Reviews for Honour Thy Blood
alix33 chapter 5 . 2h
Way to go, Neville, at: “Did you write to him?”
Nah, I highly doubt that Harry will get over it.
“new-found” should be hyphenated.
The only people I feel sorry for that they are going to have to endure Umbridge at school are Neville and Luna.
“that they simply knew nothing”, not “’that you simply knew nothing”.
Yay! for Neville having noticed how fickle his house mates are where Harry is concerned.
“had benefitted him even more”, not “had benefitted even more”.
Yay! for that vow Harry made regarding his academic achievement.
“run-down” should be hyphenated.
“under- or overpowered”, not “under or over powered”.
“half-blood” should be hyphenated.
“the rest of the Weasleys”, not “the rest of the Weasley’s”.
I’m glad Sirius is studying and practicing.
alix33 chapter 4 . 16h
I like it that Tom Riddle junior believes Harry is dead.
“complemented his physical regime”, not “complimented his physical regime”.
Did you mean for Harry to say “focus a small amount of magic and intent”, rather than “magic and intend”?
Yay! at Neville’s letter with birthday wishes having reached Harry.
I think when he resurfaces at Hogwarts he’s going to be friendlier towards Neville than he’d previously been towards the Weasleys and Hermione.
Yay! for Harry having hexed Vernon.
Double yay! for Arcturus glaring at the Dursleys in contempt.
Triple yay! for Arcturus’ threat to the dreadful Dursleys.
I didn’t even know each Hogwarts student had a file while attending the school, but it makes sense that they would have.
alix33 chapter 3 . 17h
I think Dumbles should have brought that sort of howler he got to the Order meeting and let everybody hear the voice. I’m sure Sirius would have recognised his relative’s voice.
I like the drawing room-library.
AW! At Dobby’s reaction to finding out that Harry is alive.
Way to go, Dobby, at your having cursed Vernon Dursley with house elf magic.
“Dark Lord has resurfaced”, not “Dark Lord as resurfaced”.
“run-in” should be hyphenated.
“our healing skills”, not “are healing skills”.
Is Harry using the word “corpse” for the basilisk’s dead body instead of “carcass” because he can communicate with snakes and could communicate with the basilisk?
AW! At the mental pic of baby Harry there in his grandmother’s arms.
Yay! for Harry having recognised that his so-called friends were as fickle as the rest of the wizarding world, however much that realization hurt him.
Yay! at the prospect of Harry’s new wands.
Yay! at Harry’s new wardrobe.
“complexity of his wand”, not “complexity of is wand”.
“no longer felt so sad”, not “no longer felts so sad”.
I’d never be so presumptuous as to prescribe the length of chapters they should write to any author of a fic that I read.
alix33 chapter 2 . 18h
Way to go, Neville, at decking that Hufflepuff sixth year.
Hey, prof. McGonagall, I happen to have liked Neville’s so-called Neanderthal practices!
Way to go, prof. Sprout!
I like the prospect of the annoyed, scowling and murderous looking Arcturus Black chewing Dumbles out but good for neither he (Dumbles) nor any of his staff having told Harry anything about his family history.
Good day, Elgar! I’m very pleased to have met you!
“felt very nauseous”, not “felt very nauseas”.
“bated breath”, not “baited breath”.
“quickly changed tack”, not “quickly changed tact”.
I think Dorea and the house elf Maisie will get on like a house on fire, as they both seem to want to boss Arcturus Black about a fair bit.
Oh, OK, so Dorea lectured and scolded both Arcturus and Charlus.
“try that tack”, not “try that tact”.
I like it very much that Charlus shared the Potter family spells with Arcturus and Arcturus responded in kind with the Black family spells.
“our magic”, not “are magic”.
“downfall” should be one word.
As should “sidestepped”.
“stinging hex that connected”, not “stinging hex that connect”.
“sidelines” should be one word.
As should “setback”.
“feeling nauseous”, not “feeling nauseas”.
“your fiancée”, not “your fiancé”.
Wow! at that book containing the combined magic of House Potter and House Black that Arcturus just handed Harry.
I think Arcturus is nice enough.
alix33 chapter 1 . 19h
I think it’s a grave pity those Privet Drive blood wards couldn’t hex, wouldn’t hex or aren’t hexing each and every one of those dreadful Dursleys (which in my vengeful imagination will always include Marge Dursley too) to kingdom come.
I liked Harry’s rant at his mom.
The instant you first mentioned grey eyes way back when in this chapter I knew the man was a Black.
Pentel123 chapter 20 . 10/18
Whoowee. Just finished this amazing story. I loved it. The deaths were satisfying, something I think too few stories do. The characters were well done, and I couldn't stop reading once I started until exhaustion for commitments took me away.
Pentel123 chapter 14 . 10/18
So, not yet the end but feel it is appropriate to speak up here.

The death of Arcturus Black was necessary and I think handled very well. It was foreshadowed well in Charulus' fate. It is a key component of the Hero's journey Harry is on. And it will hopefully allow for growth of all the connected characters, but I will have to read on to see.
kaixbi chapter 9 . 10/13
i want his classmates to see his power
Snarry4life chapter 21 . 10/13
I found this story, frankly amazing! The redeemable characters! I just loved it! extremely well written. Well done and thank you for taking the time to write and post this amazing story.
spitfyre1 chapter 20 . 10/11
Goddamn feels...reduced me to tears man jesus
spitfyre1 chapter 5 . 10/10
Bet you got a lot of hate for hagrids death...
TheTrueHighKing chapter 1 . 10/5
I love this storyTheTrueHighKing
Guest chapter 20 . 10/2
During the award ceremony when Harry was dedicating his awards to his Grandfather and Arcturus you forgot to put the title of Baron in front if Arcturus name.
Daithi4377 chapter 2 . 10/1
Lol I’ve read stories where the Dark were the good guys that Severus, Lucius, Voldemort even the Lestranges were softened and gentlefied and the stories were good but Arcturus to me will always be a hard arse. I love your version of Arcturus he is The Black and you keep him in that character right up to the end.
WittyBasketcase chapter 14 . 9/29
I seriously cried over this chapter!ahhhh
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