Reviews for To Tame A Lion
LunarMiko07 chapter 17 . 10/5
I'm really enjoying this story so far and I'm looking forward to both Hermione and Minerva showing the Ministry who's boss. :)
queentigeriii chapter 17 . 10/2
This story is so good, and I am so sad it hasn’t been updated in so long! Second time reading it but I forgot where it left off! Poor Minerva, she needs a hug...
Guest chapter 17 . 9/24
Love this story and while I know the chance is low, I dream of you continuing this!
Zoet Hart chapter 17 . 9/4
I have to admit that the longer this story lasts the more confused I get. I'm very sorry. I don't understand why Minerva and Hermione are so reluctant to talk to each other. I'm also wondering if this is still the introduction? Since it feels as if you're still setting up all the basic information in regards to what is going on. Did you intend for us to think for two chapters that Minerva had said yes to Kingsley? I have to admit the story is leaving me feeling sad and as if I'm stupid, which makes me feel even more sad. Anyway. I love the interactions with Hooch, both Minerva's and Hermione's. I love how Hermione is with the first years, and I'm rather loving Draco. And I think you have a very beautiful writing style. Thank you for all the effort that has gone into all your beautiful writing and planning and I'm sorry I'm not getting it, but I hope you'll continue this story so hopefully one day I will. 3
bringmemyqueen chapter 17 . 8/22
based on what arthur said minerva thinks she told ginny they had a falling out, but more likely ginny knows about the crush, but telling arthur? hmmm. ofc minerva is clueless to believe hermione would’ve had a crush on her during her school days. but that “you should bring hermione” from arthur has me thinking he does know. him and filius have that matchmaker twinkle in their eyes.

ugh wish we knew exactly what hermione said to minerva about her time away. now my brain will be running away with ideas of how hermione will react when she learns of the ministers proposal and the heartache our ladies will suffer until it can all be resolved.

hope you return to this story one day. it’s so well written and such a good plot. you can probably tell from my comments if has my mind turning and speculating about everything we don’t yet know.
bringmemyqueen chapter 15 . 8/22
love the international political talk of this story. very nuanced and not something i see in a lot of fics or even what jk has done. well done.

“and, well… whatever the young woman did desire, Minerva would be hellbent on seeing it through to fruition” YOU MIN ITS YOU SHE WANTS

oh my god what a rollercoaster. writing my comment out as i went and things turned from hope to ruh roh real quick. damn minnie, what are you doing girl. but the dramatics of it all, i’m hooked!
bringmemyqueen chapter 7 . 8/22
was thinking it was a bellatrix thing that send her away, but the ‘her children’ comment, makes me think she was raped and got pregnant, but who’s child would it be?
LadyoftheLake00 chapter 17 . 7/24
This is one of my favorite fan fictions I have read. I hope it gets updated or picked up by another author.
susanweese chapter 17 . 6/30
This story is soooo good!
Cmdr.DorkyBadass chapter 17 . 3/9
Everyone is implying that Minerva and Hermione had some sort of relationship after war and they had a falling out thus Hermione left.. They surely did, right? but the problem is that both women can't see it.
In my comprehension is that these two lovely ladies are in denial and as a subconscious flight response Hermione left with her other survivors guilt reason. Minerva tried right and was worried when Hermione didn't show up when the school reopened..
I think Kingsley is giving Hermione and Minerva time to get together offering his marriage proposal to Minerva thus giving her a 6 month forbearance and adding Hermione's exams getting ahead of time I think they could somehow wrecked the Wizengamot's plans. But poor Kingsley though will be getting burnt of it and losing a potential wife lol.
He also implied from the start the Hermione might surprise Minerva and subtle push for a potential relationship, right.

This fic challenging my conspiracy theory rationalizing mind so please please go back to this story and finish this one. Don't leave us hanging.

Adorably begging you to update this! and by the way thank you for sharing this lovely story to us. Kudos and much love!

P.S. Stay safe always!
Cmdr.DorkyBadass chapter 15 . 3/9
Oh no! She accepted? Just marry Granger, Min!
Cmdr.DorkyBadass chapter 14 . 3/9
Draco's cryptic advise is laced with hints on why Hermione taking her 7th year. Minerva should have seen that coming but her objectivity is clouded when it comes to Hermione.
I got the feeling that Hermione and Minerva will be both paired for the Marriage Law.
Cmdr.DorkyBadass chapter 10 . 3/9
Goodness Min that was a rookie's mistake.
Why did Minerva "Athena" thought that Fiona's scent and bright brown eyes seemed rather familiar?

Maybe she's long lost relative of Hermione?
Cmdr.DorkyBadass chapter 9 . 3/9
Goodness her teaching flow is flawless! She got the greetings, motivation, the introduction, lesson proper and a differentiated group activity! Just wow
I'm hooked with this story but I am utterly in love on Hermione"s teaching style..

If Min is not inlove yet with Hermione she is totally now.
Teaching little ones is pure joy and can be very uplifting.

Now this my favorite chapter so far!
and please please update soon and finish this story.
Tonks7777777 chapter 1 . 1/12
This was really great! Would love to hear what happens next! :D
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