Reviews for The Red Knight
lipasnape chapter 46 . 5/23
Very interesting plot. I liked the main character and kept being surprised when I remembered it was canon Ron, the useless shit through and through.
Yet, you kept the story interesting and my repeated shocks acceptable.
TheCannibalCannabis chapter 46 . 5/21
I never thought I'd like a story with Ronald Billius Weasley as the main character but somehow you've done just that. great story and finally... GIVE ME MORE!
yargolancelot chapter 3 . 5/20
Loved it, I feel like do-over fics often forget to add new drama to the story, this was superb.
Guest chapter 46 . 5/20
Hope there's an update soon.
SixFtWookie chapter 46 . 5/16
Wow, we finally get to see his recruitment. How long until we finally learn more about the Greengrass women?
SixFtWookie chapter 19 . 5/14
Didn't realize it the first time I read, but that's definitely Hermione polyjuiced to look like Violet.
Guest chapter 46 . 5/12
Well fuck. I'm beggining to think he is their Ron. Ron the unspeakable can do some fucked up shit apparently, as could monster ron, maybe he lost himself in the mask for a bit.

Also, dafuck is Greengrass? Honestly I'm leaning towards succubus or something. I mean shit, that vision we got of her here was kinky and deranged enough for it.

Damn I hope you update.
guest chapter 46 . 5/10
please, author, don't discontinue this story. Checking for an update every day. Please update soon.
Comrade Broseph chapter 46 . 5/9
One of the best Harry Potter fanfics I've had the pleasure of reading. The only complaint I can give is that the children act a bit too mature, but that can be hand-waved away as them being Slytherin children :)
guest chapter 46 . 5/7
man you don't know how badly iwant an update
xxxLeanniexxx chapter 46 . 5/7
Wow complex plot points there
Guest chapter 46 . 5/3
Hope there's an update soon, this story is too good!
guest chapter 46 . 5/1
shit... one month no update..
Comrade Broseph chapter 6 . 4/30
They are from another timeline too aren't they? A timeline where Ron fought against them or betrayed them most likely.
Comrade Broseph chapter 4 . 4/30
Can't help it but think that Ron having gaps in his memory with regards to Scabbers is just oh so convenient for the author, since he now doesn't have to write and extrapolate a completely new scenario for this story revolving around Sirius being proven innocent before canon even started.

Though I may be wrong yet, we'll see. I'm just saying that for the moment the lapse in memory seems to me to just be an excuse to not go completely AU.
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