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Shawn45 chapter 42 . 11/19
I really like this story. A time travel fanfic where it's Ron who goes back in time, and befriends Slytherins is not something you see every day. Considering Ron is one of the most unfairly bashed characters in the entire fandom, this was a real treat for that alone. However, the fact that he apparently entered an alternate world where his future knowledge is in complete jeopardy just makes this even better. I love his friendship with his friends, and I especially love the relationship he has with Daphne and her family. I also really love your original character who appeared in the tournament arc, he's really likable, and even better is that he doesn't overtake the story like so many other original characters tend to do. He's there for his role, and then he's out again with brief mentions here and there.

All that praise aside, I have two main problems with this story so far:

The pace is very slow. That is just fine with me, but the real problem is that you're writing a fanfic in the Harry Potter universe where there are seven years. You're only just beginning year two, and you're already nearing two hundred thousand words. It's an exception when someone actually manages to finish a story that takes place over such a long time period, and considering your last update was four months ago now in June, I'm thinking this is probably going to become another one of many promising Harry Potter stories that is never resolved. My only request is that if you don't intend to continue working on this, you at least post an outline or something showing what your plans for the future are.

That aside, my other complaint is Ron's relation to Violet and Hermione. I get that he was friends with Harry and Hermione and his original timeline. But these two psychopaths have tried to kill him several times, and Violet even said she would murder all of them and then off herself afterwards. The question becomes, WHY would she murder them when she can just end it all by killing herself and show up in a new timeline anyway? What purpose would it really serve to kill everyone? After that, it's a VERY tough pill to swallow that Ron still tries to gain their friendship and trust. I get that he understands that they are time travelers, and he'll need their cooperation to beat Voldemort, but his complete willingness to forgive and forget is off-putting.

Other than that,I enjoyed this a lot. Excellent job with what you wrote.
shuujin.takagi chapter 42 . 11/19
Demonios, este fic hizo lo imposible, hacer me no odiar a Ron, buen trabajo haciendo eso, yo pensaba que era imposible.

Espero que puedas actualizar pronto, esta muy interesante
HJP55 chapter 6 . 11/14
Okay, I never thought I would ever write that, but please make Harry and Ron end up with each other.
Wow. that was even weir to tipe :-)
HJP55 chapter 5 . 11/14
First: Fem!Harry? Never expectet that. Awesome!
Second: Little Problem. Ron doesnt know that this worlds Boy who lived is a Girl? i think that is hard to belive.
But I still Love your Story :-)
Guest chapter 3 . 11/14
Okay, I totaly understand, that saving Lunas Mother is Rons chief Concerne, but what about Harry (with the Dursleys), Sirius (in Azkaban) and Remus (somewhere)
HJP55 chapter 1 . 11/14
Wow, First Chapter and I am already on the Hook. Ron as the Hero of your Story? Bloody Brilliant. If it is not Harry than its usually the Ferret. Tis is much better :-)
Guest chapter 42 . 11/12
Been a while since you updated this. I'm thinking about removing it from my bookmarks and stuff. (I don't keep abandoned stories in my bookmarks.) What happened? Did you run out of ideas or something?

Honestly, I think you messed up by adding in this whole Violet Potter/friendship arc thing. With the way you had the story going, the assassination attempts, etc... Having Ron try to be friends with people who are trying to kill him, regardless of the reasons, is just stupid. You added all of these plots into this story, and it seems like you've hit a road block plot-wise. Your updates were much more frequent than they've been lately. From what I've read you haven't even hit fourth year yet. But, there are all of these plots going on, and it seems as if you've dug yourself down into wonderland.
Gogglegirl chapter 42 . 11/12
Words cannot express how GREAT this story is! The plot twists, the characters, and especially Ron are all so interesting and enjoyable to read about! :D
BEST dimension- and time-travel fic ever!
RenegadeForLife chapter 42 . 11/8
Hope this continues. It's an interesting story but the pace is quite slow. I'm not sure why Ron's still hiding the fact that he's from an alternate future from those two.
125berribe chapter 42 . 11/5
I loved reading this. Your take on Ron is refreshing. I been looking for an original take on Smart!Ron. 3 thanks
Lik chapter 42 . 11/1
Update...soon i cant breadthe...suspense is killing me. Please... I'm begging ya
Guest chapter 42 . 10/31
Hope you update soon
Guest chapter 6 . 10/17
I am not a fan of canon hermione. I think she is overrated. not to mention she is a snotty judgemental know it all. But she is also a good friend. thank god in this fic I can hate her freely xD
Guest chapter 41 . 10/16
I love your story so much! I hope it isn't abandoned. Honestly, I've just pulled an all-nighters reading your story and wow! What a sucky way to start out a week! I'm exhausted. It was well worth it, however! Please, Red Knight again soon! Until then, I will wistfully wait. Hell, it could take another year! I don't care! Just please update!
Grand Witch Alliance chapter 42 . 10/16
This is my first time reading a Ron story. And it's a time travel story with other time travelers too. It's like you have me something new with all of my favorite elements of Harry Potter fanfiction.

The only thing I'm surprised by and apprehensive of is Daphne's role. She went from Supreme Leader to potential marriage partner rather quickly.
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