Reviews for Chlexville
lilforgetfull1 chapter 10 . 1/23/2017
Dun dun duuuuun.!
lilforgetfull1 chapter 9 . 1/23/2017
Getting harder to follow.
lilforgetfull1 chapter 8 . 1/23/2017
I hope lex starts to persuade her!
lilforgetfull1 chapter 7 . 1/23/2017
Haven't seen Smallville in a long time. Couldn't really follow this story
lilforgetfull1 chapter 6 . 1/23/2017
I knew he would be jealous!
lilforgetfull1 chapter 5 . 1/23/2017
I hope lex gets a little jealous.
lilforgetfull1 chapter 4 . 1/23/2017
I wonder what lex is going to think of the missed call?
lilforgetfull1 chapter 3 . 1/23/2017
Hee hee. I like this
lilforgetfull1 chapter 2 . 1/23/2017
This looks cute. I hope that cloie makes lex fight for it.
lilforgetfull1 chapter 1 . 1/23/2017
This looks cute
robinlange chapter 57 . 12/17/2016
where is the rest of the story.
Miss.Breakable Butterfly chapter 57 . 12/9/2016
Hello, I do not know if you will read this but this story deserved a comment. God! Is and has been my favorite story of this couple and I am so sad to know that it is not finished, by now I know that it is very unlikely that you continue it but if you did you would have a faithful reader. However, at this moment I hate and love you, for such a story. My best wishes and hope that someday you publish again because it would be a pity that this story was unfinished.
K chapter 57 . 8/23/2014
You wrote a Chlex fic that's actually good and left it at the worst cliffie?! Why!
Mel2121 chapter 57 . 12/24/2013
I'm not sure if I love you because you wrote one of my favorite fanfincs or hate you because you left it incomplete however I can tell you that if you decide to continue this, you'll have a faithful reader in me (I'm very interested in your other fanfics of Klaroline but I fear that I'll love it and you'll leave it half finished)
chrisrose chapter 7 . 11/18/2013
Very their discussion about wonderful to see the concern they have for eachother, and Chloe being there for Lex during his moments of self-doubt/self-loathing. The last line of Chloe's was sweet and touching and funny all at once. This fic is like a dream come true, for all of us who watched Smallville and wished Lex had someone to help him fight his "destiny" as "the villain of the story". You illustrate so well that Chloe's the perfect person to bring light to counteract Lex's tendency towards darkness. Sorry if I sound cheesy. :P But thank you for writing this and giving Chlex fans such satisfying missing scenes. I can't wait to read how they'll help eachother through upcoming painful events...

(I'm sorry if this review repeats...I think the site logged me out. :/ Feel free to delete any duplicates!)
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