Reviews for Killers with Kind Faces
SilverChrysanth chapter 1 . 10/11/2018
I read this a few weeks (months?) ago, but the site wouldn't allow me to post my review when I tried. Unfortunately I forgot all about it and am just getting around to it now.

But I greatly enjoyed this. Despite how short this is, you've made a character out of the old man, painting his gruff but fatherly ways with only a few paragraphs. I haven't seen the Bourne movies in years, but when I read this I thought about it occasionally, which means in stuck in my head in some ways.

While the phrase "short and sweet" wouldn't exactly come to mind, it seems to be more or less the right wording here. It takes more than most might think to make a good snippet out of less than a thousand words, and you've done an excellent job of it.