapter 1 is actually a review for Chapter 16. Sorry for messing up!
Wintertree chapter 27 . 7/19
This is a great chapter again:) First, because Katherine and Damon meet again and talk - both opening up to each other - Katherine about her past, and Damon about what has happened in the last few days; I liked the fact that Damon insisted that Katherine is not guilty and responsible for the situation they are in. And then also because Katherine and Rebekah had a chance to clear things up (I still have reservations about Rebekah, I don't know why, maybe it's just me, I am sure the story will confirm or infirm them).

Is it just me, or Katherine seems a little more moved about having a twin sister than Elena was when she found out? She is surprised, and also nervous about meeting her. I don't remember Elena's reaction very well, she seemed more shocked than moved about having a sister. And I am impressed that Katherine feels responsible for the fate of Elena's parents (but that is not surprising from her).

It is a great chapter also because of how it ends, again you have caught me by surprise, one would say that after 27 chapters of this story I should have got used to this type of endings, lol:)

What more can I say? Again, I love the dialogue. And I agree with all the other reviewers, that this story is such a great thriller, with a lot of twists and turns, lots of drama, but also beautiful and deep moments. With the way the chapter ended, I feel that the many pieces of the puzzle are starting to slowly come together. Thank you so much for this chapter, and I am sorry for not reviewing sooner!
Ari909 chapter 27 . 7/18
I’ve just found this story a few days ago, and I’m glad I did. There’s a lot of action and a lot of drama, two things that I love in a story. I’m dying to know what happens next and why Klaus wants to kill Katherine.
Guest chapter 27 . 7/13
The suspense and anticipation is killing me! Can't wait for the next chapter.
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