Reviews for Not In This For Your Cause
Guest chapter 8 . 9/11
Why didn't spy dead ringer?
BeepBoop chapter 1 . 9/11
Great story so far
leelanmahome chapter 1 . 8/8
I'm gonna be honest, you turned all the tf characters into enslaved bitches, and I still haven't overlooked the biased and one sided bullshit with the Ow characters. The world's most dangerous killers put on a leash instead of fighting, hmm. This whole story is pitiful oc bs, I'm reading fanboy material.
Guest chapter 13 . 8/7
I hope sniper comes back, maybe he saves spy or ends up helping the mercy out of a tight spot
Guest chapter 13 . 8/7
And iron fist. TOTALY NOTHING like doomfist
Guest chapter 13 . 8/7
I sure hope that SAXTON HALE shows up sometime, and if I was scout the fact that soldier was his lawyer oneself would stick out on my mind. Or the time solder killed scout other lawyer, the bread incident he was fun but I though those wwpuld be more personal to scout "especially since the bread indecent would probably be more acociated with ms Pauling" ps scout why do you care about tracer? I thought you wer loyal to ms Pauling. In your own words "the waighting game always works eventually" and I guess heavy will have to tell zhanna her boyfriend was killed by a cowboy in the future. PPS sorry for the long review
Guest chapter 13 . 8/7
Lol Mccree is a better dad than spy
Bittersweet Alchemist chapter 13 . 8/6
Oh... my... Did McCree just adopt Scout?!
RANDOM-P4 chapter 13 . 8/5
Goddamn it THE CAR!
NeoNazo356 chapter 13 . 8/4
LOVE the opening-scene poker game, almost busted a gut when Heavy folded with a Full House. Also, love how much mileage Scout is getting out of Spy (literally) screwing "the hot one" when in fact Widowmaker (metaphorically) screwed them all right back.
Spy's "infiltration" was BRILLIANTLY written, and I have to wonder if there's any tech in his suit which prevents him from leaving behind any forensic evidence. Unless that was Ms. Pauling's job. Either way, I hope there's nothing left behind to trace it back to Overwatch, otherwise people will begin making BLACKwatch comparisons, and that'll complicate things in the long run.
As for Scout and Tracer's dialogue, LOVE the way that panned out; it was like a trainwreck I KNEW was going to happen, but I couldn't pull my eyes away from it. I know that you wrote Tracer and Scout's interactions before Emily came into the picture in the canon, but I LOVE the way you rolled with it instead of retconning anything. All things considered, Scout walked off with a lot more grace than I would've expected of him; then again, saying "Goodbye" to Ms. Pauling FOREVER may've been a big help in his maturity.
Spy's continuation of the infiltration was well-written, LOVE the dialogue. If this were fan-animated, how-closely he stuck to the guy right before the door closed would've been AWESOME to see. Scout's talk with McCree was similarly-awesome, and if it was fan-animated the right way, with the right voices, it'd make for a hell of a viewing.
Iron Arm actually KNOWING that Spy was there was unexpected, but the Villainous Monologue was a HOOT to read, especially because Spy squeezed it out of him the way he did without even trying. Him starting a bar fight made for excellent cover, though for a second there I got worried when Iron Arm managed to hop onto the car. The car chase was f*ing EPIC, and I'd assume that since he had the foresight to undo the seatbelt, he'll have an easier time escaping the car once it hits the water. His suit might be worse for wear which will give him reason to get a new one, but I imagine there's all kinds of amazing things one can find in a suit made with 22nd(?) century textiles.
All in all, the chapter was worth the wait; I just hope spy manages to get back before the "three days" are up and his information becomes obsolete. The cliffhanger would've looked AWESOME in fan-animation, so don't go regretting your decision to plan it out that way, you did a great job with the pacing.
Hanzura chapter 12 . 6/5
Hey yo! Well, I don't know when you'll be updating soon, but at least this chapter, hooked me into your fanfic even more, when you killed Soldier and Pyro, it was kind of a "turn-off" for me, at least you realized your (I pressume) mistake, and is willing to fix it. I don't know if you'll be reviving the two, but I hope you do. Also, Sniper... It would be nice if you'd bring him back, even though he's stubborn, at least we know that the mercs will be fine. I thank you for giving Medic his doves, it was quite nice of you to do so, I can't wait on how they will react, especially with Mercy's presence, and Scout saying goodbye to the girl he loved, priceless. Well, here for some small issues, there are some little mistakes in your grammar and also I bit on spelling, but I can't pinpoint where to be exact, but I bet you'll fix it anyway. Also, please try shedding some light to our mercs, Heavy is kinda, I don't know, "M.I.A." at some points, but I think you have a plan for him. Also, final tip, please do some deep, I mean really deep research on some TF2 lore and all that, I don't know if you research on some, but please do, it will help! Welp! So much for that, I can't wait for your next update, if you'll even update, and as said by some other reviews, this is one of the best well-written TF2/ OW crossovers, in my humble opinion and I hope to see more OW heroes in the next chapters, it will be fun and curious to see how will the heroes and mercs react to own their counterparts.
ChronoHyperion chapter 12 . 4/17
Watch Mann vs. Machine - The Sound of Medicine, you know maybe Medic can bring Soldier and Pyro back to life.
Guest chapter 11 . 4/3
merasmus cant show up until Halloween
savagenoodle chapter 12 . 4/2
NeoNazo356 chapter 12 . 4/2
The aftermath of the previous chapter was well-written, and the way Doctor "Ludwig" was brushed off so casually was a PERFECT lead-in to Mercy discovering the "murder devices" implanted in all of them; I'm curious to see how Tracer and even McCree would react to seeing WHAT the "Ubercharge" is. Mercy's reaction definitely sold it, and all the talk of that Sumerian wizard was a hoot with just how much Charles was forced to hit the bottle once their talking is gone; I AM curious as to whether they WILL get Demo's eye back, or if Mercy can't just clone/3D Print a replacement. The vernacular surrounding the "Time Linking" with the birds was definitely interesting, and I have to wonder if whether or not Archimedes and all his little friends (or whatever the German word for that is) will be Pro-Mercy or not; as in, whether they'd sh*t on her on-command, or they'd flock around her and make her look MORE angelic because of how Doves are used in the Old Testament. Anyway, the part with the Time-Porter was well-written, I can only assume that Gray Mann's Robo-Soldiers are on the rampage, but at least Scout got to say goodbye to Ms. Pauling. That the birds managed to come through was nice, and Charles having to chase one of the birds off "a fine, expensive looking rug" was hilarious. Since the "plump dove" got a more-thorough description than the others, I have to wonder what kind of mischief Descartes will get into in the 22nd century.
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