Reviews for Reprise III
YLJedi chapter 26 . 7/11/2023
Hi, I just wanted to tell you how much I love your Reprise series! I think it is my favorite Obi-Wan time traveling story. Your writing is so incredible, the plot so intricate, and you have so much love for all the characters. All the Jedi are so wise in their different ways, you don’t have the Council/Qui-Gon be idiots to Obi-Wan’s wisdom (as many authors default to). And I can’t believe you made me fall in love with OCs! I also love all the philosophy in it; it feels like rereading the Jedi Apprentice books.

I’ve reread Reprise 1-3 several times since I first found your stories, and your writing is so good that I am still working up the nerve to start Reprise IV. I don’t want this time to end, even though I know you will do an amazing job with it, but I love the hopeful atmosphere you've created with this world and I’m reluctant to let Anakin grow up and see how it all plays out. I think this is my third full reread and I’m getting closer and closer to opening up the last story. : )

Thank you for such an intricately constructed, beautiful series - you are an amazing writer!
cameron1812 chapter 26 . 6/23/2023
Absolutely amazing, thank you!
Andrew Lee Houghton chapter 1 . 5/22/2022
I still don't get how they know palpitine is a sith and still arrow him to get. chacalor why don't they send out the shadows to take him out
etnonexaudis chapter 14 . 4/28/2022
a master rorti that teaches rhetoric? sounds like a real life philosopher (Richard rorty)
Arekanderu chapter 26 . 3/20/2022
Another great part. Poor Obi wan he played right into Palpatine's hands
birka chapter 26 . 4/23/2021
Another great work in the series. Can't wait to read the next part!
And thank you for all the works. It brings great joy.
Firehelper chapter 26 . 2/22/2021
BrightSkywalker chapter 26 . 1/28/2021
I mean what is there to say other than, masterfully done.

Palpatine is Palpatine. There is a reason he is who he is, and not easily can he be toppled... but then again... long engine shafts seem to work.
Ranglar chapter 14 . 1/8/2021
Had some deep belly laughs from the part where Ben tricks Anakin into learning. I’ve gotta say I’m impressed with how you’ve handled Dooku.
Kay Hau chapter 26 . 12/6/2020
Excellent part three! Though I admit I was hoping for a more hopeful ending, but it does make sense that Palpatine has had time to recoup and adjust his plans. It was hard seeing Obi Wan get played like that at the end, but I suppose that’s the whole point. He needed that humility lesson and to realize he wouldn’t be able to defeat Palpatine that way. Looking forward to part 4!
Whovianeverlark17 chapter 26 . 10/18/2020
great story! I can't wait to start the next one!
Mattroxursoul chapter 20 . 8/27/2020
Good chapter. Really like the Dooku you have crafted. Must be a bit of fun for him having such an expanded lineage.
Mattroxursoul chapter 14 . 8/26/2020
Poor Dooku. I could only imagine him trying to rein Anakin in. Figure you are going to find Ventress but shame its not that little Mira. Maybe Obi Wan will step up to that plate in a couple years lol. Idea of crazy strict Dooku with adorable quiet girl has appeal though. Maybe Jinn will change his mind. Feel like there was some foreshadowing to that earlier by saying he had never trained a girl.
Mattroxursoul chapter 13 . 8/26/2020
I have not read any official stuff from star wars that has Palpatine in it. Well outside of the darth plagueis novel. Is he ever described as far as his presence in the force? Obviously no one caught on even though plenty of senior Jedi met with him. So wondered if he actually had some trick to hide. Feels like completely hiding would be a show in itself.
Guest chapter 10 . 6/21/2020
This is my third reread and this chapter still makes me cry. Thank you!
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