Reviews for Reprise III chapter 26 . 6/17
I've been reading and re-reading this series for a while now. It's an amazing AU! I'm so excited R:III is finished! You very obviously left it open for a R:IV. Good job and looking forward to another!
When U R 2 GOOD chapter 26 . 6/14
This AU is too good. Now that summer's here, REPRISE IV!
BenRG chapter 26 . 6/16
If anyone was likely to move away from Ben's subtle 'adjust and nudge' strategy, it was going to be Mace and young Obi-Wan.

How strange that Palpatine should gain his power at exactly the same moment that it happened in the prime time-line! I can't help but wonder if there are both dark and light Forces pushing galactic events right now.
simple405 chapter 26 . 6/12
Ooh wow. I just started getting back into anime by binging Hinamatsuri and Golden Kamuy which gave me the sensation of memories from the future for the first couple episodes and I now have something else to enjoy in your wonderful work. There is so much in the galaxy and yet society can feel small when karma binds it together. Thanks for the chapter. I look forwards to more.
Lady Iscea chapter 26 . 6/11
Well then...onward to Reprise IV!

Side note, there are very few SW AU fanfics that keep my attention. This is one of my favorites. Not only well written, but the character development and storyline is believable.
Constipated Genius chapter 26 . 6/11
My apologies for the infrequency of my reviews, life has been hell and I deeply regret not being able to be more in depth but let me say this: You are on helluva master of cliffhangers my man. Keep on doing what you're doing, this AU only gets better and better!

~Constipated Genius~
darthtenebrosius chapter 26 . 6/11
Dun dun dun! Palpatine isn't circumvented that easily. I eagerly await Reprise IV! It seems unlikely that Palpatine will be able to accomplish the same stuff as last time, though; he doesn't have a Galactic Grand Army, just a few planetary or system forces in a Republic coalition. How does he plan to get a hold? For that matter, how does he plan to take out the Jedi without an army?
Magelove chapter 26 . 6/11
On no, poor Obi-wan. Hopefully, he'll get his groove back.

Clawmouse clan? Feemor is going to the Clawmouse clan? That means one thing, she's coming and I'm so excited.

It feels like Obi-wan will be getting a padawan soon but I can't tell who. Another delightful OC or a familiar face? I guess it would depend on the time skip and your plans for Anakin. Speaking of, his last scene worries me.

On to the next arc!
Prince Pondincherry chapter 26 . 6/10
I feel like a broken record saying this all the time, but Obi-Wan sure is living up to Qui-Gon's example of defying authority. I actually think this Obi-Wan mint have made a better master for canon Anakin than canon Obi-Wan was.
I hope Mace Windu is counting on Obi-Wan's stubbornness to further some scheme. The alternatives are that Palpatine has gotten to him or that Obi-Wan is completely screwing everything up. Or Obi-Wan is opposing Mace Windu but not totally screwing up, somehow.
I love that Obi-Wan is, of course, suggesting they spring the trap.

So Valorum is going with the plan Obi-Wan supports. Hmm. This issue is complicated enough that I don't even know what to think.

Well shit. This is bad.

Awesome! I was getting serious "end of RoTS" vibes with Obi-Wan giving up after a major defeat and running off to do something useful in a more subtle way. But that's not actually what's happening. Instead, he's turning a defeat (the loss of his political capital) into an opportunity to head off and directly go after Palpatine's criminal empire. Fortunately, these are all things we know Obi-Wan Kenobi can handle. Unfortunately, this time he doesn't have Anakin with him. Hopefully he can handle it.
supernova01 chapter 26 . 6/10
Great way to end Reprise III and set up Reprise IV. Felt so bad for Valorum and Obi-Wan's reaction to what happened. I don't blame Obi-Wan for what he decided to do. Throughly enjoyed this arc of Reprise and am very much am looking to Reprise IV.
Pure Happenstance chapter 26 . 6/10
WayFarer2000 chapter 26 . 6/10
Hello, I have been following this story recently. I find it engaging and fun; you have my thanx for allowing me the pleasure of reading it.

One small criticism: You have Yoda say, "Look outside, look to the horizon, you must." However, in Empire Strikes Back as well as The Last Jedi, Yoda criticizes Luke for always looking at the horizon, never at what is in front of him.
warorpeace chapter 26 . 6/10
Is this the last chapter? It ended on a note of a chapter that could have been.

I’m intrigued on what Obi will do now. And how much Windu is involved.

Will we see stuff from the clone wars and rebels seties?

Anyway, keep up the great writing!
Eirian Erisdar chapter 26 . 6/10

I love how you've portrayed Palpatine's plans to be so wily and unexpected that even with Ben's history and Mace's work, he couldn't be fully thwarted as easily as the Jedi would have liked.

And changing the subject completely - "the raw, unbending strength of the woman they'd grown to love," is one of the most beautiful sentences I've seen from you yet. Can't wait for more. Great job cracking on and writing!
time2read chapter 26 . 6/10
I have enjoyed this fic! I hope there is more Dooku and Ben in the next one because Dooku was still around and kicking in clone wars and that's when Anakin was in his early twenties so he should have a good decade or more in him no?

Obi seems he became a sentinel? I mean that would be great if that was his new title, it would make a lot of sense. Again great stuff I just hope you don't get too bogged down with Aola I mean she is great and all but the last few ch have been her centric and it would be better to take a breather from her. Ps will we be seeing Plo Koon and his Wolfpack? Maybe as an elite sentinel squad of sorts? Could work. Or Cody, feel for him wish he didn't have to suffer like that.

Bail Organa, he's coming around and developing pretty nicely. That comment on Obi Wan should stay away for a bit only underlines how far along he'd gotten.

Update soon and great fic!
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