Reviews for A Different Kind of Magic
Sora Loves Rain chapter 36 . 9/20
Love this so much!:')
Sab81790 chapter 25 . 8/30
I gotta say that if I was Hermione, I would be so pissed at them. Yes something horrible happened to her and yes that kind of thing will always in some ways haunt you but things do get better and you heal, you prove to yourself that arn't broken and everyday is better. Then one day you find a guy (or guys) that make realize that you can be touched again and it can be beautiful, and all you want is for him to do that because every one of his touches help put the past right where it belongs, in the past. It's makes those memories even more distant and just a bit more fuzzy and hazy every time and that just makes you want his touch even more. I. speaking from experience here if you can't tell. To be intimate with someone again is a big step yes, but when you are are ready. So to have someone treat you like you don't know your own mind and to treat you with kid gloves, asking for reassurance every few moments (which is a huge mood killer by the way because every time it happens it reminds you that they need to make sure you're ok because of what happened to you and when you are trying to be intimate again, being reminded of your assault over and over isn't what you want) is infuriating! Because you just want to prove to yourself and them that what happened to you didn't ruin your life, you are not broken, you are a normal woman damn it and you want to get laid! Is that to much to ask for, that they look at you and be thinking of how you were assaulted. To have them act like this really just makes you feel so much worse. You wonder if they even see you anymore or if they just see what happened to you, it makes you feel like your attacker left some kind of tattoo across your forehead 'Rape Victim' that way everyone knows that apparently you are supposed to always have intimacy issues and not enjoy a healthy sex life ever again! How dare you forget that your are special now and will always be broken? Oh and heaven forbid if you actually want to have aggressive sex! What?! Oh no, none of that for you, don't you remember what happened to you? Are you sure? You don't know what your asking for, let's just things slow...well I say to hell with that, how about we treat me like a woman who has a libido instead. I had a guy treat me like the twins are doing to Hermione and all he did was hurt my feelings and piss me off. I know his intentions were good but honestly I just wanted to throw his intentions up his ass and be treated normally.

Sorry for the rant, couldn't help it. I actually am enjoying the story quite a bit, this is just something of a pet peeves of mine.
Panda Blitz chapter 36 . 8/16
Damn. Damn good story and I admit, I cried at the end.
Skyla28 chapter 1 . 8/16
This is beautiful written and a joy to read! I bawled like a baby, Thank you!
MarinaDee chapter 8 . 8/14
I have one hell of a headache because I just can't stop reading your stories. It's 11:15am in South Africa now and I've been up for close to 7 hours, trying to get some reading in between taking care of my babychores.

I wish I could borrow you to be my own personal story teller lol.
ZiaRosalynn chapter 36 . 8/7
I’m not crying I swear
turnthepage21 chapter 36 . 8/5
This was so good! I’ve literally read this whole thing over the past few days and I couldn’t put it down!
szabo.alexandra1991 chapter 36 . 8/2
i am not crying, you craying
szabo.alexandra1991 chapter 29 . 8/1
now thats an intresting twist
szabo.alexandra1991 chapter 27 . 8/1
ooh boy
angel897 chapter 36 . 7/4
a thrilling an fun story to read. great job :)
scribe de la vie chapter 26 . 7/4
I was really getting into this, but the whole hymen thing ruined it for me. I don't know if you yourself have a vagina or if you've been with someone who has a vagina, but that's not how the hymen works. There is no barrier halfway up the vagina. The hymen sits outside the opening of the vagina. Penetrative sex does not necessarily rupture the hymen. The hymen is a flap of flexible membrane that can move and stretch. There are different types of hymen, but for the most part, when a woman is aroused, just as her vagina becomes wet and more stretchy, the hymen also prepares for the possibility of penetrative sex. Sex may hurt if not properly prepared, but not because the hymen is 3 inches up the vagina.
MoonyGirl828 chapter 36 . 6/17
This was my first Twins/Hermione fic! I’m so glad I picked this one! The epilogue really made me sad because of the fact that they had to watch everyone on in their family die and go on without them. I loved your story, thank you!
MoonyGirl828 chapter 1 . 6/16
I knew one of them was Regulus but still shocked me and Orion! Oh my!
MoonyGirl828 chapter 1 . 6/16
Ugggh who are these unspeakables?!
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