Reviews for Midnight by the Weasley Watch
ontzilore chapter 14 . 11/26
What a wonderful end to the story. The prospect of Christmas for the boys, more chess for Ron, and the wonderful gifts Severus has received from the boy and the emir (Who could escape out of time? That is the most wonderful gift they could ever give me), even though it hangs over him the sword of Damocles from the new visit to Malfoy Manor.

It's a real shame you didn't write the sequel to this story. We will wait patiently!
ontzilore chapter 13 . 11/21
I'm glad that Ron and Severus escaped the trap that Malfoy had set for them. I wish I'd known more about the strange path they've taken and how it works. It would also have been nice for the Potions Master to answer Ron's intrusive question and confess something about his life, but it clearly would have been OoC.

Your Dumbledore in this story seems very benevolent, and I would have liked to know what solution they found for Ron's concern for his sister Ginny. I will also wait for that sequel!
ontzilore chapter 12 . 11/17
What a wonderful chapter! I always find the interactions between Severus and Lucius extremely interesting, whatever their nature, but this game was really great. A great success to choose a game of two greats for them to play. I even feel like looking for it on the website you mention and analyzing it, even though my chess is still so basic.

I love that the Potions Master won as hard and as cleanly as he did. Now I fear the blonde's reprisals, which added to those of Voldemort himself for the escape last night...

And all of this seen from Ron's point of view makes it even more interesting than if we saw it from Severus' own perspective.
Charlotte Rhea chapter 14 . 11/6
I finished your story yesterday and I absolutely loved it! I have not a single clue about chess and yet I am a sucker for chess stories so this was a real gem. Plus I'm growing more and more fond of the Ron/Snape dynamic and love seeing them becoming kind of friends or at least fine with each other and I really enjoyed how you depicted them!
Your ideas about genies were also absolutely fascinating to read. I might have teared up a bit when al Hadoud gave Snape the bottle. That man needs a break! It makes me so happy that you gave him as much of them as he needs.
Thank you so much for writing and sharing this story!
ontzilore chapter 11 . 10/28
What a good chapter! A little action at poor Snape's expense, but thanks to our Ron everything has been a scare. The truth is that the Potions Master should be very grateful to the boy, because he probably saved his life. And I finally understood why Rafi is a genie, so that he could travel in his bottle in search of the antidotes. And meanwhile old al-Hadoud slept like a blessed man without knowing the drama that was unfolding so close to him.

I am touched that Snape is more concerned about Ron's safety than what has or may happen to himself in the future.
ontzilore chapter 10 . 10/9
I, like Ron, would also have liked to see Minerva competing in the tournament. Especially a match against Malfoy!

I suppose that the strength that Dumbledore draws from Hogwarts also has to do with what you once told me about the strength that the elderly draw from close contact with young people.

What a detailed game against the Argentinian boy! I guess you imagined the whole thing to be able to get to that point.

It has been very good that Ron has met a boy his age who has to work, so that he feels lucky for what he has.

What a nice moment of epiphany to be able to watch an entire chess game in advance. It has been a very magical moment, as it is when you connect like that with someone, even if it is an opponent.

It's a pity that Ron didn't get ahead and win some money when he didn't want it for himself at all.

What will be that mysterious place that Snape goes to...?
ontzilore chapter 9 . 9/22
Once again this tender Ron is worried because he has nothing to wear and it is very expensive to send a shirt to be washed. And despite his concern about money, he remembers the boy to whom he should give part of his tip. I like this humble and honest Ron much more than the canon one.

I loved the exchange with Konstantin, that Ron was willing to hang out with a boy younger than him and propose to be friends.

Snape's conversation with Malfoy was great, with the Potions Master defending Draco against his own father, it reminds me of TBP. I'm sorry for that last thought about al-Hadoud's justified disdain.
ontzilore chapter 8 . 9/9
It's great how Ron applies the tactics he learned at Hogwarts to the tournament games, and each one is named after the person he learned it from.

I find it very cute that Ron is so worried about the old man al-Hadoud and not waking up Snape with his alarm clock, he even offers to serve the Potions Master! He actually seems much more attentive than he is in canon.

I like that his parents are paying attention to him and are proud of his achievements. The poor boy must feel lost sometimes among the sea of his siblings.
ontzilore chapter 7 . 8/31
I find this Ron very tender so concerned about expenses and tips. This is something Snape understands perfectly well. And what good advice on gifts made by oneself, they are always the best.

Their relationship is progressing, and it's okay for Ron to wonder about the Potions Master.
Phred chapter 14 . 7/28
Reading this 20 years later, and knowing how the books end, I'm wiping tears as I type. Thank you. As I work from back to front here, I'm looking forward to reading more of your work.
ontzilore chapter 6 . 7/9
What exciting and interesting games our characters have played! And what beautiful chess sets you invent for each one.

As expected, our protagonists have been victorious to be able to go to the tournament together, and their confrontation has been memorable, especially Ron's honesty in not accepting a stalemate.

Looking forward to seeing they share the experiences that awaits them!
ontzilore chapter 4 . 6/29
Well, as we already expected, Ron is in a very good position. His games against some of the teachers have been interesting. I love the ideas you come up with for each other's chess games, according to their character and dedication. It would be great if someone created them!

The meeting with Draco has been a real surprise, with the Slytherin much more civil than we know him, although I have already gotten used to him being a great person in TBP.

Looking forward to translate his confrontation with Snape in the next one, finally!
ontzilore chapter 3 . 6/19
It was a good idea to have Quirrell reappear as a chess-playing ghost, though I'm sorry his victim has to be poor Draco, becoming a puppet of his father.

Ron is beating all his adversaries, even though he did it with Malfoy because he was cheating. It's good that he's beaten him in non-tournament games before so we know it's only fair that Ron came first.
ontzilore chapter 2 . 6/4
I love that Ron and Draco have been able to behave with sportsmanship in the two games they've played, even though when the blonde was defeated for the second time, he has withdrawn the word to the redhead. It would be nice to see their relationship develop into a healthy rivalry thanks to chess.

Snape's intervention is so like him, praising and insulting at the same time.

You invented the magic versions of the programs that play and replay games!
ontzilore chapter 1 . 5/28
I'm touched to see Ron so excited about the chess tournament. It makes me reconcile with his character, which I never really liked. Too bad he has to go through the ordeal of doing a ton of homework first to keep up.

The balding that Ron's game pawn does to McGonagall and Snape's talk in class are priceless.
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