Reviews for The Black Queen's War
Anime Aikouka chapter 36 . 4/30
This is my third or fourth time reading this, and my second time in 6 months. I have yet to find a fanfiction with the plot, character development, and intrigue that this saga has given me. This is easily the best series that I have read, and is, in my opinion, better than canon. I wish you further success on all of your undertakings. "Pa kite Silently Watches an bliye, epi pa bliye benediksyon li bay yo."
Guest chapter 36 . 4/22
Thank you for this story. Good luck for your future. Thank you
shino chapter 36 . 4/18
I reread this story every now and then and every time, despite all of the ups and downs, I feel a gap in my heart that it's ended. I'm always glad that this series existed in this world. Thank you for writing it!
Covante chapter 34 . 4/9
Seems kind of weird for Jen to go all Gryffindor and throw herself into a 3 way free for all when she could just wait for one of them to disable the other and mop up.

You added in reasoning for her to join the fray with the line about Dumbledore and Voldemort having a familiar back and forth that wasn't going to end on its own but you put that like halfway though the fight. I think it would work better for Jen to join the fight at that point with her opening lightning blitz while they are both occupied with each other.

It's not what an action movie hero would do but it's the far more sensible option, which she should be taking when there isn't anyone around for her to show off to. It could work with just some re-ordering of scenes too so you wouldn't have to lose any expository revelations like the 'Oh no she's a black witch' and 'She just admitted to killing a student'. Just a minor change and everything is much more in character.
Covante chapter 18 . 4/7
There wouldn't be a whole lot of white mages migrating out of the southern hemisphere, only about 10% of the world lives down there and most of that is pretty near the equator. If the black and white mages aren't migrating they are already packed together up here in the Northern. Also if the white mages were migrating north the black mages would be migrating south around the same time. It wouldn't have to force a bunch of conflicts due to proximity because it would be reciprocal.

Since dark magic is empowered on the solstice (longest night of the year) could you get some extra rituals in if you went up into the polar areas where it stays dark for months at a time? That could be a cool tie in if you put Durmstrang (the dark arts school) up in the far reaches of Scandinavia.

I'm not sure why your author's notes, review responses and disclaimer jokes are so much more likely to inspire me to leave a review than the story. Maybe I'm too busy enjoying it to think critically or let myself get distracted on tangents and theory crafting while reading it.
sasserus snape chapter 36 . 3/12
This story was throughly enjoyable every step of the way. Thankyou for writing this! And congratulations Doctor!
sasserus snape chapter 4 . 3/12
Yessss we Stan a surviving snape
nickything chapter 36 . 2/15

Thank you.
hadababa chapter 1 . 2/13
This series was an absolute masterpiece that ruined every other HP fanfiction for me. Right side of hell by neomare is the only one that comes even close but is still left leagues below this while having the added disadvantage of being unfinished and on hiatus.
Truly thank you for sharing your work, were it behind a paywall, I'd gladly buy all four books rather than the originals by Rowling.

The only bad thing this series possess is that it ended, rather than continued to infinity so that I'd never have to stop reading it.
CyDawg chapter 10 . 1/31
One of the BEST series I've ever read. Thank you
CamoflagedForever chapter 36 . 1/29
I really enjoyed your series, and I appreciate the simple ending. With the large number of blacks and non-blacks at her deathbed, is it possible to have a vague family tree and see the connections between each character that is introduced?
Khan of Khans chapter 18 . 12/30/2020
Didn't Elsie also warn Jen that the creatures she summoned wouldn't necessarily obey her? Why was the hellhound such a big puppy?

Otherwise, pretty badass.
Zaari Vael chapter 36 . 12/14/2020
I wish we could have seen a bit more of Jen's life in the epilog. Who did she marry, does the Wizarding world once again follow the old ways outside of Death's cult, was Jen well liked and respected, did she and Luna ever make up, was there anyone she ever shared all of her secrets with?

So much of Jen's story and main motivations and conflicts are beyond voldemort i wish there were a few more chapters to adress these before the end.

Complaints aside, I really enjoyed this story and am glad to have read it. The fact that you completed it during your PHD studies and during your residency is super impressive. So many stories are left unfinished and you certainly had reason to focus on your work.
AzulaLavellan chapter 23 . 12/6/2020
The first part of this chapter makes me tear up every time I read it, and I have read it easily six times now. I continuation of this that I would love to see is a story of Paula and Drew and the rest of the ex-Candyland kids as they heal and move on and their interactions with Jen over that time.

Also, is there a way I can DM you a personalized thank you for writing this series?
Zaari Vael chapter 10 . 12/4/2020
Great chapter. I've wanted to see Jen confront Dumbledore about what he did to her from book one. This confrontation was brilliant in the way she dug in and twisted the knife.

I would have liked to see her tell Dumbledore exactly how his actions made her dark since he seems to believe she was born evil. Tell him about how he set her on the path to meet a Black witch or how she was abused, but it doesn't make sense for her to open up like that to him so I can't say she should have. It was still satisfying for sure.
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