Reviews for Six Pomegranate Seeds
iamtherealmaverick chapter 1 . 6/19
You’ve got me on the edge of my seat! Very nicely developed world.
Guest chapter 42 . 6/18
Thank goodness you are sticking to this story! I love how dynamic the characters are. The final battle is building up to be super intense! I will keep checking back! More pleaseee
Guest chapter 43 . 6/17
Thank you for your update. Your fic is epic and wonderful and just a joy to read.
Kaimialana chapter 23 . 6/15
Your prose is tight. Some would say, too tight. Your vocabulary is the same. I have more than adequate education and I still find myself becoming lost. And normally I don't care about alliteration but you use it so often that it's becoming distracting. The story is otherwise interesting. Nice premise, and it is well written. I suppose you're catering to a certain audience. You tease a character for making literary references and then do so yourself, so I assume you're self aware.
Guest chapter 43 . 6/11
Guest chapter 42 . 6/10
You must update soon. I am dying not knowing what happens next! I love your writing and bouncing in my seat for the next chapter. Cheers!
silverlovedragoness chapter 43 . 6/11
I love love love how you're getting up for the climax. It's becoming oh so real in that way fiction becomes magically real. Brilliant chapter
Mad Hatter Massacre chapter 43 . 6/11
Maaaan, so close to the action. The buildup is great, glad to see an update. Thanks for writing!
yet again chapter 43 . 6/11
Loving this story, thanks for writing
SpaceKace chapter 43 . 6/10
Ahhhh I’m getting so excited for D-day! For the life of me I haven’t figured out what went wrong the first time. I would also like to add that I really appreciate how scientific and methodical Cathal has been this whole, and continues to be! Thanks for staying so consistent in your writing; it’s a serious accomplishment in a story this long! Can’t wait for the next chapter !
mowmers chapter 43 . 6/10
I am so ready for the final battle and the aftermath.

And you should totally write a true dark Hermione story. I'd absolutely love to see what you'd do with it
Guest chapter 43 . 6/9
I just binge read this... omg! There some technical items to deal with but the detail is superb...
Beth chapter 43 . 6/8
Epic chapter here. Wow.
The emotional toll in Hogwarts is just so prevalent and the genius of Hermione/Castial trying to be prepared over overwhelming odds is incredible to read through.
Adoring this journey and ready for the darkest moment before the dawn.
Guest chapter 43 . 6/8
Why this story has only 2k reviews and not 10k is beyond me. I’ve been reading fanfics for ten years and this story is only topped by Price of the Dark Kingdom, which I thinks been abandoned. I’ve reread this story during hurricane Irma, to keep me calm. I look for updates daily. I felt as though this last chapter could have been greatly expanded upon though, I was ancitipating dialogue with Theo and moppet, but the bonding with Susan was amazing and perfect. Keep it up, please stay prolific and detailed. I love when you write detailed. Your amazing! I hope we still have 10 chapters to go! I’ll cry when this ends, praying for a sequel after the final battle
Heksie chapter 43 . 6/8
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