Reviews for They Don't Play By Our Rules
Guest chapter 1 . 4/9
Yeah... as a Christian this show simultaneously bothers me and also interests me. It's interesting that it talks about so many things from Christianity when our culture generally ignores Christianity, but it's really annoying because it twists basically everything.
I really hope that people realize it's just a parody and can enjoy it as such...
You're story is awful to read because you knock the brothers off but it's much more realistic than the show, so, yes, thank you for writing.
Anna chapter 1 . 9/7/2016
Very well done. Back in season 4 when we first started with the angels, heaven, God, etc., I started to feel torn. These weren't the angels or even the demons from the Bible and I believe the Bible is the Word of God. And, of course, as the show progressed, it just got more away from what I believe is real and factual. So I've learned to keep Supernatural as a pure piece of fiction with no resemblance to my beliefs. This fanfic was an interesting merging of the two. I hope you do continue in this AU though I hope that some of the other stories see Dean and Sam coming to the One Truth.