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C'Riverblade chapter 18 . 6/4
Legitimacy, or memories for a pensive. Hermione.

But knowing the extent of Magnussen’s knowledge he probably knows about the existence of magic and possibly things about mind magic too.

And the way he spoke of Hermione and how he could control her- it made my skin crawl.

You write beautifully. I just love this. The implications of Mycroft having some feelings for Hermione was perfect. It fits perfectly yet it also works with everything you had so far and what you did with Magnussen. Oh it’s just perfect!

azulkan2 chapter 18 . 6/3
Interesting. Looking forward to the next part.
Shola2001 chapter 1 . 6/2
Love this story. There is just not enough Hermione/Sherlock or Hermione/Mycroft in the world.
BookKeeper88 chapter 18 . 6/2
oh, wow.
Skywroe chapter 18 . 6/2
I await for your next update.
Guest chapter 7 . 5/16
I've just finished the last chapter today. It's amazing, brilliantly written. Looking forward to read more.
tigersmeleth chapter 17 . 4/24
Something very beautiful about how you wrote this chapter.
Mark chapter 17 . 4/19
For what it's worth: "How are we holding up?" I change to a different section of a restaurant when the waitress asks, "How are we today?" When did the first person plural start doubling for the second? As far back as Agatha Christie's Miss Marple, people have complained about that. How can I answer "How we are" until the one who asked tells me how she is? This is not sexism, by the way, but it does seem to be a gender difference; I have never heard nor, until today, read a male make this substitution. I think it is supposed to sound friendly and inclusive. To many of us, it sounds patronizing—as if I'm back in kindergarten. I do not believe that Sirius could have said that.
burungmalam chapter 17 . 4/10
thanks for the chapter! definitely still enjoying this story!
RoseAmeliaSarahNoblePond chapter 17 . 4/7
Good job with this chapter, hope you update as soon as possible
RoseAmeliaSarahNoblePond chapter 16 . 3/31
Its is so good! I love your story and hope you update soon, because I can’t get enough! I hope that Sherlock will soon realize that he can’t live without Hermione and try to do something about it. Anyway, love your story and please update as soon as possible
amelilia chapter 1 . 3/9
I love your story ! The idea of Hermione not choosing the world of wizards is really interesting because you make of her a powerful character. Can’t wait for an another chapter.
nightgigjo chapter 15 . 3/4
I am so glad you updated when you did, because there this lovely story was at the top of the recent updates list, and wow! I love what you’re doing here!

I know you’re only two chapters from the end, but I would be willing to beta for you if you like. I could also have some notes on the previous chapters, if you want them.

Anyway, thank you for sharing this most excellent story, and best of luck with the remaining chapters!
Shinigamidemidragonslayer99 chapter 15 . 2/19
Please update asap .

I'm boorreedddddddd
tigersmeleth chapter 15 . 2/17
Nice job with this portion. I think you were pretty spot on with the characters for the most part. It's not surprising that Sherlock reacted the way he did.
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