Reviews for The Mountain's Range
M2R chapter 30 . 5/11
I hoped this not happen, but damn the cliche of telling the knowledge
M2R chapter 20 . 5/10
You might not read this and might be too late anyway, but I'll say it anyway. it always irks me when any MC trying to bring future knowledge without proof. In this case, gregor should have just picked as stance be wary and prepare when talking about Ironborn instead of being all sure and such.
NibberWithAHardR chapter 14 . 5/1
That "test" was one of the most retarded things I've read this year
BlazeStryker chapter 22 . 5/1
The legends of greensight and similar old gifts make subtle knowledge both more believable and more ominous than would be true on Earth. I do wish more of the readership would keep that in mind.
TheWateringWizard chapter 43 . 4/11
Things won’t be so smooth and easy it seems, very interesting….

Loved the POV of the Cleganes and Jaqen is here ! Haha can’t wait to see what he’s up to
TheWateringWizard chapter 42 . 4/11
Wait what…. They’re still going to (try to?) sell Dany to Drogo ?! What the fuck ?!

Jon finally knows the truth ! Loved the scene and how it was done !
TheWateringWizard chapter 41 . 4/11
Mira and Dom were so sweet ! And I love a loving Robb/Margaery.

I really enjoy stories where Domeric is a loyal Bolton !
Rahul chapter 75 . 4/10
This shows whatever the hell stephen read ,he can't read and his reading comprehension is bad,cause he will be a slave to night king
TheWateringWizard chapter 40 . 3/3
Loved this Rickard POV. I’d love to see him and Arya, that’d be a cute couple.

Ella’s intro was hilarious and I can’t wait for more of her shenanigans
Valor-Derzod chapter 7 . 2/24
Wait why does ashara have to die? Isn’t jon supposed to be her and Brandon’s son? Her being alive makes the most sense no? I am the confusion
Valor-Derzod chapter 6 . 2/24
Yooo you won’t even let Ned be angry? Tf is Greg even doing here. Let the man vent you know damn well he wouldn’t ever vent again shit.
THOTSLAYER9000 chapter 21 . 2/11
The reviews are far more entertaining than the actual story lmao. Maybe you should try to listen to their criticism.
Guest chapter 6 . 2/8
Eddard trusting littlefinger was a bit naive, but Catelyn swore again and again that he would never do anything to harm her, and that she trusts him completely.

Eddard completely has the right to be mad at his sister. A lady of a noble house just running off? As someone with the privilege of that position, she has certain duties and acts she must uphold, she can't just run off. She and her lack of awareness has just caused a war, the death of her father and brother, and the deaths of tens of thousands.

Why the hell did benjen not tell Brandon and Rickard that she chose to leave? Even if he was sworn to secrecy there are limits to a promise!

Gregor has absolutely no right to intervene with their family matters. He is not part of their family, and he didn't just lose half of his family!

"What's done is done" is the most stupid saying ever and has no right to be as prolific as it is! When someone accidentally runs over another person, you don't just say "What's done is done", you convict them of vehicular manslaughter. Your stupidity unintentionally leading to a tragedy doesn't absolve you of any blame!
1210justinp chapter 22 . 1/22
he's way too nosy.
SamIthuriel chapter 80 . 1/7
You say Jon when it’s Theon in the scene where he sees Jorah and Nymeria Mormont.
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