Reviews for Free Heart
oynxwinter chapter 75 . 1h
you’re such a kick-ass, author! you’re cranking out updates every week, && not for just one book, but for all of them, it’s really admirable!

this chapter was just filled with Luffy & Emmy goodness! when she began calling out to him, & he grabbed her cause he heard,,, oh my heart! && he’s so proud of her bounty! god I love them so much, they’re my favorite. I can’t read any other Luffy/OC stories because this one is so DAMN GOOD! thank you for the update!
OneWhoReadsTooMuch chapter 75 . 3h
To Sky Island!
LadyAmazon chapter 75 . 4h
Go Merry! Go!
BlackDove WhiteDove chapter 75 . 6h
OO She called for him, and he caught her, and I love it.
Golly that was so cute! Thank you so much for the update! This made my day
Momochan77 chapter 75 . 7h
Aww Luffy saving Emmy is so sweet as always. Now they just have to survive this next adventure! See you next update!
starrat chapter 75 . 9h
I loved it looking forward to the next chapter
LittleAngel2292 chapter 75 . 10h
Awesome! I loved it! I think I might reread this, I don't remember the clock tower scene that was mentioned here.
EylaQueen chapter 75 . 10h
Yes, yes yes yes thank god for the update! May god bless you! 3 This chapter is truly amazing and I'm very glad that Luffy got Emmy before she falls. Thanm you very much for writing this far and I'm very glad that you keep your promise well :"))
The Mysterious Mr. Anonymous chapter 74 . 7/17
So, not gonna lie...I'm a little confused, is this Emmy/Luffy pairing? (or will it be eventually?)
That aside, man did I get hyped reading this chapter! Emmy is so badass
starrat chapter 74 . 7/17
I loved it so much I just want to hug emmy and never let her go
tylermech66 chapter 74 . 7/17
I forgot how this much this story give me the feel goods, it's like when I was stuck in steven universe, so much love, so much badassery!
tylermech66 chapter 73 . 7/17
was she that hurt originally? I don't remember the bow being ripped off.
Momochan77 chapter 74 . 7/14
WOOHOO! Go Emmy! That’s the way to show those hooligans some manners! See you next update!
EylaQueen chapter 74 . 7/13
Wuuuuuuuuuuu! I reallllyyyy love youuuuuuu! 3 I'm really glad I'm not in my work place yet, because I couldn't help but screaming when I see this. I bet you are going to update the others two! Muahhhh looool
oynxwinter chapter 74 . 7/13
Emmy has such a powerful ability, && it’s about time people have realized that & been intimidated by her! I always love seeing Emmy kick some ass !
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