Reviews for Honour Thy Blood
Guest chapter 20 . 5/11
Goddammit, a manor us a fucking house. Manner is an attitude. Just in case that went over your head manner was the word you wanted.
tomascatts chapter 17 . 5/11
"Oh god please don't be Dobby" - I was howling. Lmao
tomascatts chapter 11 . 5/10
Heh, wasn't too broken up by Molly and Ginny, but poor Luna. Now who will warn people about the Nargles.
tomascatts chapter 7 . 5/10
Well damn, if Dumbledore did everything he did to Harry and loved him like a grandson, imagine if he'd disliked Harry.
tomascatts chapter 5 . 5/10
Aww man you killed Hagrid!
UnknownReader2001 chapter 20 . 5/6
That was a fucking beautiful story with a fucking beautiful ending! Definitely the MOST beautiful fanfic I have ever read! Honestly, I wouldnt have mind if this was canon. You have made Harry extremely powerful without making him too OP. You nailed Dumbledore's character which many fanfic authors struggles to do thus ending up making him look like a manipulative old bastard.
Planar-Walking-Entertainment chapter 18 . 5/2
well won't voldemort be april fooled. his whole world will come crashing down on the day of fools... and he will be turned into one.
Guest chapter 10 . 4/27
This story was so unique and the storyline was fantastic...then the female characters were introduced. Without them this would be the best HP fanfic hands down. It is an amazing story that you wove here. The girls and women in this story just completely ruin it. The story without them is truly excellent.
57id5t7 chapter 5 . 4/23
wjhastings chapter 17 . 4/21
Just a little weird case of irony, but December 24th 1996 happens to be a full moon.
boobooshipp chapter 1 . 4/20
read this every year or so on my 5th read through now
qwertyuiop123214685 chapter 22 . 4/14
loved it, great story!

if a story can make me tear up it is excellently written!

your an awesome writer
Aith3r chapter 22 . 4/14
Excellent story. The spelling, grammar, and formatting could use work, but man, this was good. My eyes got a little moist, which in my book is saying something because I haven't teared up in years. But, congrats, very good idea, very original, heartwarming, and heartbreaking, you've got some real talent, man. Thank you for posting this.
Harrison Aldrich Emrys chapter 4 . 4/12
“It’S wHaT mY mOtHeR wOuLd’Ve WaNtEd.”

How the fuck would you know what she would’ve wanted?! I never understood fics where Harry either protects the Dursleys or never calls the cops on them. All that does is tell them they were right in how they treated him.
Guest chapter 14 . 4/10
Daphne, Minerva, Marlene...I guess paper tigers is better for the ego than silly girls or insignificant background characters. Sorry to see Arcturus go, but glad he got to go peacefully and on his own terms. Good story, good character development with a few exceptions, good plot, well written. Thanks
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