Reviews for Children of the Dark Collection
Catherine Teagues chapter 6 . 7/18
I'm not sure if you still check your reviews for this wonderful little back stories, or the COTD series as a whole, but I will leave something anyways. I have read and reread this whole series numerous times, this section about Narcissa looking at her scars for the first time, if I could, I would jump through my phone just to tell her she will always be beautiful. I tell my daughter all the time when she gets upset over broken crayons, they still colour to make a beautiful picture. Narcissa will always be beautiful and I think it's sweet of Lucius to look past her scars and remind her that it's what is on the inside that matters. I hope one day you will write something similar to this if you don't already. Usually I only read Dramione fics with a M rating, but I love this series even if there's not a whole lot of smut. It was all beautifully written and put together. Thank you for this series.
clarkfan325 chapter 18 . 6/30
Great story. It was great to find out about Voldemort & Beth's wedding.
JuicyFruit22 chapter 18 . 6/23
Snowflake Dazzle chapter 18 . 6/22
You write Voldemort so well that I want to cheer for him. Thank you for this sweet moment of his marriage.
Sarahamanda Klaine chapter 18 . 6/22
I like this chapter. It is a good chapter. Please update soon.
Grace chapter 17 . 6/20
I love stories where harry is draco’s Best friend and hermione and Draco are a couple. I like how all of them are dark and the scenes where harry is disgusted by Draco and hermione. It might be kinda cool if Ginny was there to be hermione’s best friend, but I understand that in this story she is on the weasleys’ side. KEEP WRITING!
willam and jack and jake chapter 18 . 6/20
love it
Guest chapter 18 . 6/20
yess i love this universe, always a pleasure to find out more about them
Alice1420 chapter 18 . 6/19
Que romanticos...
Guest chapter 18 . 6/19
*Smirk* l wouldn't worry about what the other death Eaters think Beth, if they had an ounce of common sense, they keep their comments to themselves, unless they want to be crucified by The Dark Lord...
*Excited* l can't wuntil Beth gives birth to Hermione!, l just WANT to see how The Dark Lord reacts during the birth...Will he be stoic and calm or will he faint?!, l guess we will know soon enough!, ha!, ha!, ha!...
SereniteRose chapter 18 . 6/19
another lovely new chapter, thanks ever so much.
leonix2009 chapter 18 . 6/19
Wow that was great
Thanks for the update
Grovek26 chapter 18 . 6/19
Good chapter
LittleLonerFairy chapter 18 . 6/19
I loved this one-hour and this fic. Isn't Beth Hermione's mom in one your stories? I can't remember.
Arickakent21 chapter 18 . 6/19
Yay I’ve been waiting for you to add to this ! Thank you! ️️
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