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August the Mad Woman chapter 26 . 11/22
The worst thing in this story is that it ended. This is so great, superb, splendid, impressive, and so on. Lucy's characterization is really fantastic, you really showed her potential althoughout the story, and I love that. Although I'm a bit disappointed that the other characters were pushed aside, we didn't get to see them fully interact with Lucy, such as her own team. But still, it was nice reading this work of yours, I extremely love it.
August the Mad Woman chapter 13 . 11/22
August the Mad Woman chapter 11 . 11/22
Goodness, I really facepalmed when Makarov said that, really? Poked holes? Unbelievably hilarious
August the Mad Woman chapter 10 . 11/22
That's what I'm incredibly glad as well, Lucy using Gemini more often. It was honestly disappointing how Lucy don't use Gemini more when the twins are obviously more capable and useful for fights even though they can only copy those who are equal to Lucy.

August the Mad Woman chapter 9 . 11/22
Laxus' laid out plan was really strategic, that's great of you to write.
August the Mad Woman chapter 8 . 11/22
Finally, they settled the fire!
August the Mad Woman chapter 6 . 11/22
The new cover of the Magazine was a slap of the Sorcerer Weekly itself, take that. Laxus and Minerva's battle came as a surprise, and yet, that was thrilling. Lucy approaching Laxus after his battle and wiping his blood put me on edge, and then he gave her his headphones to Lucy before she goes to battle. Oh man, their battle was indeed wild!
August the Mad Woman chapter 7 . 11/22
Oh, we got some fire going on.
August the Mad Woman chapter 5 . 11/22
This is definitely badass. Feminist Laxus? I vote for that. He's really putting his head on the game and actually looking out for his team, that was thoughtful and strategic. And I agree, their first game were some kind of fan services for some participants,, with Mirajane having a costume competition instead of actual fighting, well, there was a fight, but it still wasn't enough. Juvia wasn't done justice in the Naval Battle, where we all knew she should have show a lot of potential. And Lucy, she was terribly robbed twice in her battles.

But wow, Fairy Tail is sure kicking asses in this game of yours. They literally got all 300 flags, the other guilds had absolutely nothing. And woah, Laxus' girl got some spunk by eliminating Rufus and Rogue.
August the Mad Woman chapter 4 . 11/21
I'm so hyped for the games, but was it really necessary for the Magazine to do Lucy that dirty? After all, she worked with them, they need to show respect. Anyway, I love Lucy's characterization, along with Laxus and Natsu, who seems quiet sane enough and does not throws tantrums as others portrays him. Love it.
August the Mad Woman chapter 3 . 11/21
Oh shit, this chapter is literally badass. I love the references regarding the Queen of Hearts and Ace of Spades, that was brilliant.
captainannatheweird chapter 6 . 11/14
Never mind, it was the connection. I'm just an idiot...Great story so far thank you for providing this wonderful work!
captainannatheweird chapter 6 . 11/14
Lucy duel doesn't seem to be here, is anyone else not seeing it? -anna
pupstarstar chapter 26 . 10/21
The Princess and the Peanut chapter 26 . 7/6
So I already read and loved this story. I decided to come back and give this a reread and MAN am I happy I did! This fic has quite a few things I really love! Like, 1. You have so many plot arcs! I kinda hate it when something ends with just one major arc. There's often not a lot of character development and growth through just one arc. 2. You know the difference between blond/blonde. I can't even explain in words how unreasonably angry I get when people make that mistake and it makes me irrationally happy that you do it correctly. I'm obviously okay with like a mistake here or there, everyone makes mistakes, but not consistent errors. You never did that and I'm happy lol. 3. Lucy saves herself against Mikail. He is built up as the best. The leader of the Dragons of Indus. The Indus-Laxus if you will. Lucy can't beat Laxus. Not only is she not strong enough, but her magic just generally doesn't lay that way. However, Lucy has worked so hard to be able to save herself and she just does. It's not a super big magic battle, but one where she knows his weaknesses and takes him down. I am just so happy it went that way because so often, writers employ big long battles that just make NO SENSE. Lucy wouldn't benefit from a long battle, she's injured, she can't let him get going, so she just takes him out. Also, she's not a damsel. I love that she's not a damsel. 4. You have female character growth through more than just trauma. Oh my GOD is this a pet peeve. It seems a lot of the time that a woman can only grow when a man does something to her, like when a man breaks her heart, assaults her, whatever. I hate that so MUCH! It's like women only exist because of what men deign to do. Yeah, Lucy gets stronger because Laxus trains with her, but she wants to train! She seeks him out because she notices her failings. I can't go through all of Lucy's growth, or Wendy's growth, but I love it so much. Just wanted to let you know!
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