Reviews for Heart over Mind
LadyBarronmore chapter 27 . 9/12
I came across this story a few days ago and just finished reading it. It's a slow read but very well written. The character development is excellent.

You have a solid future writing romance novels if you so choose.

Change the names and reset some scenes and you have your first one already.
Guest chapter 27 . 8/28
Wow! I love this story! Its so sweet...
wine witch chapter 12 . 8/21
In the middle of this wonderful story the only things annoying are some grammar errors:
had went - had gone
had spoke - had spoken
There are several of those false participle forms. Maybe you can correct them?
MyLovelyHorse chapter 16 . 8/8
You are murdering me with this story! Jeez, I'm nowhere near the end (thank gods) but the agonizing build up between SS and HG is as torturously delicious for me as it is for them. Thank you so much. I feel less of a robot today, thanks to you and your talent.
Jessie Deal chapter 27 . 7/31
Wow. This was an amazing project. The best parts about your work is both the slow build-up that seems credible, the rich array of characters that surround Hermione and the part I was surprised and loved the best was the whole dealing with what happens after Hermione and Severus end up together. Very believable and wonderfully engaging. Thank you so much!
Jessie Deal chapter 19 . 7/30
Wonderful. The buildup, the background characters. Well well done. Thank you
whitehound chapter 2 . 7/26
Yes, it's a nice, realistic staffroom scene, very convincing, and you haven't committed any obvious Americanisms so far. I would have thought, though, given that this is set in the late 1990s, that they would have at least considered the possibility that Hermione might be bi, and that despite her having dated Krum, her destined soul-mate wouldn't *necessarily* be a boy. Obviously, it will be, but they wouldn't know that.
o0SapphireMyst0o chapter 8 . 7/18
Thank you for another good chapter. It's nice sometimes to have in depth narrative of the characters to know more how the feel and what they are thinking. Onto the Christmas chapter!
o0SapphireMyst0o chapter 7 . 7/16
'Of course', *wink* Lol This chapter was very good! Not even close to ugly, silly :P I really do enjoy the Snape/Hermione interactions and I do hope to read more of it, as you've mentioned. Did I happen to say I was terrible at writing reviews? Yah, I'm not so good most of the time about mentioning in detail about things in the chapter I enjoyed, because my brain is in a fog most of the time. Anyways, really enjoying myself reading your fic, thank you :)
DaemoniumLE chapter 9 . 7/15
I love the chapter! But I was just wondering why hermione's heritage is Italian? As far as I knew she was british/english. And why Hermione's mom's name is caroline/carolina I thought it was Jean. That includes hermione's middle name, Hermione Jean Granger. It might be that it's just your perspective but I'm not to sure.
o0SapphireMyst0o chapter 6 . 7/15
Another good chapter. I'm enjoying seeing how Hermione has softened him a bit, at least towards her. I really wonder if their separation will make their hearts grow fonder. Looking forward to that )
o0SapphireMyst0o chapter 5 . 7/15
I really enjoyed this chapter, so much interaction between both SS and HG, highly amusing. I have to say though, that this fanfic seems very familiar as I keep getting dejavu in this chapter. Either I've actually started reading this a long time ago or it's a sign that I'm on the right path in my life. Apparently I'm meant to read a bunch of fan fiction because I've gotten dejavu so many times while reading this stuff. Anyway, I look forward to more of 'their' interactions together. Thank you for writing another wonderful chapter :)
Guest chapter 27 . 7/12
I loved this story it was phenomenonal
Guest chapter 27 . 7/12
I just finished reading your story over the course of a day and it was BRILLIANT. I love Severus and this story was so realistic and perfectly captured his personality. I don't know how to explain how much I loved reading your story but you know when you finish reading or watching a great series or book and you get an overwhelming sense of sadness because it's over? That's what I'm feeling as I write this review. It was wonderful and I just want to applaude you and thank you SO much for writing this! Seriously- I loved it.
o0SapphireMyst0o chapter 4 . 7/14
Wow, this was so well written! It was a perfect chapter, or at the very least nearly perfect. No criticisms, no critiques, just praise. I loved to part where Dumbledore was talking to Hermione. I guess that's the part where you used a lot of your professors wisdom, very sound and good advise. The the part with Dumbledore and Severus at the end of the chapter was so funny hilarious. All of the characters are so in character. Love this chapter, thank you! :D
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