Reviews for The Marauders Era: School Years
Erimenthe chapter 84 . 7/20
This holiday will be interesting. I wonder if Sirius and Regulus will actually end up spending any time flying or will the Marauders spend all of it in the ROR lol. If Peter was staying they could start trying to do the steps for transforming. Poor Minerva lmao.
Puppyjune1818 chapter 84 . 7/19
Great Chapter. Keep doing a good job! I know this may be asking a bit too much, but I was wondering if we could see more from James point of view, he's my favorite character. Thx.
RajiMaddy chapter 81 . 7/16
We are excited too. I really like how the story is progressing and cannot wait for the Marauders to turn into Animagus and their fun together.
Erimenthe chapter 83 . 7/16
Wow, poor Remus is really taking this hard. James seems to be as well because he can't "do" anything. I'm glad they felt staying with Remus was more important at that moment and I kind of wish James could have said something to Flitwick about it. I do think that Dumbledore knew he'd be sneaking off when he left him lol.
Puppyjune1818 chapter 83 . 7/15
I love this chapter, I like that James finally is deciding to be an Auror. I hope you plan on adding more Dumbledoor scenes talking to James, I loved this one. Again, great chapter, and keep up the good work.
Erimenthe chapter 82 . 7/14
I like that Remus smirked and shrugged at the library comment lmao. I agree with McGonegall about searching out Peeves being more likely than those boys being in the library and I'm glad he could come up with that (hopefully Remus gets to tell them before they run into her).
Guest chapter 23 . 7/12
I LOVE this story, but I noticed a little mistake. U said that Remus, Sirius and James breezed through the transfiguration exam. Finish a full 20 mins before REMUS. I think that you meant to say Peter
Puppyjune1818 chapter 81 . 7/12
This story is amazing! I've been looking for a story like yours, that follows there years through Hogwarts, but it was hard. Most of them only do a year or two. I really appreciate that you wrote this story! Keep up the good work!
Erimenthe chapter 81 . 7/5
Puppy Fang...I wonder if he was the size of a great dane when he was "small" lmao. I can't believe he forgot to go back the same way *shakes head*. That's what that stuff'll do to ya. *snicker*
Erimenthe chapter 80 . 7/2
I'm glad she stood up for herself yet I hope this isn't one of the times that it comes back to bite, i.e. them trying to get back at her that results in the Marauders trying to get Severus which starts the downfall of their friendship. Ugh for convoluted circles lol.
RajiMaddy chapter 80 . 7/1
Thank you! Thank you so much for adding the new chapter
It keeps me in edge to read the next ones

As TheRavenclawWeasley mentioned, you are certainly JKR 2.0. Really great work and I am very happy that you decided to continue
RajiMaddy chapter 79 . 7/1
It's sad I couldn't find the next chapters. Please continue writing
Randomness chapter 79 . 6/30
Insult idea:
Get your slimy hands off this map before we start insulting you more about your rather big ego and your rather bad looks.
Erimenthe chapter 79 . 6/29
Those boys really should have taken arithmancy. They are good at it. Loved the insults they came up with (wish I could think of some like that lol) and I do like that Remus got them on that prank lol. I do like that the professor came up with punishment that actually helped them out and hopefully the next time things will go better. I do really wish James (and Sirius) had never started this whole thing with Severus. I hope Severus and Lily can stay friends (please?) through all this.
RajiMaddy chapter 12 . 6/28
We are just loving the story and how it advances. It's just awesome!
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