Reviews for True Face
acorn8357 chapter 2 . 8/3
This was soo good! It would have made an amazing multi chaptered fic but the impatient side of me is really excited this was a two shot. Thank you!
FriendofTrees chapter 2 . 7/13
Loved it! Especially the ending. So yum!
Lunar-Cycle139 chapter 2 . 7/2
This is such a cute story!
kkelly04 chapter 2 . 5/21
Loved this!
BeautifulSamurai chapter 2 . 5/11
This was such a fabulously interesting and romantic short read! Wow. Beautifuly written. lol Thank you for sharing!
Grahamgirl93 chapter 2 . 1/24
Very good story idea! Great job!
lets make a scene chapter 2 . 1/20
I am completely in love with this. I want moooooore.
kimbclar chapter 2 . 1/15
desperatelyobvious chapter 2 . 1/15
This had a very interesting plot to it! I found the ending a bit rushed, but I do understand that it was for a test and had a word limit hehe :p I half expected it to simply be the whole Malfoy-would-protect-her after finding out it’s really Hermione but I really like the twist of both him and Nott working as double agents for the Order!
Dulce Muerte chapter 2 . 1/13
love this I truly hope it continues even if only for a chapter or two
Kelsey441 chapter 2 . 12/23/2017
I really appreciated the uniqueness of this idea. I love that he was attracted to her as both people. I love the concept of the rune. Most of all, I love that Draco did something worthwhile.
ceowens516 chapter 1 . 11/7/2017
I love the premise of this story! I know you aren’t planning on expanding, but I think you could do a lot with it!
MotekElm chapter 2 . 10/18/2017
dark AU but HEA. I loved it
Guest chapter 2 . 10/16/2017
I didn't expect it to be (because of the length and the summary), but that was a very satisfying short story. Normally, when I read a short fic, I have all sorts of questions, but in this case, I'm perfectly happy. Good times.
Mari Wollsch chapter 2 . 9/27/2017
lovely xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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