Reviews for Return to Sender
Guest chapter 53 . 17h
I absolutely love this story i can't wait to see the reunion :D
Lone Commentor chapter 53 . 18h
Looking back on it your right it was a good chapter and had some relevant stuff in it. Just had it in the back of my head that as soon as the wastelanders arrived they would immediately be with Brin, which is unrealistic. Any way another good chapter, Brin seems to finally be out of that shell of his.
Vince8121 chapter 53 . 21h
Man I can't wait for the next chapter I really like your story
LuckyFractal chapter 53 . 7/19
Insert obligitory ball tickling comment here.

Every chapter till it happens. I waaannn iiitttt
umbridoar chapter 53 . 7/19
hey, just wanted to say I love the story. keep up the great work!
Warden of Lore chapter 1 . 7/19
I just want the gang to get back together. that's all I want.
NeoNazo356 chapter 52 . 7/17
Pamley forgetting about the Power Armor's AC was a hoot to read. As for Nathan's friends kicking the metaphorical shit out of the highwaymen, that was a cool way to have them get their bearings in this new world.
Anyway, it took me a couple days since Chapter 31, but I finally got caught up on this gem, and I'm eagerly looking forward to more now that Nathan's friends are on-world.
NeoNazo356 chapter 51 . 7/17
Seeing all of Overwatch drop what they were doing to investigate the nuclear strike was a funny way to start the chapter; at least apart from the "after-hours activities" the night before. As for the cat leading Nathan to Cook Bastion, it's interesting to see how much the former killer robot has come. I wonder what the world would think of "The Man in Black Armor" if they saw him with a "pet Bastion" on his heels. The fact that Tiger almost lunged at Ganymete was well-written too, and Tracer's intervention was extremely fortuitous; I'm not sure I want to find out what Bastion would do to that cat if anything happened to his little bird friend.
One more chapter and I'll be all-caught-up.
NeoNazo356 chapter 50 . 7/17
Well I'll say, Nathan's friends sure know how to make an entrance. Just hope they have something to take them back HOME.
I penned the previous line before reading up to the point that the Think Tank DID in fact forget to give them a way back. The Red Glare splattering "giblets" all over them was pretty funny, and it has me wondering if the Red Glare is more or less-powerful than Pharah's own rocket launcher.
As for the end where Boone had a Mini-Nuke with an egg timer attached... I wonder if Talon was expecting a LITERAL NUKE to go off on their doorstep. The fact that I was listening to Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture as I was reading this was the icing on the cake.
Just 2 more chapters and I'll be all caught-up.
NeoNazo356 chapter 49 . 7/17
Nathan's story about the Bark Scorpion was pretty funny.
Still, the fact that he finally hit his straining point shows he can't keep doing the same-old thing forever. As for the "high priorities", I somehow imagine Nathan will begin to tackle those so more resources can be diverted to finding the Transportalponder.
NeoNazo356 chapter 48 . 7/17
The snippet about Reinhardt gaining Tesla Armor because Nathan put the idea into his head was pretty cool. It'd DEFINITELY give him omni-directional attacks when he's going full-swing with that big hammer of his. Although, mixing Tesla Mods with his Shield might complicate things.
As for Nathan's dialogue with Orisa, it was BRILLIANT, and I can't help but wonder what Efi will think of Orisa learning "new words".
As for the fight with Doomfist... What the hell is that thing made of that he could Superman his way through a Plasma Grenade right in the palm of his hand. The Pulse Grenade Special was also well thought-out, though after the Meteor Strike, I imagine in the future, Nathan will want to take his own advice and just KILL the guy instead of postulating.
NeoNazo356 chapter 47 . 7/16
The elaboration surrounding Hana using an old-style gun was pretty cool, since you hardly see Diva doing much that's impressive out-of-mech. As for Nathan spotting their target on a PHONE of all things... A funny juxtaposition, though I think Hana will be a bit peeved he was goofing around on the phone.
The subsequent "fight" with Talon was well-written, and it was funny just HOW Nathan called the police. It ultimately WAS a lot simpler than going through the trouble of burning a phone later.
As for the "interesting details", I wonder if it's about the time his brain got scooped out wholesale and replaced with tesla coils.
NeoNazo356 chapter 46 . 7/16
Junkrat's fanboy-ish moment with Ana was funny to read, as was Roadhog reigning him in. As for Nathan getting "shipped" with Hana a LITERAL minute in, that was a hoot.
As for the "recreational" scene between "James" and "Maria", I still can't help but wonder if she's able to Hack something outdated like the Pip-Boy. I mean, it IS technically a computer, but I wonder if she's able to infiltrate something so-outdated.
Hana's dialogue with Lucio was well-written as well, and I can't help but wonder how-long and from whom Nathan will be able to conceal the fact that he's from an "alternate timeline".
NeoNazo356 chapter 45 . 7/16
Somehow, Junkrat's spiel about using the second nuclear core as a heater or hottub-warmer is WHOLLY appropriate.
The little bit about Roadhog slamming the brakes and sending Junkrat bouncing and Jerry into the sidecar was EXTREMELY well-written.
Nathan's run through the Omnium had me on the edge of my seat, and then when he gutted that guy and took a bit out of his heart... DAMN that was dark! As for the prospect of Junkrat getting his hand on Plasma Grenades... well. It isn't like there's any shortage of radioactive material to use for the Primer or whatever.
The bit about Junkrat turning his sidecar into a rocket was BRILLIANT, I can just imagine him cackling away. The bit about the melted skeleton gave me a very clear idea of what the world of Fallout mixed with Mad Max would look like, since there's no way of knowing how-hard Australia was hit during the Great War. The part where he pinned the Junker Queen to the bed of her chariot before sending her careening over the edge of the cliff... Still, maybe Junkrat should lob some 'nades down there for good measure. Couldn't hurt. I mean, it COULD hurt, but it couldn't hurt the subjectively "good guys" in this scenario.
As for the END, Nathan telling everyone to fuck off so he could nap was a hoot. As was wanting to bring Roadhog's motorcycle with them because it was "an antique".
NeoNazo356 chapter 44 . 7/15
LOVE the way Junkrat's attempted tyrannicide went off-the-rails. You'd think something with a Remote Detonator instead of an ACTUAL fuse (thought he was being metaphorical) would've been used, but I was wrong.
As for the pit full of dead/dying Omnics, I imagined what it looked like in CGI, and boy did THAT fill me with a sense of dread. The subsequent man v machine battle was well-written as well, though it has me questioning the extent of the cybernetic modifications he got at either Big Mountain or that Clinic near New Vegas.
Still... I wonder how-dead the Queen actually is.
Either way, this arc is getting CRAZY good.
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