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Trump chapter 10 . 1/22
Imreallyhard chapter 10 . 1/22
Harry lay on his bed, contemplating the words Mrs. Weasley had said to him before she apparated him to King's Cross.

Just before Molly apparated them to the station she leaned in close, tucking one of his much longer black locks behind his ear with a smile.

"Just remember Harry, if you start to feel," she glanced at his crotch, "frustrated, you might want to consider approaching Ginny. She's a special girl just like me and I think she could be convinced to help you."

".. Really?" He wondered.

"Yes" She grinned, "you'll probably have to convince her to become your girlfriend, though."

It had only been three days since he had arrived back at Hogwarts and all he could think about was the way Mrs. Weasley had seemed so confident that Ginny would even consider it.

"Well, it couldn't hurt to try, could it?" Harry thought to himself.

He got up and was about to walk into the common room when he stopped himself, "Maybe later, what's the hurry anyway?"

As he was turning around, Ginny walked into the dorm.

"Oh... uh... hey Ginny."

"Hi Harry, I just wanted to let you know that my mom sent me a letter about your," she glanced down at his crotch "situation, and I just wanted you to know that I would be glad to help with your, uh, problem."

"R-really?" Harry squeaked.

"I mean, sure, only if you want to, though." Ginny hastily replied.

"O-of course, you just caught me off guard."

"So, uh, when do you want to," she leaned in closer, "you know, do this?"

"Tonight?" he replied, "I can bring my invisibility cloak down to the common room, and uh, I guess we could look for a room around the castle."

"Sounds good." she replied her face already flushed from the conversation, "I'll uh, see you then I guess." as she made a speedy retreat into the common room.

After dinner all Harry could think about was meeting up with Ginny, time just seemed to go by extraordinarily slow for him so he pulled out the marauder's map as to pass the time.

"I solemnly swear I am up to no good" he whispered, he wasn't worried about his roommates bothering him because he spelled the curtains shut.

After watching the map for a good hour and finding nothing out of the ordinary, he whispered, "Mischief managed" and put away the map.

He did a quick time spell and saw that it was almost time to meet Ginny in the common room, so he grabbed his cloak and headed down to the common room to wait for Ginny. He waited in silence by the entrance to the girl's staircase for Ginny. He heard her creeping down the stairs, right as she passed him he jumped out, whipped off his cloak and whispered, "Boo!".

Ginny clutched her heart and started smacking his arm, "You prat! You scared me half to death!"

After a good berating that would rival Mrs. Weasley any day, Harry and Ginny both headed out of the common room to look for a good room.

After wandering the seventh-floor corridor for a solid thirty minutes, "Why is it so hard to find a good room on this floor!" Ginny ranted, "I swear to Merlin this is the third time we've passed that stupid tapestry with trolls in tutus." And that's when it happened.

A door materialized out of nowhere.

"Harry! Did you see that?" Ginny asked.

"Of course I did Ginny! Where do you think it came from?" Harry responded.

"Only one way to find out," Ginny opened the door, peeked inside and gasped, "Harry, come look at this, it's exactly what we were looking for."

"Sweet Merlin, you're right."

As they entered the room and shut the door behind them, they took in a sight similar to that of Harry's dorm, but with just one King sized bed instead of smaller beds.

As they approached the bed, Harry instantly realized how awkward it had become, "Uhh, so yeah, we're here I guess. So, um, how do you want-" is as far as he got because he suddenly found himself on the bed with Ginny on top of him with her lips pressed against his.

"Uh, Gin-" he stammered.

"Shh, just go with it" she replied, her voice silky.

"OK," his voice cracked.

Ginny giggled and continued to forcefully kiss him, until she started receiving some response back from him, "There we are." she said, her voice husky.

Lightning quick, she pushed Harry over her knee, "Ginny?! What are you doing?!"

"Just punishing you for that little stunt back in the common room," Ginny said as she brought her hand painfully down on his bum. He gasped at the pain. She rubbed her hand and brought it down once more.

"Ginny...please stop!" Harry managed to get out.

"I don't think so, this is what happens to naughty little sluts like you." once more she painfully spanked him.

Ginny reached for her wand, "Evanesco vestmentium!", all of Harry's clothing vanished.

"Ginny!" he said indignantly as he shuddered from the sudden chill.

"Quiet slut!" as she started plying his pert flesh. She spread his ass cheeks to reveal his tight arse hole. "You must be a real butt slut if you are this tight after what my mum did to you, Harry."

She stuck her finger in his mouth and started to finger his arse. She then slapped his bum, leaving a red handprint on his cheek. He gasped, confused at the mix of pain and pleasure. She continued to go deeper until she hit his spot. He moaned the instant her finger rubbed against his special spot.

As she continued to finger him, she could tell he was reaching his peak, just a little more and he would climax. She slowed her ministrations and heard him whimper. "What would you do for me Harry?" she asked, constantly teasing the spot to keep him on the brink. "Anything." he exhaled.

"Would you, I don't know, be my boyfriend?" she asked.

"Yes, yes of course. Please Ginny..." he whimpered.

"How about my personal cock-sleeve?" she purred.

"Yes, please Ginny I'll do anything!"

"Then cum for me my slut" as she simultaneously put her hand under his cock cage and pressed his prostate.

"Urgh...Argh...ah, ah, ahh" He said as he came with a vengeance into her hand.

"Don't forget to clean it up," Ginny said bringing her hand to his mouth.

"Oh, right..." he mumbled, thoroughly cleaning his cum from her hand.

"Now it's my turn, cock-sleeve," Ginny said as she disrobed and crawled back onto the bed.

"Woah," he said as he marveled at her eleven-inch cock.

"Well," she snapped, "It's not going to lick itself slut."

He licked her cock from the base to the head. He then proceeded to take the head into his mouth, "Ahh, work my cock slut.". With that, he bobbed deeper until he could feel it pushing up against his throat.

"Just swallow for me Harry" as he swallowed she pushed his head down even deeper, entering his throat. His gag-reflex must have known it was a futile fight because, after ten seconds, it stopped. She continued to push his head all the way down to the base of her cock. After thirty seconds she finally lifted him back up to where only the head was in his mouth.

Harry only has half a second to catch his breath before he was back down with his nose in her stripe of red-haired pubes. She repeated this process until she felt a boiling in her balls.

"That's right Harry, take it all," she said, her breathing hitched.

"All right Harry, I'm about to cum," she said as she slammed his head back down to her crotch.

"Guhh! Oh fuck Harry keep swallowing." she gasped out.

Harry kept swallowing her baby batter until only a dribble would escape her cock. She pulled him back, with her head still in his mouth as he sucked the last of her cum out of her still hard cock.

"Wow." she breathed.

Harry could feel how full his stomach was after that great deposit of a cum load filled his stomach. "I could say the same thing" he replied.

As they both recovered from their ecstasy, "Oh shit Harry it's already 1:00 AM and we both have classes tomorrow."

"Well you kind of vanished my clothes!" he replied annoyed.

"Oh yeah, sorry" she replied sheepishly, "as long as you are under the cloak you shouldn't have a problem."

"Fine, let's go," Harry said.

He lay in bed, after they made their way back to their dorms, thinking over the events of the past hour.

"This is going to be a great year." was his final thought before he drifted off into bliss.
ankitmahat chapter 2 . 1/10
Of course, instead of fighting quietly, she had to go in front of Lucius and proclaim her status as a devil. And of course, despite not having summoned any devils in centuries, Lucius instantly recognized her as one.
And then of course, he escaped with his life so that he could share this information with everyone else.
What fucking bullshit is this?
There should be a limit to how much your an force your story for the sake of convenient plot.
Stephen chapter 10 . 12/31/2019
What happened after that and please update the story soon.
agnar chapter 8 . 12/8/2019
Couldn't make it past harry's 'spar' with Akeno. I get he's undertrained so doesn't know much magic, but he's the fucking master of death and he was strong before that (driving off dozens of dementors in 3rd year ring a bell?), so any spell he DOES know and cast right know should be strong as fuck.

But you've got him being a complete fucking weakling. He's utterly worthless apparently, one attack from akeno and his shield goes poof? So what the fuck is the point, he'll be dead first time he fights a devil for real.
agnar chapter 5 . 12/8/2019
Sorry but, how exactly does it make sense for harry to get the twins room because it'd be 'too crowded' with him and ron, two people, sharing. But it's okay to shove THREE girls into one room? That makes zero sense. Not to mention there should be other empty rooms there, percy at least had his own room too.
Edgar3t chapter 10 . 12/3/2019
Will he ever use the Sword of Gryffindor?
tyler28 chapter 10 . 11/24/2019
with the lack of updates of any kind or an explanation of whats going on with the story, we dont know if its on hiatus or cancelled, AS I STATED BEFORE THE UPDATES, UPDATES, UPDATES! the fact that the author isn't telling us anything is shitty. I hate to do this but im dropping this fic, good day.
tyler200 chapter 10 . 11/24/2019
tyler28 chapter 10 . 11/21/2019
Jameshardestyeets chapter 10 . 11/23/2019
I want you to cum in my mouth, she told him suddenly, and Ash stared at her with a surprised expression. He hadn't expected her to say it... quite that bluntly, and it was quite possibly the sexiest thing he had ever heard in his entire life.

Trying to mask his overwhelming lust, he spread his legs, allowing her to get a better position. His erection was still rigid as stone, indicating his high level of arousal. Latias didn't waste a further moment, taking up a position between his open legs as she placed a paw against his body to steady herself. One thing she didn't want to do was hurt the one she loved so dearly in any way. His scent was intoxicating to her, making her body tremble with unrestrained desire. Eager to continue, yet highly nervous, Latias slowly lowered her head towards her mate's rigid length, her nose taking in great quantities of his masculine odour. It was difficult for the Eon Pokémon to restrain herself; her natural curiosity and eagerness threatened to make her overly enthusiastic. She could feel Ash's eyes bearing down upon her as her soft tongue gradually slipped from her maw and brushed against the side of his fleshy shaft.

The soft moan of approval was all Latias needed to hear, a small smile forming on her visage as she found her confidence. She rolled her tongue from the base of his length to the tip, dragging it tenderly over the bulbous, blood-filled phallus. A visible twitch of pleasure by Ash was not ignored by the dragon-type, glad his body was responding as such to her actions. She could taste the earthy, yet noticeably male taste of his cock and decided that it was something she could most definitely get used to tasting on a daily basis. She brought head forward, rubbing her cheek against the stiff manhood, eliciting a small chuckle from the trainer. She didn't understand that it was strange; her only motives were to be marked by her new lover's scent.

"Usually you lick it with your mouth," Ash chuckled, and Latias blushed.

Sorry, Latias apologised, I just wanted your scent on me.

Ash looked at her, somewhat understanding but not completely with it. Then he remembered that many Pokémon mark their property with their scent, and it dawned on him that Latias was trying to get his odour on her body. He realised just how sexy that was, and how much devotion she was showing to him.

"Don't apologise," Ash said, "it's really quite sexy." Latias smiled and returned to her previous efforts, kissing his girth gently before rolling her tongue over the tip. Despite having never given oral before, Latias proved to be a natural. Her silky-soft tongue massaged every inch of the young man's manhood, which quickly became glossy with her saliva. Unsure as to how much effort it would take to bring him to a climax, she resolved to pleasure him until he did, no matter how long it would take. She didn't mind; Ash's delicious cock was nothing short of a treat to her senses.

With little else to do but enjoy her ministrations, Ash gently placed his hand on her neck, rubbing softly to let her know how much he appreciated it. The psychic-type responded by giving his length a large kiss, before looking up into his eyes.

Can I... take it into my mouth? Latias asked quietly, and Ash nodded.

"I would love that," he told her honestly, "just make sure you're comfortable with it." She nodded eagerly and lifted her head up until the tip of his erection was just below her maw, glistening with her oral fluids. The scene was nothing short of perfect to Ash, having never expected anything like this before. It occurred to him how amazing the situation was; he was actually about to receive a blowjob from none other than the Legendary Pokémon Latias, with whom he had fallen in love, and would spend his life with.

A gasp escaped his lips as Latias' head lowered onto his stiff length, her warm mouth engulfing his slick cockhead in one lusty movement. The young trainer couldn't believe how incredible it felt to have his maleness within his lover's gentle maw. The Eon Pokémon looked at him with her large, honey-golden eyes, the first two inches of his hard erection resting on her tongue.

How do you feel? she asked, although she suspected she knew the answer.

"Wonderful," Ash replied, his body shivering with uncontrolled pleasure, "I've never felt anything this good before." Latias would have smiled, if she didn't have the tip of Ash's rigid length in her mouth. She wondered for a moment how she would do it, and decided to follow her instincts. Holding his legs to balance herself, Latias slid her head even further down his shaft, allowing it to slide to the back of her mouth.

Before it could touch her throat she stopped and looked at him, wanting to see his reaction. Ash's breathing was heavy; the sheer warmth and moisture surrounding his cock was unbelievably satisfying. He could only see the base of his penis, the rest disappearing into his lover's maw.

"Sheesh, Latias," Ash managed to say, "you have no idea how good this feels." Latias responded by rubbing her tongue against the underside of his member, savouring the warm, supple flesh. Pre-cum dripped onto her tongue, but she did not confuse it this time. She would know when he had truly climaxed, and she awaited the moment eagerly.

So... now I just suck on it? Latias asked, and Ash shook his head.

"I don't think that's right," he replied, "I think you just move your head back and forth." He smiled, finding it somewhat amusing that he was giving directions on how to give head to a Pokémon.

Latias blinked in acknowledgement, slowly removing her head from his crotch and feeling his firm length slide from her maw. She was ready; she wanted to give her mate oral pleasure, and all the intimacy that accompanied it. She gave the tip a gentle lick once again, savouring his clear pre-seed, before taking her human's mating organ back into her mouth. She could feel Ash's aroused reaction immediately, but this time she didn't stop; sliding back off gently before changing direction and sliding back on. Within seconds she had picked up a slow, tender rhythm, bobbing her red-and-white head up and down on her lover's cock. His deep, masculine odour was particularly strong as she pleasured the young man, and she decided the she would ask to do this more often. Considering all the taboo nature concerning sex, she didn't feel like it was anything that bad to be talked about. Certainly, she knew would be allowing Ash to mate with her every day; it was so fun.

That thought in mind, she realised she had let her mouth relax a little. Looking up at Ash's face, she saw his expression was one of pure pleasure. She had thought putting pressure on his manhood wouldn't be nice, but it seemed quite the opposite. Testing her theory, she pressed her tongue against the bottom of his slick shaft, using the roof of her mouth to bear down on it from above. Using this method she created a tighter tunnel for his stiff erection within her maw, now squeezing it firmly as she slid her mouth up and down its majestic length. In retrospect, every part of him was majestic to the female Pokémon. Her theory was confirmed as she saw Ash shivered in uncontrolled lust, the sensation of the dragon-type's tight, heated mouth around his aching cock leaving him breathless with the sheer intensity of pleasure assaulting his body. If she continued like this for much longer, he thought, there was no way he would be able to prevent himself from peaking early.

Ash did his best to remain in control as his needy length was stimulated by his Pokémon lover, looking down into her eyes as her head bobbed up and down. His body was tingling; it was almost too much to bear for the young male, but he held on as best he could. Latias could tell he was enjoying it, her sensitive ears picking up his heavy breathing and rapid heartbeat. The warm flesh in her mouth served only to make her feel happier; knowing the she had an intimate part of her human mate's body in her revealed a deep gladness within. The rich, masculine flavour made it even more appealing; as she sucked Ash off eagerly she came to an inevitable realisation: she enjoyed giving oral. That thought made her feel very aroused; she took great pleasure in having Ash's cock in her maw. Still, it was the only maleness she would ever want or allow in her, her devotion to her mate would not let her cheat on him - this was not the way of Pokémon.

"Latias!" Ash moaned, the Eon Pokémon the only thing on his mind. The friction against his shaft combined with the warm, moist environment in which it was being held was becoming too much. He could see his length disappear and reappear from her mouth as she worked at bringing him to his climax, unrelenting in the pleasure the psychic-type was bestowing onto him.

Are you going to cum? Latias asked him curiously, her honey-golden eyes looking directly into his own. Hearing her say those words, Ash almost blew right then and there, but managed to restrain himself.

"S... Soon," he gasped, and the Eon Pokémon stifled a chuckle at his inability to form decent words in his lust-filled state. She gently stroked his leg with her paw, not stopping in her attempts to give her mate's body every last bit of pleasure she could provide.

She was quite curious about Ash's essence, his semen... or 'cum', as he had called it. She wondered once again how it would taste, hoping it was as nice as his shaft. She could feel the small tremors through his body, knowing he was on the precipice of his climax. At this stage, she wanted little more that to have him gift her with every last drop. She was working rather rapidly now, his cock pressing in and out of her willing maw as she bobbed her head along its slick length. Ash was gripping the bench tightly, knowing that Latias was doing all of this for him through nothing more than pure love and lust. He looked down into those bright, golden eyes, their gaze meeting as she sucked him off with enthusiastic motions.

"I can't hold on any longer," he moaned, and Latias smiled inwardly.

Don't fight it, Latias told him, I want it all.

His fingers curled around the bench as he came, his body tensing up as he reached his inevitable orgasm. Latias watched in awe as Ash's body twitched, his scrotum pulling tightly as the first spurt of his life-giving seed sprayed directly onto the back of her throat. Latias remained still as Ash's cock coated her maw with his spunk, the pent-up teen releasing thick globs of semen across her tongue. It came as a relief to the Eon Pokémon to find out it actually tasted quite nice, willingly receiving the creamy white ropes of warm cum into her maw. Ash looked down at her, seeing her determined expression, proud that she had wanted to let him climax into her mouth. He couldn't have asked for a better lover. After a few wonderful spurts, Ash's climax came to an end, and Latias felt the last few drops fill her maw. Ash reached out and stroked her cheek, and she looked at him with a pleased expression.

That was amazing, she told him happily, you really seemed to enjoy that.

"I did," Ash breathed finally, "it was incredible. You're very good at it." Latias beamed at the compliment, her mouth still firmly clamped around his slowly softening length. With a gentle movement Ash slid himself from his mate's maw, his cock very wet and with traces of his own seed still on it. It was then he realised something.

"Latias..." he said curiously, "did you swallow?" She looked at him with an embarrassed expression, and shook her head. Ash gently reached out and placed a hand on her cheek, and she opened her maw, revealing a rather large amount of his thick sperm still resting inside. Ash almost became hard again instantly; it was such a sexy sight.

Sorry, Latias apologised, I just... love it so much. It's... you, it's your essence...

Ash shook his head and smiled, reassuring her.

"It's okay," he said, "it's actually pretty hot." She looked at him with a curious expression, unable to express what she wanted to say.

I just want... to smell like you. To have you with me... I want to be marked by you. Latias looked at him, hoping he would understand. He did; he could tell she wanted to be claimed by him, for him to mark her as his mate. He watched in aroused interest as she slowly swirled the rich spunk around in her maw, savouring the thick viscous texture. Without even thinking, he knelt down and looked closely at her actions. Realising his interest, the dragon-type decided to put on a show. She turned and breathed on him, and he could smell his own heated seed strongly. The smell was intoxicating; somehow it being in her maw made it so much sexier.

She used her tongue to push the gloppy fluid around, allowing it to flow across her maw and coat it thoroughly. Ash couldn't believe what he was seeing: Latias was literally savouring his semen like a delicacy. Not that he cared, it was so incredibly... sexual. He simple remained silent, watching the Eon Pokémon swish his warm, pungent cum around the surface of her maw. She seemed to be enjoying herself so much, and this made Ash quite happy indeed. Then, she allowed him a good look into her mouth as she tilted her head back and allowed the gooey seed to slide into her throat, swallowing it in one slow gulp. Looking back down at him, she smiled and nuzzled her head against his own.

I hope you enjoyed that, she told him with a grin, and he kissed her nose lovingly.

"That was possible the hottest thing I've ever seen," he replied with a chuckle.

Latias blushed and held him close, her body pressing against his own as he sat back on the bench. They embraced for some time, revelling in the warmth and comfort of each other's bodies. Ash could still smell his semen on her breath, reminding him of the incredibly sexy act of which he had just been shown.

"How did it taste?" he asked curiously, and she looked at him.

It was wonderful, she told him honestly, I never expected it to taste so nice... but it tasted like you, and it was your cum, which made it taste even better. She smiled, and Ash kissed her again.

I... she began, and hesitated, before continuing, I... want you to cum for me every day. Promise me that. Ash was surprised by the sheer level of her eagerness, but he nodded.

"Don't worry," he reassured her, "I won't leave, and I'll mate with you every day."

So... Latias asked nervously, feeling a little embarrassed, can I get pregnant from that? Ash almost laughed out in surprise, but he restrained himself. He realised that she really did have very little idea.

"You can only get pregnant from vaginal sex," he told her, "the same sort of things as you just did, but instead of your mouth, my penis goes into your vagina, and I thrust until I cum inside of your womb. That will make you pregnant." Latias hung on to his every word, understanding now what she had missed.

My vagina... she whispered, and Ash suddenly realised what he hadn't done yet.

"Would you like me to return the favour from before?" he asked.

She looked at him and replied, but I don't have a penis.

Ash chuckled and told her, "I can still bring pleasure to you, you're sensitive down there too." Latias thought about it, having never known that before.

So you can mate with me now? she inquired curiously, put your penis inside on me? Ash smiled and shook his head.

"I won't be ready to do that for a little while," he explained, "men need some time to recharge after cumming. But, I can use my finger to pleasure you down there... and if you'd like, I could use my tongue." Latias shivered at his words, it all seemed so amazing and she wanted to let him try everything with her.

I would love that, she admitted, please show me what to do. But... afterwards, can you mate with me?

"I will, don't worry." Ash couldn't believe his luck; she was willing to have him... well, fuck her. Still, he would make sure she was well and truly ready first. Hell, her genitalia could be strange, or too small; he had no idea. He hoped she was somewhat similar to a human female, that way he could use the information he remembered about female bodies. The thought of giving her oral also interested him, and he wondered what she would taste like. Latias had certainly enjoyed his taste; he would be impolite not to experience her completely as well. Slowly Latias eased herself into the same position her lover had been in moments beforehand, allowing her lower belly to be exposed to her mate. Ash slowly looked her over, wondering what he would find. The young male was quite nervous; he hadn't ever done this before, and had no idea what to expect. Still, Latias hadn't ever pleasured a male before and had done so admirably for himself, so he would do his best for her.

Slowly easing himself into a comfortable position in front of her, Ash received a sudden and intimate look at her most secret of places. He couldn't help but stare at the Eon Pokémon's delicate sex, every bit as beautiful as he had hoped it would be. In the rich, glossy red colour of her underbelly was a perfectly formed slit, partially parted to reveal a teasing glimpse at the moist pink flesh within. The young teen found himself instantly aroused as he inhaled the aroma that slowly wafted from Latias' virgin snatch; an intoxicating scent that Ash couldn't place, only enjoy, as he felt himself becoming hard once more. Still, it was her turn to feel pleasure, his needs could come later.

What do you think? Latias asked anxiously, his silence keeping her worried. Ash looked up at her and smiled, patting her belly gently.

"It's... well, it's really sexy," Ash replied, "I'd certainly love to put my cock in it."

He realised what he had just said without thinking and blushed, and Latias didn't need a translation to know what a cock was. She giggled a little at his embarrassed expression, and Ash looked at her apologetically. It was a sign of how comfortable he felt around her.

"Sorry," he said, "that was rude of me." Latias shook her head and smiled at him.

No, she replied, looking for the right words, in fact, it was quite... sexy of you. Besides, it's honest, and I want you to always be honest with me. If it makes you feel any better, I want you to put your cock in me too. Her words left Ash almost dazed with arousal, how could anyone sound so damn sexy without even trying? He smiled at her instead, and looked back down at her body.

"I want you to tell me if anything hurts too much," he requested quietly, "the last thing I want is to hurt you."

Okay, the psychic-type replied, eager for him to begin.

Determined to do his absolute best, the young trainer raised his hand and placed it on her underbelly, mere inches away from her wet opening. Ash noted just how aroused she was; the clear natural lubricant that coated her flower was almost concentrated enough to drip. Disregarding all social norms, Ash knew that he would love nothing more than to bury his face into her and eat her out for hours on end. Still, he knew he had to take it slow, and that would require a bit of patience on his part. Latias was nervous; she was hoping that Ash found her taste as desirable as she had found his. The rich flavour of his semen still filled her mouth, and added to the intense arousal she was experiencing.

"I'm going to try to please you with my fingers," Ash told her and she nodded, eager to let him do anything he wanted to her soft form.

Keeping a good balance, the young trainer slowly rubbed her soft underbelly, allowing his hand to slide closer and closer to his lover's hidden passage. The Eon Pokémon's breathing increased with each inch closer he moved, her excitement rising rapidly. Ash found himself thoroughly enjoying the way in which she trembled under his touch, allowing his hand to trail around the outside of her virgin slit. Latias' honey-golden eyes fixed on him intently as he took his finger and with one gentle motion, brushed it over th
Davnix chapter 10 . 11/11/2019
My god, this is awesome. I can't wait for the next chapter.
agnar chapter 2 . 10/17/2019
nah, the first chapter was fine. But this, the sudden finding and attack, and malfoy already out of jail, it's all too much bullshit. You're also likely to now have voldemort call on other devils or fallen or something, thus entirely removing ANY advantage harry gains by summoning her. So the whole fucking crossover becomes pointless then, as voldemort will still have ALL the real advantages.
Lordlexx chapter 6 . 9/16/2019
That confrontation with Hermione was forced to make drama.. he was clearly holding information back and she caught one. Hermione has always stuck to Harry and trusted him, but that doesn't mean he doesn't make stupid mistakes.. then he gets pissy because she was relieved when he said that Dumbles could vouch for her... what's wrong with a strong second opinion? Literally none of her worries were unfounded and if I was in her position, I'd be asking the same shit. ALL of that pettiness could have been avoided by Harry just saying, "Alot of shit happened and I'm still coming to terms with it. But for the moment, just trust me. Dumbledore can vouch for her." Boom, no argument and no senseless drama for the sake of drama. And no emo Harry.. noone likes emo Harry.
Lordlexx chapter 4 . 9/16/2019
I genuinely cannot fathom why the Weasleys would be a good idea for Harry and Rias to go to stay. Theres a list of reasons as to why that would be terrible. Hermione's or Grimmould would have been the ideal places.
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