Reviews for Six Pomegranate Seeds
aamlkb chapter 46 . 4h
Wait is this story complete?! No way I need the end. I need more!
Brian1972 chapter 46 . 7h
Interesting story.

Overall I feel it was a bit to accomedating to the purebloods that were in principle believers but not ready to go to the lenght of the real nasty Death Eaters. While it is shown that the "light" side did a good amount of bullying of their own and the nasty Death Eaters also weren't exactly safe haven for pureblood students it is never adressed we have implicit approval by Slytherin students for stuff like Umbridge's regime or even helping her and later the DEs on a small scale is a major factor in the backlash that happens. Without aknowledgment that there is a good amount of they reapt what the sow there will be no learning here.

The ending seems a bit unfinished. Several issues were left unfinished.

Still good story and a good read.
crabbypatty2 chapter 46 . 19h
Oh shit, is that the ending? Is there a sequel? Holy hell I kinda wanna know what happens
aamlkb chapter 1 . 10/18
That was a bit confusing.
Spannerspoon chapter 46 . 10/18
But what happens now?!

I really hope you wrote a sequel, because that was brilliant and I need to know what happens!
Pysco-babydoll chapter 46 . 10/17
What happens next? Does any one every learn the truth? Are you going to write a sequal?
I am currently in an odd place of living and hating you. This story was amazing and am glad to have had the chance to read it.
XLucyInTheSkyX chapter 46 . 10/15
Wait time out...IT"S OVER?! But but but what about what happens after? She doesn't ever talk to Harry and Ron then? Is "real" Hermione definitely dead then? I want more! Awwww please don't stop. This is too good! I want to see what Cathal does after!
Lumin8calm chapter 46 . 10/14
Thank you so much for a wonderful story. I really enjoyed how you used the world created by JKR and made your mark upon it. I definitely encourage you to continue writing and hope you are turning your talent and creativity to original work as well (if you haven't already).
Guest chapter 46 . 10/11
Oh wow. Not an ending I expected. Brilliant though. Please go into more about what the ritual was supposed to be and why Siglinde had done what she did.
Really enjoyed the high level of writing in this chapter, and following the conversation between Hogwarts and Hermione kept my brain whirring.
Scathing reviewer chapter 46 . 10/13
Interesting ending. I would have liked to know how things turned out for cathal.
Guest chapter 46 . 10/10
Oh my GOSH
This story is an absolute BLAST. It's logical, reasonable, enthralling, and emotional.
I absolutely MUST find out how this ends. So brilliant and well written. A real gem.
Guest chapter 36 . 10/10
Dang. This Justin/Cathal thing hurts. I kind of low key ship them but just in general this relationship hurts
Guest chapter 46 . 10/9
What a roller coaster! I loved the whole story but we definitely need more or at least a what happened after summary! Please don’t leave us hanging!
arctic-kat chapter 46 . 10/9
Stunning finale of this beautiful saga!
I understand other people complaining and begging for more. I do. At the same time this ending is so powerful and beautiful, I’m in awe. Thank you for this exceptional story.
arctic-kat chapter 45 . 10/9
So exhilarating! It’s absolutely brilliant, I love how she did with Lavender, I love her moments with Flint&Wood, Moppet and Susan Bones. I love how she’s not heroic. It was so brilliant with Greyback and Dolohov, oh you’re a genius! And facing the snake-man. And everything. Oh so fantastic!
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