Reviews for Out of Place
psp reader chapter 84 . 9/16
dat chapter, lol
Lunaris Eclipse chapter 104 . 9/9
My previous comment broke but hopefully you can understand it
Lunaris Eclipse chapter 104 . 9/9
Good luck with basic. I'm sure you'll do your country proud. And rememberDe opresso liberI dont remember the army's motto, but I do remember my own.)
psp reader chapter 1 . 9/8
funnily disgusting
psp reader chapter 67 . 9/8
psp reader chapter 59 . 9/7
wa ze fact...
psp reader chapter 39 . 9/7
smartjocklv chapter 14 . 9/7
Just discovered this. It's a lot of fun. It could do with a little less of the political statements. Running from wrigley to willis in two paragraphs? You must never skip leg day then haha.
Galer chapter 104 . 9/3
I like this a lot
Also Raven is goint to fuck everithin up
AmethystPone chapter 66 . 9/5
you know...why not just kill that yandere and be done with her?
Gabriel H. Sapphire chapter 104 . 9/4
Kool bud.
AmethystPone chapter 3 . 9/4
yeah...Double standard hypocrites are what feminists boils down to these days...
shadowprove97 chapter 104 . 9/4
Another awesome chapter man! Can't wait to see what happens next. Also, again, congrats on getting into the military. Good luck in basic training. Hope to you do well. Peace!
MistahKillJoy chapter 104 . 9/3
LoL because nothing says I Love You like a dick joke at your wedding
Hey man congrats on getting into the army always great to see someone make there dreams come true though Im gonna be sad to see your stories slow down i always enjoyed reading this been on it since near the beginning. but Ce La Vie Good Luck comrade watch yourself out there.
Million Arthur The Yuri King chapter 104 . 9/3
Check in soon as you can, and good luck!
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