Reviews for Echoes of Silence
Bettie Page chapter 10 . 10/18
I cant imagine what they must be going through. And shes right. There's not a good chance she would be able to deliver 10 babies if the 1st one was so complicated. Ultimate revenge, Umbridge
libraryrockerr chapter 10 . 10/15
I cried.

gumselund chapter 10 . 8/30
I absolutely hate it, and I can’t stop reading! The pain, the anger, the resignation... you describe it wonderfully. Not every dystopian fix out there can have that silver lining and outlook for a happy ending. Keep up the good work!
littl30wl chapter 10 . 8/28
Love this concept! Very much reminds me of the 'programs' in Sweden and Denmark during the Nazi occupation.
sherriithewriter chapter 10 . 8/27
What an amazing and sad story. I keep hoping Hermione will get some fight back in her and figure out a way to get off of the island.
Jces999 chapter 10 . 7/18
I didn’t think you could top “The Minister’s Secret”, but you have ! Great writing!
Sheila13 chapter 10 . 7/6
I am absolutely hooked on this story. I feel everything they do, cry along with them. You write their minds so beautifully, perfectly depicting the hopelessness Hermione feels and the fury of their situation. Keep up the fenominal work!
Jen7 chapter 10 . 6/30
hopefully they don't have to go through that again. they find comfort in one another. maybe something happens to another prisoner that dies bringing attention to the program and let's the prisoners out. Hermione and Antonin seek out their son and get unbridge back
great story so far
Scorpia11 chapter 10 . 6/30
My heart broke so many times reading this... please write more! I want to read about his she murders umbridge slowly! So emotional and terrifying and amazing!
decadenceofmysoul chapter 10 . 6/29
Awesome story so far!
bibikitten224 chapter 10 . 6/26
please. there needs to be a solution. some how they can get off the islands. this is agonizing to read. no way up. no way out. oh man I love it and hate it ughh 3 please update soon
Sab81790 chapter 10 . 6/21
That bitch! And yet it's totally unsuprising, Umbridge is totally evil enough to do something like that. A part of me has this hope that Hermione miraculously actually has the ten kids and gets free. By the time she has all of them it will be at least 11 years if not a few more on top of that what with the time in between pregnancies, possible miscarriages, and the required year wait after the 10th. So theoretically one or more of her kids will have made it to Hogwarts where hopefully some of the teachers will still be. I remember how they were pardoned. And who knows, maybe they will have some way of figuring out who's kids are whose or maybe they will some how tell the kids the truth about their conception and who could possibly be their parents. Then the kids get curious and start asking their adopted parents for the truth, maybe get mad, maybe rebellious? And if Hermione and Dolohov get free, heaven help anyone who tries to keep her from her kids or Umbridge. Forgive my speculative rant, lol.

I just live this story! It's quite angsty and dark,, true, but it's also extremely unique and very well written. Finding a fanfic that has a completely unique premise, is well written, and so far has kept me on my toes and wanting more is hard to find after over a decade of reading HP fanfiction. Kudoa to you! I hope that your muse bites you hard for this story so that we can get an update soon and more often, lol. Patience is most definitely not one of my virtues, lol. Even with TV shows I tend to wait until a season is over before watching it so that I can binge it, waiting a week in between episodes kills me! And I usually never read WIP, but what with the premise of this story and after I read the first chapter, I just couldn't help myself. I have this in my followed and favorited stories so I will get an email when you update next, it's almost a guarantee I will be checking every day for good news!
Sab81790 chapter 9 . 6/21
Oh ya, Umbridge just couldn't help herself...of course it had nothing to do with the fact that the baby was Hermione's...the fact that hers was the first born out of all the prisoners was just icing on the messed up cake. And I didn't miss how she felt the need to boast about her 'well received' program. It's worrisome that she had a high risk pregnancy though, makes me wonder how future pregnancies will go. Of course the idea of ten babies being the requirement is obviously insane anyway. It's obviously meant to be a all but impossible goal that very few if any will be able to meet in the long run. Especially the older ones. Anyway,, on another note I find it odd about the mention from Penelope about keeping the newspaper away from Hermione, because I had assumed until now that they weren't getting them. What with their speculations about public opinion on the program and how much the public really knows about the specifics of it, if they had been getting the paper wouldn't they know all that? Also I would think it would be in Umbridge's and the Ministry's best interest to keep them ignorant of the outside world. The knowledge that this program might not have much public support and that they might have allies would only have the potential for more rebellion from the prisoners . They might try harder to some how get word out about what is really going on. I don't know how really but still, maybe if they researched enough, picked each other's brains enough...who knows? Hmmmm...
Sab81790 chapter 8 . 6/20
So curious that with thousands of hopeful parents applying for adoption, Umbridge is encouraging Ministry workers to apply. With such a big surplus of applications, there shouldn't be any need to be asking for more, right?! lol I just love these new snippets...
Sab81790 chapter 7 . 6/20
OoOoOo...some protests huh? Wierd because there were just thousands of applications for a kid? With all that support i would have thought it would be unlikely that so many protests are happening, lol. And I'm going to take a guess that more than just a half dozen have happened. If it were only that many I would think Umbridge would rather keep them out of the news...then again I'm just guessing and speculating...I can't help it lol
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