Reviews for Reprise III
Diaspared chapter 19 . 11/28
This whole situation is predicated on Time Traveling Obi-Wan going completely silent while the plot happens around him, his younger counterpart doesn’t actually ask the guy for god knows what reason, and your OC padawan becomes the protagonist of the next arc.

Something’s rotten here, and I think it’s how much you’re shifting between protagonists.
Diaspared chapter 13 . 11/28
The story has gotten much better since the last of my reviews, but I do think you could stand to explain why the heck none of the three Jedi doing senate work are being warned to be especially wary of the Emperor-to-be.
Diaspared chapter 7 . 11/28
The lesser obi-wan seems to have wrenched the role of protagonist from the greater.

It’s not a good thing.
Diaspared chapter 5 . 11/28
All the characters are regressing, and quite frankly, I hate it.
Diaspared chapter 3 . 11/28
That chapter was many things, but good isn’t one of them.

The tonal whiplash was severe, and the sheer idiocy of allowing the queen to rush into the outpost is uncharacteristic of Windu, at best.

I see a future where Padme somehow ends up a young adult novel protagonist as she miraculously keeps up with literal superhumans, and I really don’t like it, not when I’ve so enjoyed the series up to this point.
Knight Vigilant Koren chapter 20 . 11/28
Lovely chapter.

I really like Obi Wans reaction to finally realizing Palpatine is Sidious

Cody and Aolas interactions are brillant as well
warorpeace chapter 20 . 11/26
I think all i can say is: wise kenobi ftw.

I cant help but think of ben not telling luke that vader was his father because of the same reasons he did not tell Obi wan that Palpatine is a sith
Guest chapter 20 . 11/24
I can't log into my account on mobile, but I do have one thing to say that kind of encompasses all of my thoughts:


I'm scared for Aola, I'm scared for Cody, I'm scared for Ben. I'm scared that Feemor can talk so easily with Palpatine, and I'm scared that Obi-Wan won't be able to control himself. I AM SCARED. The anxiety and excitement is revving up so quickly! What will our heroes do?!

Thanks for a great story.
MPRose chapter 20 . 11/20
Once again a wonderful chapter. Your Obi-Wan's growth is a joy to read about. I found myself agreeing with what he was saying about hope. I don't know about Yan Dooku, but it gave me hope reading it.

I'm glad to see Aola growing up and taking on more interesting missions. Your setup suggests danger, and shows the reader - without telling too explicitly - what sorts of disrespectful treatment and dangers a female character faces in her world. Especially a Ryloth female. I do hope, though, that you won't justify the over-protectiveness of Aola's male friends/family too much and will let her demonstrate why it's a bad idea to mess with her.

I do wonder how much information Feemor unwittingly gives Palpatine. Their scenes are always suitably creepy. And now with Obi-Wan in the know and Feemor having witnessed Obi-Wan's reaction, will Palpatine be able to gain more knowledge from them - or less?

I really do hope you'll finish this story. So many interesting directions, so many exciting developments, and the actual confrontation has yet to even begin...
White Ithiliel chapter 20 . 11/18
Ooooh, I think Cody's in looooooooove :3
time2read chapter 20 . 11/18
And the plot thickens! Wow this was an overall amazing ch! I like how Dooku speaks with Obi Wan! Dooku has grown so much and its always awesome to have a scene with him! Cody, wow I like his own reservations about the mission as well! I wonder though if the Jedi will ever address the short life span of clones I mean I don't think its very ethical. And wow now Obi Wan knows who the master is! Seriously don't make us wait for the update too much updates sooooooooon!
haganeochibi chapter 20 . 11/18
Hi. I've been a reader for a long time but like you, I've been hounded by life and couldn't leave a thank you review to writers for posting updates. That's all right, though; the wait was worth it. Thanks for this chapter! My favorite part was the convo between Obi Wan and Dooku. It does remind me of how grey Yan was back in the day, and how an elder's wisdom is a priceless gift to a young, less polished mind. It's a thump to me for not valuing my elder's advice in recent times.. Anyhow, I'll look forward to the next chapters!
Ignite the Stars chapter 20 . 11/18
Yay! I'm so glad that you updated. I needed something good to happen today. It such a joy to read this on my study break. I loved Aola and Cody working together and I can't wait to read their Geonosis adventure. May the Force be with you.
myrosedream chapter 20 . 11/18
Oh, how I LOVE this story. Please make sure all the characters are safe and on the light sideI don't know what I would do if something happened to any of them. I like the light under tone of this chapter and the accurate descriptions of all the characters feelings. Can't wait for the next chapter!
ILDV chapter 20 . 11/18
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