Reviews for Six Pomegranate Seeds
clarelissy chapter 46 . 3/23
Thank you for this amazing story!
nashtah chapter 46 . 3/18
Great story
Tom Riddle Minor chapter 46 . 1/22
To those of you who are lost in space - this story is NOT "abandoned" in the normal understanding of the word. It is finished OK - see also the status "complete" above. It's just Seselt's way of finishing a story - simply stop writing so we readers are free to make our own thoughts of "what now". Merlin be praised, this is such a wonderful story that it would be unbearable had it not been finished. Go on now, read the follow-up "Asphodels". It's shorter, perhaps not totally up to "Ponegranates", but easily worth the time reading!
And to you, Seselt: Thank you for writing and sharing! Your writing is great, so are your plots, what more could we possibly want?
smeleanor chapter 46 . 12/25/2022
Wow what a read. Love this fic!
Reylara23 chapter 46 . 7/24/2022
this is so fricking good. such a delight to read
alixlouise chapter 46 . 4/18/2022
I did not see in the beginning this story was abandonned. I must admit I'm disappointed. I had an excellent time reading, your story is really original. I hope one day it will have a proper end.
Corentine chapter 46 . 4/16/2022
I suppose this is abandoned. But it has kept me occupied for three days and it was worth it.
cookiesforfrogs chapter 46 . 3/16/2022
A wonderful piece of work. I really enjoyed the story you crafted. I do wish there was more of a long term ending. Thank you for sharing.
Irish Thorn chapter 46 . 3/4/2022
This was powerful. Part of it seems unfinished, though. I find myself curious about the fate of the three Slytherins that fled. None of them should go to Azkaban, with their choices being what they were, but I'm curious about how Cathel handles how things fall with the ministry. I need an epilogue or something.
ChinaCactusSunflower chapter 46 . 2/2/2022
Wow. Best HP fanfic I’ve ever read.
HelpmeHermione chapter 46 . 1/11/2022
Wow! I loved your story! I learned lots of new words too. Would love an epilogue! Her convincing Harry she's Hermione. I loved the fierce love Cathel's grandmother had for her. And so neatly ended in sacrifice. Gotta say, this was epic!
Guest chapter 46 . 1/8/2022
I love this, the sequel was a bit of a let down after this masterpiece
RowenaC chapter 6 . 11/8/2021
My God! What an amazing writer you are! Lovely, just lovely
Yellow Green Fish chapter 46 . 9/19/2021
I love this fic so much! and I just found out that there's a sequel! XDDD Thank you for your hard work!
rosalinne09 chapter 1 . 9/9/2021
I just loved the comment about 'an idiot's guide to human genetics' LOL. this story is an intriguing one. thanks for writing
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