Reviews for Dreams of Future Past
Penelope Muir chapter 25 . 9/20
Aw man, Potter, go away! I'm feeling quietly confident that there's no way Lily will ever be having a stopover at this douchebag. It's nice to see the professors actually doing something about him and his band of merry goons ;) I'm also glad that Dumbledore's understanding of Severus continues to deepen, and am looking forward to the two of them working together as things get progressively more dire as the war goes on! x
Penelope Muir chapter 24 . 9/18
Ah, I feel like my suspicions that Severus will not be the one taking on the spy role in this story are going to be proven right after this conversation with Dumbledore. I could be proven wrong, of course, as I'm still only scraping the surface of the story at the moment, but I am still holding out belief (i.e. hope lol!) that Regulus is going to be popping up and taking that role this time.

And Potter, oh, man. He really needs to take the hint, get a grip, plus a whole bunch of other things. He's acting incredibly possessive of Lily, despite the fact she is nothing to do with him. But then, perhaps that is my own underlying feelings that just cannot be shaken towards him making themselves known haha!

Exciting stuff, that Dumbledore seems to have made the horcrux connection already!
Penelope Muir chapter 23 . 9/18
Haha, I loved Lily piling on the books until only Severus' eyes appeared! And Dumbledore's impeccable timing, too, getting rid of Potter and Black. Once again I'm very intrigued/excited/can't wait to see Lily and Severus' reaction to learning she married and had a child with James - eek - plus any memories of Harry, himself, that Severus may begin to see as things continue to unravel.

But only two weeks left of summer! I fear drama awaits. Who am I kidding, I love drama ;) x
Penelope Muir chapter 22 . 9/17
Well that dinner went as well as could be expected where Petunia and Vernon are involved! Vernon, at only eighteen (I'm assuming), is already such a pompous buffoon. As for Petunia, it is not only Severus' buttons that were being pushed by her jibes about his name 'Snape' and the connection it made to his father. Anyone with a bit of humanity would feel a little bit of empathy, knowing what she knows about his father, and how Severus must be treated. It is obvious why he'd want to get away from that and make something of himself, outside of his father's shadow. But then, we are talking about Petunia to-be-Dursley lol.
Penelope Muir chapter 21 . 9/17
Oh wow! The memory revealed in this chapter was fantastic and opened up such a massive can of worms. Things are getting very real, now, with the revelations of Severus' spy past/future and I'm getting the impression that he won't be taking that role in this story, after his and Lily's conversation. Could that part be going to someone else, then? Regulus, perhaps, once Severus starts seeing the truth of the young Black's future? Oh, the very thought gets me very excited, of those two working together.

And the hint at the horcruxes should, maybe, get things moving on actually identifying and eliminating them, once things become clearer, so that they won't have to wait another twenty years to get rid of Voldemort!

On another note I squealed a little when Lily got the first mention of Harry's existence - though I imagine he won't be making an appearance in this alternate universe - and wonder how she (and Severus!) are going to react when it is revealed that none other than James Potter is his father and her husband, once upon a time. So much opportunities for drama here and I love it!
Penelope Muir chapter 20 . 9/17
It is no wonder Severus ended up so emotionally damaged with an abusive father and a mother who is so quick to believe the worst of him. It is almost - almost - worse than the life he has at Hogwarts right now, with everyone else seemingly against him, except a small handful, what with them being his parents who should be supportive and love him, at least a bit! Thankfully he has Lily to lighten the very bleak world he lives in, both at home and at Hogwarts. I'm loving their very sweet moments throughout the summer!
Penelope Muir chapter 19 . 9/16
Oh man, Petunia makes her first appearance and she is just as charming as ever! Poor Severus and Lily really can't catch a break. It really is them against the world, it seems, there's always so much going against them - even Severus' own mother doesn't cut him a break. Jeez.

Ah well. There is still young love's sweetness to help Severus forget it all for a little while!
Penelope Muir chapter 18 . 9/16
It is our first glimpse into Severus' home life of this fic and I really feel for him. Even getting away from Hogwarts and all of the demons he battles there, he can't escape the constant victimisation. At least he has Lily in both places, now, when he needs her but it is awful that he has had to grow up this way. I dread what it is that Tobias actually wants...
Penelope Muir chapter 17 . 9/16
UGH. I know the Slytherins are the real threats, but James Potter drives me bonkers. He knows Severus and Lily are together and he's still asking her out? Exit stage left, please, Potter.

And Remus stepped up! I liked this adaption of TWM, and I especially liked that change of events a lol. I'm glad it was done subtly, rather than a massive Marauder blow up - unless that has happened behind the wings haha - as it might mean they will actually listen to him.

I'm glad that Dumbledore is actually taking measures to protect him here, and I like Slughorn and McGonagall being brought into the loop, too. Ooh, Severus is going to be getting his own room! I doubt Severus will mind the isolation, as Slughorn puts it, I also suspect he might not be quite so alone in that room as the year goes on *wink wink* lol!
Penelope Muir chapter 16 . 9/16
Oooh, so Mulciber and the Slytherins have made good on their threats. I'm both nervous and keen to see how all of this continues, probably in sixth year now that the OWLs are underway, when Severus and Lily come back. I look forward to the summer months when it'll just be the two of them indulging in adorable teenage romance!

I like that Severus is so honest with Lily in this story, that these visions are giving him the push needed to do so. It encourages Lily to be more understanding - which she has been doing so far in light of all of his revelations - when, in canon, their refusal to listen to one another and the, eventually, communication breakdown led to disaster! I'm glad that, here, Lily is able to hear that Severus did slip up and her response was that she knew he wouldn't call her that and mean it.

Oh, more of Severus' gifts are being revealed to Dumbledore! He really should have paid more attention to his Slytherins in canon, he may have picked up on Severus' potential back then and been able to guide him onto a better path - or a more useful to himself, if that's the way he rolls lol!
Penelope Muir chapter 15 . 9/16
The Worst Memory has been revealed! Poor Severus, he's really beating himself up about it, but I'm glad he has seen it, as I was getting worried as thing drew closer to OWLs whether it would prove to be a memory revealed to him or a near-miss in the present!

On another note, I'm very intrigued to learn what has happened to Lily here. Could it be that Severus' Housemates have finally made good on their threats?...
Penelope Muir chapter 14 . 9/6
Oh! I didn't think we'd be getting the answers to who were responsible for sending the memories and the details of it all so soon but I love that it was Severus and Dumbledore working together. I really enjoyed the portrayal of both young Severus and the Headmaster earlier on, and how Dumbledore is getting to see the more vulnerable side of Severus and trust him through his teaching of occlumency to him, compared to the relationship of the older and passed on Severus and Albus are who are orchestrating this attempt at changing the past.

Also, I'm excited to see that the OWLs are about to come up! And will Severus see this memory - now that we know the memories have only been chosen and sent selectively - or will it actually play out with Severus stopping himself, realising what he was about to say. Either way, it will be interesting to see how Severus deals with coming so close to losing Lily due to that slip he made in the 'future'.
Penelope Muir chapter 13 . 9/6
Ooh! Occlumency makes it's appearance! I'm intrigued to see how this goes and all the things that is revealed during these lessons. It will be quite the turn around, seeing Severus on the other end of this practice, compared to canon and other stories where he is the one doing the teaching.

I'm also intrigued by these visions being actual memories of the future from other-Severus! Looking forward to seeing how his and Dumbledore's investigations into these go and the reasons behind who and why they've been sent. Great chapter!
Penelope Muir chapter 12 . 9/6
Aww, a whole chapter of utter adorableness! I love that Severus is so willing to trust and put himself out there for Lily in this story and that Lily is actually listening to him, too, despite all of the external pressures that the two of them are under. It gives a lovely 'Us Against the World' feel to the two of them.
Penelope Muir chapter 11 . 9/6
"If it's any consolation, I would have said no, Potter."

Oh, BURN! I laughed and laughed at that response, so quick and merciless. And I'm relieved that it seems like there will be no stopover at James on the way to Severus and Lily being together. Thank goodness haha.

I was loving the new Snily developments with them being pretty open about their date not just with each other but with the rest of the school as well until, of course, Mulciber comes along and ruins it for them. But, then, that keeps it interesting! And I'm looking forward to seeing how Severus deals with their continued threats and what happens when they actually follow through.
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