Reviews for The Devil's Plan
LittleMoCullen chapter 26 . 2h
OMG, this is going to get even crazier I think before it gets better.
cfigueroa78 chapter 26 . 12/6
Oh my goodness,what a great chapter! My heart breaks for Edward and hope he come back soon. It's unfortunate that the devil himself has to give everyone, except Bella, what they deserve. I don't even feel that sorry for Esme anymore. It's unimaginable that two parents would blame their child for being sexually abused, because that's what it was. The abuser takes their life and they hang that on him too? I'm glad he chocked out Emmett and hope he does the same to Carlisle. I really don't know how this story will end but I find it hard to forgive his family's actions and I hope Edward leaves with Bella - starting a new life away from them. Those emotional wounds from his brother and parents will be too hard to heal from. They don't deserve his forgiveness- the damage they did to their own child is really repulsive. Carlisle being more concerned about his career and not his son's sexual abuse. It's tragic that this is mostly due to him being a young man. Imagine a 15 year old girl having sex with a 40 year old man and being held responsible for it.
sue1zide chapter 26 . 12/6
You're such a tease.
Merry Christmas!
sherylb chapter 26 . 12/5
I am really hoping that Edward can somehow warn Bella!
2brown-eyes chapter 26 . 12/5
Yikes. I hope Edward can fight him off.
LaPumuckl chapter 26 . 12/5
I guess the new Edward want have a lot of fan's, though maybe the help from Rose/Astaard will help him earn back some points
Rita01tx chapter 26 . 12/5
On the one hand, watchin' Satan alienate everyone with his arrogance is funny as hell. On the other, they all think it's Edward so he's in deep shit when / if he ever gets his body back! Sure hope he figures out a way to reach Bella to warn her what's goin' on! She's the only one who would actually believe him!
archy12 chapter 26 . 12/5
Of course the family is puzzled by Edward's attitude. The question is whether they will figure out that he is possessed by the devil.
Good job, Bella! You show him he can't treat you like that!
debslmac chapter 26 . 12/5
Judyblue95 chapter 26 . 12/4
Ugh. I hate that the devil is in Edward. Bella will be the one to put him down, right? I missed this story, but really find it hard to like that evil seems to be winning.
roxiegirl chapter 26 . 12/4
Awesome chapter! Devilward scares me. Esme and Kodi knows that something isn’t right with Edward. Bella will know it too, when she sees him!

Thanks Christa!
Stelle's Pen chapter 26 . 12/4
This is extremely entertaining LOL
DICATAKADD chapter 26 . 12/4
Oh boy...always a pleasure to see an update on this story. Definitely a drop everything WIP.

Damn girl...

"What did I do to Isabella?" The Devil repeated with a sneer. "Nothing, yet."
Rebadams7 chapter 26 . 12/4
The tightrope walk begins now. Literally the flames fill the pit below
sujari6 chapter 26 . 12/4
The Devil is going to regret taking over Edward's body. His confusion over human behaviour is really amusing.
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