Reviews for 5 Time Lords, 13 Companions, Can Anything Else Go Wrong?
FlameCharredMemories chapter 168 . 13h
I like that this story is explaining Earheart's disappearance, and doing so by using two characters that don't get used often. Thinking about it now, it would be a good idea to maybe write a separate fic about what others get up to. Such as, while this is going on, Nine is off doing something with some other unused people, or something like that. This is just a suggestion, though. You don't have to do that.
To lazy to login chapter 167 . 3/16
This is a brilliant story. Came across it one day and thought I’d never catch up (5tc had 29 chapters other 1000) and now it sit here waiting for the next update. Loving it completely.

P.s Oswin is indefinitely funnier than sally.
Alpha007 chapter 167 . 3/15
Does this scavenger hunt include going into other Universes? And is John Smith still making it to the wedding?

As for the fact about Fred Noonan, I never actually knew that. I just presumed she flew on her own. Weird how nobody ever mentions him.
SirenAtlantica chapter 167 . 3/15
best fic. ever
Ronin Warriors Fanatic chapter 167 . 3/14
to answer the question: Oswin is funnier. for a suggestion: transformations into pokemon. actual review: Earhart had a navigator? that doesn't seem likely, and I find it funny Donna tried to pass herself as Amy's twin sister.
StoryGirlWrites chapter 165 . 3/10
This was hilarious. Good job on making Donna panic like crazy and Amy act like a ditz...but it's kinda what I like about them. I wish Amy would have actually helped her write the speech instead of going out for drinks, but I suppose things go a bit crazy when that happens. Looking forward to seeing what you will write next.
whataliar chapter 166 . 3/8
Great chapter, of course Amy wouldn't admit she's lost. And wow, Amelia Earhart! Three eyed feisty redhands won't end well.
And how perfectly timed is it that Amelia Earhart bones have supposedly been found.
Ronin Warriors Fanatic chapter 166 . 3/6
whelp, it was bound to happen eventually
FlameCharredMemories chapter 165 . 2/26
I have decided to just be patient and let you develop good chapters for everything, so just take your time with whatever you are focusing on for better quality.
StoryGirlWrites chapter 164 . 2/1
LOL Clara and boiling water. I can't tell if Oswin is terrible or Clara is just stupid to drink it. But, WHY would she do it to her twin? Seriously? Oswin will prank others, but Clara?

Glad you're enjoying writing, have fun on break!
whataliar chapter 163 . 1/29
Decided to catch up on he last few chapters in a lecture. Thank you for entertaining me. Also getting some feels from Adam, feel like somethig big is gonna happen in their relationship.
StoryGirlWrites chapter 163 . 1/28
Just realized I never commented on here...Comment. XD

Oswin is a nut and I really love her.

You had some really great lines in this one. Most of them were Briggs and his own stupidity. Because, well, stupid people are fun to write. Here's the ones that stuck in my head.
Briggs going to kill Adam by "natural strength"
"I'll fly us into the sun! Computer, set a corse to the sun! The center of the sun!"
Dry spaghetti- "why would you boil it, then it wouldn't be crunchy?"
Oswin declared herself "Best-friends" with the Shadow and sassed "we should get friendship bracelets." yeah, I'm not going to forget that one any time soon.
And to top it off, Oswin called herself Adam's "boyfriend". XD. Ok, NOW, I'm going to fall asleep.
Aspercel chapter 161 . 1/19
Good chapter.
StoryGirlWrites chapter 161 . 1/17
If your intention was pure comedy, it worked. That was very thoughtful about Oswin loving things on Earth while he was having mixed emotions of embarrassment of his work and things Oswin said. Adwin once again was a good mash up. But who the heck is this Christopher Kowalczyk? Oswin was right, who is the collective "we"? How did he come across future knowledge and what in the universe is he doing there?
SirenAtlantica chapter 160 . 1/16
hot diggity dam, caught up to the big one. now im off to read spook watch and then wait for updates like a good boy
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