Reviews for Return to Sender
Doctor Homicide chapter 38 . 9/7
Good luck with college glad to know ahead of time also are you going to make a chapter with junkrat and roadhog soon a new comic of them is coming man
Guest chapter 38 . 8/29
Np love your fanfiction but you gotta take care of yourself it's understandable.
sliebum chapter 38 . 8/28
Hey, just take the time you need, and as you said, rather a good chapter than a rushed one.
That's all, Sli out
Guest chapter 1 . 8/27
It's okay we all need breaks from time to time take as long as you need, but always remember school come first, and during your break a lot of overwatch lore is going to come out and already has come out so you'll have a lot more material to work with in your story *cough cough* Junkertown.
Have a good one
Zomvee chapter 38 . 8/27
Dude first thing you should always keep in mind if writing is daining you, stop and rest for a bit.
Secondly you mental health is more important than a story that you are writing.
Look up the dude who played as the joker in suicide squad and the aftermath.
Evil Reviewer chapter 38 . 8/27
L0rdOfThEMemes chapter 38 . 8/27
Whilst it is sad to know that this fic wont see an update for awhile at least you have informed us. I can relate to what your going through (just thinking of college stresses me out) and I hope that whatever your taking goes really well. This fic Is amazing, I dont normally like OC's but your OC just has something about him, i cant place it. So even though i hate waiting I'll wait as long as it takes for you to be ready to come back to the life absorbing hobby known as "writing".
IWriteStorys chapter 38 . 8/26
Bro you've been working your ass of on this story, you need to take a brake. Besides you got college and real world problems, be sure to figure those out before you start writing again.
LifeByTheCreed chapter 38 . 8/26
To quote another tall man in black armor... "Nooooooooooo!"
Good luck with your college stuff though.
christian.a.lebron1 chapter 38 . 8/26
While I'm sad to hear that we won't be seeing more of this story as often as we've had it, I am personally thankful that you wrote this to inform us instead of just leaving us hanging and completely disappearing. For the past few months you've given us an amazing story which I feel is one of the best I've read and you need for a break to concentrate on yourself and on your school work is more than. I wish you good luck in your school year and I hope to see more of this story in the near future
ManwithaPlan113 chapter 38 . 8/26
I understand. School work is very important! Just succeed at that and remember this is a hobby, not an obligation!
Timetravelviajutsu chapter 38 . 8/26
:( I understand, but I am slightly sad, your basically the only decent Overwatch writer that updates now a days. I don't fault you for wanting to focus on college, I went to college for a while (and I still plan to continue going after I figure out what I want to do) and I understand how hard it can be to properly focus when there is money and time on the line. (I too have a hard time focusing on real life sometimes) I hope you continue the story when you have the time, but perhaps you could take it easy when you do so you dont get so drained. Thanks for your work.
Ferno16 chapter 1 . 8/26
Sigh. Education, so necessary yet so annoying. Don't blame you for slowing down, as long the story doesn't stop halfway majority of us won't give a shit. All we ask is that you don't make us wait for a year. About four months at best, so you have plenty of time.
Baslias chapter 38 . 8/26
sithmaster56a chapter 38 . 8/26
No worries. Best of luck to you
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