Reviews for Monster High: Primal Hearts
DJ Rodriguez chapter 84 . 10/13
WHOO HOO! Now this was a finale worth reading about! Duncan goes against Obsidious, gains the power of the Heart of Fire, the combined forces of human and non-human (and non-living for that matter) thwart a massive invasion, and it seems that things are still in the works from the shadows! This was epic!

Thank you so much for the Easter Egg reference, as that movie was good at least for a Godzilla film. The legendary song "You Got The Touch" from the awesome/epic original Transformers animated movie, plus much referencing about in the action, was genius! You should be proud of yourself, my friend!

Excellent work on an excellent series! Keep it up!
DJ Rodriguez chapter 83 . 10/10
WHOO HOO! Time for the forces of good to combine and fight! Excellent work on using the speech from the President from the awesome movie "Independence Day", and also the quote used by Pirate Queen Elizabeth from the epic "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl"! I loved it!

The ghosts and other members of Earth are coming in full swing towards Obsidious and his ship! Many characters and names are showing up, and it is good to see the good guys and girls all out fighting!

This was excellent! Keep it up!
DJ Rodriguez chapter 82 . 10/10
Damn! This is insane! The Council has managed to come up with a suitable plan of attack thanks to the two Time-Walkers, but it seems that Obsidious came up with plans of his own! My character managed to do something good before blacking out, and Andy... well, I just hope and pray that Marisol and the little life inside of her get through this in one piece.

I hope my character and the others do what they can to deliver a critical counterblow to Obsidous and his machines! Keep it up!
DJ Rodriguez chapter 81 . 10/10
0_0 Whoa... this is getting intense! My character pointed out a weak spot, which was good... but it seemed that after eliminating the Centurions, the jerk Obsidious wasted HooDude and his friends to dust! Astranova's heart and two others decimated completely by the loss, and it seems that Earth is not prepared to offer any suitable counter-attack! And with the Heart of Fire being used as a trophy?! Damn!

Things are getting very much intense! Keep it up!
ANTI REAPER chapter 84 . 10/7
That was amazing especially with Duncan's new form God I love it I can't wait to hear his father's reaction that he absorbed the heart of Fire the kaijus definition of a mythical object was real and Duncan absorbed its power
masterart chapter 84 . 10/6
what gonna what next chapter? also i thinking in next chapter Jackie Frost and her brother (this take place after epic winter) found a gem from secert ground and it sent to monster world and cause chaos and hazard duncan and other are try what going on.

he and clawdeen send message to their friends and the rol-bel came to duncan and clawdeen world and make new friends and help them to stop the two frosts twin and save their home
kival737101 chapter 84 . 10/6
That was excellent work dude awesome way to finish off an alien overlord can't wait to see how you finish things up
gamelover41592 chapter 84 . 10/6
awesome work on this chapter and I am surprised Vernon was not recruited in the end oh well and nice funny moments as well
DJ Rodriguez chapter 80 . 10/6
0_0 Oh boy... prom night is here, and the guys are with their ghouls for the best night of their lives... but it seems that its going to be cut short due to an alien-robotic invasion! Just as Astronova's heart is finally going to be settled with HooDude at the Fling, it seems that her uncle comes in the most bizzare-yet cool as well, way! Not only that, Margaret is forced to flee with the alien soldiers take off with the Heart of Fire!

This is getting interesting yet again! Keep it up!
DJ Rodriguez chapter 79 . 10/6
WHOO HOO! Duncan and Clawdeen are going to enjoy a FULL heat love-making that I bet will blow them away in so many good ways, they'll remember it for all time! Lilith and Jason seem to cement their love for one another, which I wish good luck to the happy couple! And it seems that there is a problem with Astronova's heart since it seems to be in limbo at the moment, and also problems seem to be emerging once more...

My friend, congrats on yet again a fine chapter! Keep it up!
DJ Rodriguez chapter 78 . 10/6
I give you credit and props, my friend! You did a court case here very well! While I do know some things about the legal system and such, I'm a mere novice at that. But you showed here that you really know the way a case works, so I tip my hat off to you my friend!

Danny Phantom, Ryu-Chi (which to me sounds like Ryu from Street Fighter), Monkey King (perhaps from "Jackie Chan Adventures" series), Belloc and more showing to be the judges and jurors... very sweet! Again, major props and credit to you!

So, the hunter and his minions are sent to the realm that has only female monsters in it... hehehehe... in a way, a bit envious towards Van for going to such a place where he may have to be the next Adam for that realm! But given how he is, I highly doubt he will enjoy that honor.

Excellent work again! Keep it up!
DJ Rodriguez chapter 77 . 10/6
Now this was awesome! Boodika helps Desdemona with her little problem concerning her world, Van Hellscream and Marcus act like real buttheads to Lilith before Jason and Joe come on the scene to save her from a fate worse than death, and during the battle, Duncan and the others prove that they have brains as well as brawn when defeating Hellscream's forces!

Nice job with the Greek weapons and also the background of Hercules. Yes, he was a demi-god and such. But his legendary Twelve Labors, which I have read, showed that he used his mind which was also as strong as his muscles. And that was cool on how you explained it in the Author's Notes!

Way to go, my friend! Keep it up!
DJ Rodriguez chapter 76 . 10/6
Filler made me full! Very nice here! Good to take a break from action now and again. I have to say though, this was very interesting and original. Well, at least from my point of view. Nice work!

Keep it up!
DJ Rodriguez chapter 75 . 10/5
It seems that Lilith has been exposed thanks to Jason and Marcus, but I believe that Duncan and the others can still use it to their advantage. To quote something from a Static Shock/Batman crossover episode I saw some time ago, "They don't know that we know they here, and that is all the advantage we may need". Well, something akin to that.

Lilith is indeed in trouble, but hopefully she will show to them all that she has her doubts on her uncle & the monsters. Hope for the best for her, and the others!

Keep it up!
DJ Rodriguez chapter 74 . 10/5
Nice! Star Wars is cool, but in my personal view... heh, monsters take down the giant robots any day! Hehehe... all in all, this was really good! It seems that Van Hellscream's plan is going underway, yet thwarted at the last possible moment. The gremlins... very potent but annoying little critters!

Again, this was very good and well-written! Keep it up!
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