Reviews for Fire Meet Gasoline
Pab50 chapter 67 . 7/14
This is my 2nd time reading this story. You have done a fabulous job writing it! By now you’re probably watching season 6. I’m holding out for Netflix in the states as I prefer to binge it! I’m in complete agreement with you; I think the writers really f #&ed it up, but maybe my opinion will be altered after I watch season 6.
allycat81 chapter 133 . 6/6
Great chapter, my wife and I have encountered our share of homophobia so glad you put that in there it still exists shame as it's 2018 I'm married with a family. Can't wait for another update xx
Guest chapter 130 . 5/3
I'm working on developing a Ballie fanfic and I would love your input. Shoot me an email and maybe we can pull together something great. I'm working on creating Ballie from college into later decades so let me know!
Hez-xx chapter 130 . 4/27
Our ladies are back! That was a great read after a sucky shift
& ... New story you say? I need details ;P
Hez-xx chapter 128 . 4/1
Everything about this chapter was perfect. I honestly run out of words to describe each and every chapter. Our ladies are married, woooo *throws confetti*
Guest chapter 127 . 3/29
Please please please update this soon- team Novak all the way!
Hez-xx chapter 127 . 3/18
Team Novak all the way. Most definitely :)
I can't believe we are so close to the wedding now *hat at the ready* it's going to be perfect.
Much like this story, 127 chapters in. Still adore it x
lilmax499 chapter 127 . 3/16
I'm still on board and Fire is still the shizzle! Everything is about to be all legal on next update! Also been spending time on the early chapters starting at chapter 60! Excellent update!
Hez-xx chapter 126 . 3/7
*fans self* that was... There are no words! ;) I can't believe we're almost at wedding time, so so excited x
Guest chapter 125 . 2/27
I’m in love with this story. I cannot wait for the wedding. Also I low key just want for them to have a little tiny baby
Hez-xx chapter 125 . 2/26
Amazing, amazing, amazing. You haven't lost your touch and I'm very excited for the wedding :)
Guest chapter 124 . 2/21
Please please please tell me there will be an update soon- serious withdrawals over here!
NatAttack16 chapter 7 . 2/9
Just started this and in love with it
Hez-xx chapter 123 . 1/18
*glares at you from iPad screen* Remember, I trust you yeah? ;P
Oh and it goes without saying, I love angry Allie ;)
Hez-xx chapter 122 . 1/9
Can Isla just fuck off? That would be grand! I really didn't mind her at first and thought her little crush on Bea was cute but now, she's pissing me off.

Allie trying to keep up with Boomer is always entertaining, I'd give it a shot... Or ten ;)
Amazinf chapter as always :) x
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