Reviews for Legend of the Lost
AlbusDumbledore12 chapter 18 . 8/20
Definition of a wonderful story which makes you cry! Thanks :)
ShabbyBeachNest chapter 16 . 6/11
I burst into tears when Harry threw his arms around Snape. I started to ugly cry right here in my employee lunch room, surrounded by 50 people. Lol. You made some of them come over to check on me. “Who died?” They asked. And then I cried even harder. You, friend, are an amazingly talented author. Even JKR herself didn’t make me cry THIS hard.
ShabbyBeachNest chapter 12 . 6/8
I am continually astonished by how well you explain Severus’ utter and complete devotion to Lily. This was SO much better than canon! You personified the reasons for Snape’s “dark” tendencies so wellit makes absolute sense that poor Sev became a bitter shell of himself after Lily’s death. I haven’t cried this hard in a very long time... Thank you for writing such a magnificent story!
ShabbyBeachNest chapter 8 . 6/5
By the way, the way you showed Bellatrix’s insanity that is hidden just beneath the surface... that was brilliant. And you even made me feel sorry for her. Well done!
ShabbyBeachNest chapter 7 . 6/5
Thank GOODNESS! You had me worried that he was actually going to give in to Bellatrixnot that I would have blamed him. Poor Sev... I can’t imagine what the death of his student must have cost him. That was heartbreaking on all sides. It’s amazing he’s still sane. I wonder if Harry will ever get a glimpse of the true Snapejust like his mother did so long ago...?
ShabbyBeachNest chapter 7 . 6/4
How is it that you have me in tears again? From Sev and Lily’s parallel of Christ and his sacrifice to the betrayal of Lily’s father, this chapter was beautifully bittersweet and heart wrenching. So many of onlys...
ShabbyBeachNest chapter 4 . 6/3
I am absolutely LOVING all the little details that you added. The memories are so vivid. I especially love the bits about Lily and Petunia’s parents. I’m surprised that you don’t hear more about them, even in canon. But you made them come to life BRILLIANTLY, especially with the scene at the dinner table. I fell in love with them as characters, just like I fell in love with little Lily as she cried for him and wiped away the blood with her delicate hanky. And as much as I adore The Marauders, I cringed as Snape remembered spitting the forced alcohol into their faces. I hate to admit it, but I could easily picture them doing that to poor Snape.

Well done! I can’t tell you how much I am loving your story!
ShabbyBeachNest chapter 1 . 6/2
Oh my word. That was so chillingly beautiful. Only the prologue and I’m already brought to tears!
Guest chapter 15 . 5/21
i'm rereading this again because it's so beautiful and heartbreaking. cue crying
creibly chapter 1 . 5/6
I love this story, I have never cried so much. You definitely did Snape proud. Thank you for such a moving tribute to an unappreciated character.
Okkkay chapter 2 . 4/9
Interesting idea. I love the general setup but Harry is so ooc it's distracting.
Guest chapter 19 . 4/8
cries, you have brought me closer. Thank You.
Guest chapter 18 . 4/8
Hey, this was beautiful. Every minute and second of it. I love the last quote of this the most.
Guest chapter 18 . 3/11
I cried SO much over the course of the last chapters. And it takes a lot to make me cry, especially to make me bawl like a baby. Stunning, chilling, yet calming work, beautifully written. Those couple of paragraphs of Snape's death were the hardest thing to read, had to physically push myself. Definitely will come back to this to re-read
Guest chapter 18 . 2/7
Beautiful... that's all I can say...
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