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clmineith chapter 1 . 5/20
No humanity here? Uh, given the fact he's traveling *in space*, he could, maybe, considers checking *earth* before conclude. I mean, it seams as a logical first step to me. Just saying.
StoneTheLoner chapter 1 . 5/18
What the absolute fuck is Harry doing? He's a moral character who wants to do right by the people he meets, fine. It's absolutely an acceptable kind of character to write in a story. But how does Harry being a good guy lead to him becoming a Taxi for a person he saved? Do you think if after he saved the woman he simply told her he was going to drop her off at the nearest safe location, that would make him a bad person somehow? Or less of a good person? Of course it doesn't. So why does he not just offer to take her to safety where she can figure her situation out? I mean hell, it's not like she couldn't find her way to where ever she wants to go by being dropped off at Citadel first. This seems more convenient than a realistic decision on Harry's part. Let me guess, when writing this chapter you already had plans for something to happen on the way to this womans planet? Or on it? If that's the case then Harry agreeing to her inconsiderate request only makes it easy on you, right?..
Setras chapter 2 . 5/14
This story just assumes WAY too much background knowledge of mass effect. Many of Harry's actions also do not really make sense
novonia chapter 15 . 5/13
Interesting crossover youve got here, I'm kinda iffy about death and his info and visits but we will see where it goes. :)
thomassmith69 chapter 15 . 5/9
Will harry go to andromeda? Coz I know they left before the reapers arrived I'm curious if they do will harry follow behind them and will sheperd go coz I'm assuming she has some form of immortality with the stone and feather in her heart. But I loved how harry bashed them so dismissively. And is he the bennifacter or is it someone else because I don't know if you find out in the game I got a few glitches quests so dunno if ya find out.
aesir21 chapter 15 . 5/8
lol, awesome advertising technique to sell guns, perfect opportunity. Can't believe they were able to hold the biotic shield for so long. Shepard must have got super biotics chip installed by Harry. I bet Harry was surprised to see a Malfoy and especially Draco's granddaughter.
aesir21 chapter 14 . 5/8
Shepard kicked ass in this chapter for sure. wow Cerberus is pulling all the stops in order to acquire harry, they are very desperate.
The Fan of awesome chapter 15 . 5/8
That was awesome.

Please update soon.
ravenknight117 chapter 15 . 5/6
I can honestly say that this story is my second best ME HP crossover story ever. I cannot wait to read the next chapter.
griezz chapter 15 . 5/6
And, if I'm not mistaken, we go from "Mass Effect: Andromeda" to MASS EFFECT: PARAGON LOST. Cameo by one James Vega and his team, I take it? Enjoying the story, even if I recognize that, with so many characters, some seem to fall by the wayside. For instance, I can't recall seeing Kasumi since the pickup on Omega. Did she and Keiji join the team? I also cant help but wo der whether Jack is still on ice. Still, enjoying the story and look forward to more.
SeverlyLate chapter 12 . 5/5
There are good parts in the story, and there are parts that feast on pure idiocy.
Case in question - the current chapter:
They are on an urgent mission, also the colony of magicals ( which is a separate idiocy) is abducted by collectors, other emergencies a plenty... What the protagonists do? The most important thing of course: random auror being a grandgrand...grandson of Cedrik wants to know what happened on the graveyard all those centuries ago.
That,s retarded.
Guest chapter 15 . 5/5
I'm enjoying this story alot and its obvious that you are improving as you write. Each chapter is written better than the last. Keep up the good work!
lolkid chapter 1 . 5/5
the story makes less sense as time passes... and also its like harry enjoys the deaths of innocents since he does basically nothing with his massive fleets..
keichan2 chapter 15 . 5/4
This is quite interesting!
I’m wondering which mystic powers are interfering… I mean: The swarm bugs being magical, the Collectors targeting squibs, then magicals, Cerberus knowing that Harry is a wizard…
And Death implied it was angels that caused Shepards’ death. Then something a bit more “infernal” was preventing her resurrection…
I’m really curious! :-)

I hope to read more soon!
D72 chapter 15 . 5/4
Ain't nothing wrong with a cameo, but...

Aside from that, I liked this chapter.
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