Reviews for Tending to the Soul
Nightraider52 chapter 30 . 12/6
damn ive been reading this since the start and come back to happily find 2 chapters and then to find out its being finished...well damn all the ways it couldve gone from the not so subtle white-knight to the salem part to his missing family to everything. such a shame its over for now but hopefully itll continue at some point.
unclear expulsion chapter 30 . 11/30
This review was going to be a long, awkward spiel about what irked me in this story, before I realized there was a better review by LullMaister. It's a few reviews apart from this. Go read that.
TheUnholySmirk chapter 30 . 11/23
wait rlly?
teamkyubi13 chapter 30 . 11/20
I am extremely saddened to see you ending this stoey like this. So much to explore and do like relationships, family, the beacon ball, cinder, gah! While you did ens it in a loose ending i really hope you keep going.

As a bartender and trained mixologist this really scratched an itch in fanfiction for me that I enjoyed. Drinks, shenanigans, and jaune unintentionally being suave with the girls.

Reminded me a but if the manga bartender and I need more of this someday.

Thank you for making this and letting me enjoy it.

LullMaister chapter 1 . 11/15
The story starts good but the quality drops when the style changes.

By "Style changes" I mean when the story goes from 'Jaune the bartender and his customers with curious problems' TO 'Jaune the drunk and Jaunes melodrama.'
It's like two stories merged, the first part being about the bar while the second about Jaunes problems.
Going from visitor centric to Jaune centric. Yeah, that's it. It would have been great if junior came to the bar to give Jaune a talking to, like Jaune does to the visitors. What a twist, yes? Bartender to bartender, problem solved. No changing of style. Eh, but tis not what I got.

The last good bartender talk is with Taiyang at chapter 17.
From 18 to 30 is boring while 1 to 17 is very entertaining.
speaker of babbel chapter 14 . 11/3
Cinder is best girl.

This is a fact.
Shadowolf of artemis chapter 30 . 10/31
Keep up the great work
serialkeller chapter 30 . 10/12
Great story, but it ended too soon. Wanted to see Jaune get out of his funk completely and have some world changing semblance.
KSoth chapter 30 . 10/9
It seems to be the case of Schrödinger's cat for jaune's family.
SneakyDevil chapter 30 . 10/4
Thank you for your time and effort. Good luck!
LordOwl chapter 30 . 10/2
Wonderful story!
Magic Tome chapter 30 . 9/29
There's a manga called Bartender. This reminds me of that manga so much. Go take. A look at it.
The last blue Rose chapter 30 . 9/20
ThatRollingStone chapter 30 . 9/18
I love this story, oh... Sorry, LOVED this story. It had some great character analysis, a great climax and beautiful execution.
Magic Shuckle chapter 30 . 9/18
and thus a book closes shut
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