Reviews for A Promise Unspoken
tbirdstar chapter 39 . 6/1/2020
I am obsessed with this story!
krisbianforlyfe chapter 33 . 6/1/2020
this chapter made my heart so heavy im dreading the heartbreak foretold
stars-for-dreams chapter 39 . 6/1/2020
Ehm I see what you meant by dark... I'm so happy you're writing again! I missed this so much
belleofsweden chapter 39 . 6/1/2020
The angst is killing me!
I'm always looking forward to your next update, when ever that may be

All love!
04beni04 chapter 39 . 6/1/2020
Ouch, dark indeed. Kinda feels weird to be happily celebrating the reading of it, but there you are. Life is complicated.
Guest chapter 39 . 5/31/2020
Can’t wait to see what happens
Guest chapter 39 . 5/31/2020
I'm thrilled about this update! I thought you'd abandoned this one. Also so relieved Finn was under the impirius
Merp chapter 39 . 5/31/2020

This was, in fact, very dark. I’m glad you found time and inspiration to update!
Guest chapter 39 . 5/31/2020
Welcome back to this one! This is a great chapter, thank you for the update!
Wae chapter 39 . 5/31/2020
You listened! Thank you so much i am not even toing to fuss that this is another hard place to just stop. I am thankful you were inspired to write for my favorite story !
Tera chapter 39 . 5/31/2020
Squee! I never cared for how unnecessarily cruel Antonin can be but if his twisted soul can come through for Finn and perhaps Hermione he is far more likable. Dark hell yes, is it bad that I kind of hope these secrets just bind everyone more closely. They never come out accept for the easy drama just the eye popper from family or close friends when they realize just how close their relationships are. I mean what character depth ) Hermione follows the small rules only so she can break all the big ones this just adds more to the seemingly harmless muggle born friend points of interest.
Guest chapter 39 . 5/31/2020
YAY! A NEW CHAPTER! This is by far my favorite fic you have ever written, and this did not disappoint.
Guest chapter 39 . 5/31/2020
no recap? do u really expect ppl to remember what’s happening after not updating for 3 years lol?
Guest chapter 39 . 5/31/2020
Wow. WOW. I feel like I’m at the climax of a billion dollar action movie. Seriously. Holy fuck this is incredible! Your brain is just *chefs kiss* kitten!
Lily chapter 39 . 5/31/2020
Oh my sweets. Poor finn. Poor hermione. But thank god for toshka. Clear headed rage clean up.

Thank you muse for inspiring! Thank you kitten for writing so well!
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