Reviews for The Girl with the Sugar Lips
Ajfflady chapter 16 . 7h
LOVED IT! Even better this time.
VryUnique chapter 16 . 7h
Think Edward was not very smart when dealing with this situation but he was still heroic. I didn't like that he didn't get the hero welcome I think he deserved after it all was said and done.
Moltz chapter 16 . 8h
I mentioned this before, but getting Edward's perspective and the feelings associated with them sheds new light on the original story.
Knowing the outcome also takes the edge off, hehe.
helenemc chapter 16 . 9h
Interesting to read this chapter from Edward's point of view. Thank you for the update.
Vtweetymccn chapter 16 . 11h
It's about time Edward! LOL!
LaPumuckl chapter 16 . 11h
This was even worse than from her POV
Vtweetymccn chapter 15 . 12h
Sorry it's late!
dpennell007 chapter 16 . 12h
I admire Carlisle and Esme's outlook on life and love. It took Edward long enough to come around to their way of thinking!
Mom23xx chapter 16 . 13h
oh still as painful to read as it was before. but he will be ok.
cbmorefie chapter 16 . 15h
Thanks for the update!
debslmac chapter 16 . 16h
AnakinSmom chapter 16 . 16h
Even knowing what was coming it was still hard to read. I'm such a wimp!
Lisalouise chapter 16 . 18h
I always love to see what is going through Edward's mind.
Thanks for writing.
Lisa...Gail Cullen
Maplestyle chapter 16 . 21h
Loved this chapter!
GorGirl chapter 16 . 22h
Oh man! I'm glad I read Man in the elevator.
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