Reviews for The Marauders Era: School Years
Nobody chapter 82 . 56m
'It's Josh Ramsay' OK, you're either a Trencher or I'm reading too far into this.
Wolfiegamer2007 chapter 88 . 12/5
This is nice i'll try to set up a calendar so I can read these AWESOME fanfictions :3
Erimenthe chapter 88 . 12/3
I feel so sorry for Remus. Not only having to be careful within the school now that they're reading and "learning" about werewolves, but to now not have the shack to go to. Him going home right at the time of the full moon will almost make sure that some figure out what is going on.
Guest chapter 55 . 11/30
Just discovered this!..certainly not bad...but one suggestion would be to stop using words like 'crap' and 'awesome' as the story is set in 1970's far as my limited Indian ears know some of the vocabulary used here didnt exist then..not in england anyway...well done on setting up the character of James though...
Erimenthe chapter 87 . 10/11
I'm kind of glad Dumbledore got to the wrapping paper lol. Poor Severus may have lost it big time if he hadn't. That was a nice Christmas scene barring the Hogsmede part. I feel sorry for the boys, but at the same time Severus can have some "fun" without worry lol. The hair potion scene...rotflmao. That was priceless! It figures James would be jealous of the Quidditch Pitch view lol.
RajiMaddy chapter 87 . 10/4
Oh, I am sorry that the chapter got deleted But again, you are the best! I am so glad you are back with a new chapter I have an email alert set up, whenever you upload a new chapter, but still time to time, I check for new chapters by visiting the page just in case . Really like how the story is progressing, cannot wait for the new chapters!
Erimenthe chapter 86 . 10/1
I agree with James about Sirius's family. They don't want to join/follow him, but are trying to force their kids to...stupidity at it's finest ugh (I am glad they don't succeed with Sirius). I like seeing the process of the making of the map. They get such joy out of each success while doing it and I can't wait to see what Will says when they complete it...if they show it to her lol.
Wolfiegamer2007 chapter 86 . 9/26
This is AMAZING I like how you write the story. BTW you accidentally spelled snitch wrong just to let you know but anyway love this story
Guest chapter 86 . 9/25
Thanks for updating!

This story is really good, but I'm pretty sure the riddle would have changed by the time they get back
Guest chapter 86 . 9/24
Really enjoying this story... and is the answer to the riddle light?
Guest chapter 85 . 9/20
You should have them have to put lotion on or have a bath in something to soak into their skin
Guest chapter 85 . 9/20

Guest chapter 81 . 9/19
You should have something to do with the solstice for the training
Guest chapter 74 . 9/19
Haircut ksis chapter 58 . 9/18
I've read this whole thing twice in three days... I NEED MORE MARAUDERS!
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